Friday, December 31, 2010

Celebrating Christmas on the road (and not running :P)

Days before Christmas our nanny ran away.
We had to report it on our baranggay because her things were still in our house.
I wonder what the reason is....but the closest is she is getting married and it's immediate (according to her text messages because she even refused to receive my call) for some reason I still cannot fathom.
My relationship with the nanny is OK (though her employment period is still short at 2 months).
I see no problem until she didn't come home on the 19th and the rest is history.
I had no choice but take a leave of absence until the last working day of the year.

On the 24th after my blood extraction, we decided to hit the south road to CamSur.
We leave home a little late and so we were still on the road during Christmas eve.
How lonely, I thought....the kids were still clueless about it.
As we passed by the roads of Quezon province....I realized that running away from the metro on Christmas eve is some kind of an experience.
While the rest of metro manila and other progressive province is preparing for noche buena with busy glittery lights and some fireworks. In some province, Christmas just passed. I cannot help it...I message it in my FB. Lucky are those who were able to celebrate Christmas with their family.
There were gasoline station manned by their staff....their Christmas must have been lonely away from family (to service an unusual traveler like us).

And so we arrived at my parent's house about 1AM to greet them with a grin and Merry Christmas! My mom was surprised that we daunted to drive all the way from home to Camsur in the unlikely date.
We slept at around 3AM only to wake up at 9 AM for Christmas lunch and attend a mass in the afternoon.

Post mass pix at porta mariae

Naga Metropolitan Cathedral-life size belen

mantis, kungfu panda and tigress :D

Sunday, December 12, 2010

QCIM 2010: My second full marathon experience

The Quezon City International  Marathon 2010 was held last Dec 5, 2010 at about 4:30 AM. The starting line is  at the Quezon memorial circle or better known as the elliptical road. I would guess that this is probably third or fourth time around that I've been to this place lol! I rarely go to Quezon City....the last time I've been here was a memory of me getting lost to go to SSS main office lol! probably that was decade ago.

The starting corral was filled early....bunch of marathoners -newbie, hardcore and just your average runner like me. Most of them are familiar in the cyberspace or blogsphere....the so called "friends" in the social networking site. I choose to be alone and quiet because I usually run alone...and I don't have running club to associate myself feels great to feel alone in the middle of that crowd of brave warriros. I feel proud that somehow I am standing alongside these bunch of strong people conquering the 42.195 km distance.

hours passed after the gun was fired for the marathoners.

Top ten reasons why I joined the QCIM 2010:
  1. This event is my dedication to my 3rd year anniversary as a runner.
  2. I wanted to know if 42.195 km is still a familiar distance.
  3. This is also one of my early christmas gift to myself.
  4. This will be my first time inside lamesa eco park.
  5. I wanted to get to know Quezon city on foot....that famous commonwealth avenue.
  6. My personal target is to attend at least two full marathon event per year. This is my second for the year.
  7. I am under-trained but uber excited to run the distance....this marathon is all about listening to my garmin or watch to know how I'm doin.
  8. I know that I'll end up almost lunch and want to know what it is like running really late in the morning.
  9. Training for the marathon means possible reduction in waistline :D 26.2 inches to sustain 26.2 miles not bad eh.
  10. Post marathon means eating a lot till christmas :D
I consider this race a long run. I have no intention to beat up a previous record because I wanted to enjoy the scenery of La Mesa Eco park :D and I did. In fact, I have full appreciation why we all should conserve water. I just regret not having a camera with me....there were interesting shots on that place.

photo by hubby in the last 800m or so 
They say that the marathon is a metaphor of life.
And life is full of meet people along the way.
You meet struggling marathoners along the way.
It felt great to have met people like Tess  who tried to help ease my inconveniences. And there was Sam the running ninja whom I saw up close...I used to read his blog through And a guy with bib 9541 whom I had a nice chat about mountaineering on the last 3 km of the race.

Relief...seeing hubby taking the shots felt like heaven....finally somebody close to me is here.

Ten things that I have learned about running a marathon after completing QCIM:

  1. Hydrate just enough. Of course during summer or intense heat  you have to hydrate more than enough. But specific to this event...the weather is fine and overcast...just enough is okay.
  2. Sleep well....yes this old age advice will help you have a better running experience. I actually billeted to a low budget  hotel in Kalayaan Ave....just to make sure I'm not going to be late. I don't want to repeat that same experience during TBR DM.
  3. Plan your hydration and solid intake....cramps won't be an issue. 
  4. Do not clip and wound your ipod earphone wires on your hydration takes time to remove it. lol! when I entered la mesa eco park I had to unwind the ipod wires from my belt (hydration belts were not allowed inside the park and I didn't know about this rule until I get there).
  5. Small steps on incline is still the best way to attack the allowed me to continue running and it feels great on the butt.
  6. If your not having not entertain the idea of putting on liniments on your legs just because you see the first aid station not so busy. I tried putting on the liniment...with the idea in mind that the minty feel would help me reduce my walk breaks but it didn't make a was just an added delay (not to mention the "scratchy" feel after the application).
  7. I have read it several times that the bladder shuts down when you started running. In my case it seems untrue. So, tie your short string not too'll get busy untying it during wee wee break. Lol!
  8. If there is a need to  pee....go pee if there's a chance do not wait on that next gasoline station or comfort room...chances are there isn't anymore. lol! that's what happen to me when I forego taking a pee on Shell station along commonwealth ave....when I reached UP and CP Garcia street, I have to live with the bursting bladder feeling all throughout the remaining 12Km.
  9.  If you feel that your bladder seemed to break....don't take a cold will aggravate the feeling.
  10. Don't forget to smile....photovendo's everywhere. Thanks for the nice picture guys!

pure bliss....finishline is just around the area.

My splits: 

10K- 1:10:55 - wow! this is within my 10K range 
21K - 2:35:09 - also within my 21K performance range 
30K -3:38:56- this is surprising for me, considering my unilab 32K is 4:11 hmmm 
40K- 5:18:52 - obviously this is a nega split, the last 12k was agonizingly painful abdominal-like cramps- its like havin' dysme while running...trying to find a cr or portalet to relieve some wewee urged...I was thinking why the bladder did not completely i running so slow?
That guy behind me was nice enough to share some chat...also a mountaineer-but I hadn't got his name.
To my surprise....I finished QCIM 2010 better than my maiden marathon not to mention about too much delay on the first aid station and gasoline station...wohoooo!

sweet victory- my mizuno precision on it's 500km mileage....time to change!

After getting my medal (and relieving my we-wee urge), I opted to walk back to our a post marathon stretch.
I am so happy that I have completed the event free from injury....
How's that for an early Christmas gift?

Nike Dri-Fit Filament Running Tights - Large
Runner's World Complete Book of Women's Running: The Best Advice to Get Started, Stay Motivated, Lose Weight, Run Injury-Free, Be Safe, and Train for Any Distance (Runner's World Complete Books)

Friday, December 10, 2010

Runrio Leg 3 and Patricia's Dream

Hello there! Gee...this post is uber late.
Hmmm there isn't much time to blog.
It seems that family activity and kid's individual interest is eating much of mommy's time.
But I'm still lucky because I have been able to squeezed running time on my busy sched and ended up doing long distance race in a month's about time management.

Runrio Leg3: 32K The Afroman Challenge
Last year TIMEX Run, I thought it was the first leg of Runrio Trilogy. Hmmm but I was wrong...announcement in the blogsphere came that the Runrio Trilogy will happen 2010.
I promised myself that I will live up to the matter what I'll run the toughest challenge- 21K, 21K & 32K.

Here's the summary of my performance in order of the trilogy event:
  1. Feb 21, 10: Runrio Trilogy1: Century Tuna Superbods, 21K, 2:17:36
  2. May 30, 10: RunRio Trilogy2: Nature Valley Run, 21K, 2:38:49 (Recovery run after TBR DM).
  3. Nov 21, 10: RunRio Trilogy3: Run United 2-Active Health, 32K, 4:11:39
 I am so happy that I have crossed and completed the Trilogy on my "must run" event list....and what's great about it is I completed with the luvy dovy of my life hehehe.

Fleeting moments after my second wind kicked in.

Thx photovendo....sweetness moment :D

My favorite running mate

Run with the light for Patricia's Dream

After a week of 32K run with runrio. What I needed was a recovery run. I know it would be fun if done in a race that would allow me do an easy pace at the same time decent enough to cover certain distance. I was thinking that 5K is just right.
So when I came across the race list featured in  Patricia's Dream Run caught my interest.
A run for cause for dear Patricia.

I had it discussed at home with hubby and my kids.  Patricia's rings a bell to my kids because two years ago their friend Patricia (or Patchie as we fondly call her) also had the same accident though with lesser injury.  The kids volunteered to join the race so they can fact come race day we didn't have any problem waking them up in the wee hour. Dada and kids did the 3K while I did a 5K run.

I thought it would be an easy run.....but I was shocked by the adrenaline of the runners in Alabang. They were fast, they were speeding like a bullet after the start alarm was sounded.
It was a nice run in Madrigal Business Park that headed to the posh village of Ayala Alabang. I ended up at 39:51 my super slow 5K record. But it was fun....I was still ahead with the kiddos and took shot of their running moments.

This race is one of my favorite....because you feel the warmth of small and closely knit running community.
Again thank you to Alabang runners for holding this event and for making a difference to Patricia and those who participated on the event.

P.S. Click here if you are interested about Patricia or if you wanted to extend help.

Photo ops with Patricia and Mom Vhangie of Alabang Runners

Post run pix with Team Logan, Craig, Michelle and Justine
Dada pacing Matti....don't give up...keep on running!

my competitive little girl goin ahead of dada and matti

Saturday, November 27, 2010

An Open Letter to FF Supertone

Dear FF Supertone,

Ever since I started running, I have been looking for a non-running shoes or footwear that won't hurt my feet. High heeled shoes is a no-no-no for me. Because I don't want to strain my feet and legs for fashion.
I want to make sure that my feet is relaxed when I am not running....
I want to pamper my feet.
You can imagine how many times I have been pounding the pavement just to accumulate mileage.

While in HK. The "Run Run" fascinates me.

I remember my first meeting with my first FF a year ago, in one of my malling moments with my kids where we passed by a store in MOA called ResToeRun. I was actually looking at one of the running shoes on display, I was not planning to buy anything yet. Because my running shoes mileage is still pretty much low.
But then my eyes caught sight this "Fitflop" brand. I got curios about the product label that says "Get a workout while you walk."

At first, I was hesitant about it. What kind of technology can make you workout while you walk?
...hmmmm If it's true, then it must be good for me and all other women who have no time for physical workout.

I admit, I took a long look on this footwear. It looks great but a little expensive.
The sales lady urged me to try it. And when my feet slipped on this felt like heavens.
How can a soft and comfortable sandal make you workout?
The answer is the muscle-loading Microwobbleboard™ technology. It felt so light despite it's bulky look.

My tired feet doesn't want to remove the I paid my first fitflop, silver electra while wearing it.
My very first FF- Silver Electra
And it's not an impulsive buying I tell you. I bought it because I know....this is just what my feet needed.
When I got home, I tried reviewing what other wearer says. It's all positive.
And as I researched about the product....the more I fell in love with it.
A relationship blossomed. Oh! and I became addicted to it.
It's the only footwear for me when I am not running.
It's not a fashion's something that my body needs.

Then, I started collecting other model: Walkstar-black, Pietra-bronze.
My FF buddies with me everywhere....I don't feel guilty when I don't do leg exercise....I know FF is there to handle it. Just like friends forever, FF took good care of me.

But then just like any other relationship. Problem's not you baby.
It's me, my long distance running gave me so much dead toenails and wearing a sandal (with exposed toe nail) is so unsightly. There was a point that my nail was completely removed ouch! sorry about that.
Even if it hurts, I have to put my fitflop sandals on storage. And hoped that FF will develop a closed toe sandals or shoes......Without even me requesting this wishlist....FF announced that you're coming. An FF sneaker! I was so happy with the good have no idea how I waited patiently for you FF Supertone. A sneaker I'm longing for.
I know that we are meant for each will help me conceal my ugly toenails =(
Come Oct 1 your supposed released was said to be held a little longer....I kept waiting.
Then I knew by Oct 16 you probably were there....
it was also the time when I visited again FF super store in MOA.
Still, you weren't around. Smirk! =(
Instead, I saw the Happy Gogh. She was a nice addition to my growing collection of FF buddies.

Now happy with Gogh

Now, I realized perhaps we didn't find each other in that place because the store has to undergo renovation.

But you were still on my mind....

Last night, while updating my FB I learned about your contest.
Grabs for the bloggers. Oh! I couldn't sleep....I need to see you, walk with you or maybe even run with you.
I can't wait to put on my ugly feet in your insole...I can imagine how wonderful it can be.
Who knows you might be the right partner for that sub-60 10K quest.

I realized that I have to send you this let you know how much I'm longing for you.
Maybe the platinum color will give justice to my now ugly feet.
I can't wait to say hello and get greater heights of working out with you....firmer butt and legs on the coming years.

Pleading on my knees, Your number one fan.

Much love,

joy :)

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Bohol Road Trip

Bohol....we've been aching for Bohol trip since last year.
Finally, we found just the right time to hit the plane, the ferry and the roads to Panglao.
I had a hard time booking directly to Tagbilaran.
So what we did is to book via Cebu and ferry to Tagbilaran City.

At the port we were approached by swarms of taxi drivers/tourist guide.
They've been offering tour packages which is a bit lower compared to the resort rate.

Hubby and I decided that perhaps a roadtrip in Bohol is worth a peek.
And so we spend a day looking out what's there in Bohol.
We started from Panglao, Sagbayan (aside from the famous choco complex in Carmen, Sagbayan peak also provides a great view deck), Danao (extreme adventure- zipline, plunge etc), Carmen (choco complex), Loboc (loboc river, we didn't cruise because we don't have the time), Baclayon etc...

Here are some of my favorite pix.
Encounter with the Tarsier at Sagbayan Peak
Hinagdanan Cave family pix
At Baclayon Church

At the blood compact site

Bohol Bee Farm- livelihood area

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Glorien 93 Maogmang nagtiripon

Ang orolay na pag tiripon kang highschool batch 93 pig punan Enero pa sana kang taon na ini.
Nahiling ko na sa Facebook na pirmi ining hot topic.
Alagad ako personal kung aram na garo dae ako sigurado nin huni ta kadakol sanang dalagan ang maarabot.

Nag abot ang Pebrero nabaretaan ko ang Camsur International Marathon.
Sabi ko sa sadiri ko dae ko ini papalagpason.
Kang nagkahilingan ngani kami ni Coach Rio- pig sabi ko saiya, tibaad ang first full marathon ko igde sa CIM ko guibohon.

Alagad ang mga pangyayari dae ko namalayan nag Mayo, duman ako nabunyagan kang full marathon na ini.

Garo nang-gad dae na ako makaka atindir kang tiripon na ini. Medyo namumundo ako.
Ta sa memorya ko basta may sinabing tiripon elementary man o highschool batch, pirmi akong yaon.
Pig isip ko pa kung papalagpason ko ini.
Mala ta naka isip akong mag litik duwang semana bago ang aldao kang tiripon.

Nahurophuropan ko na.....kadakol man ning marathon na masurunod pa....ining mga ka-batch ko kang elementary tsaka highschool- sinda ang mga amigo asin amiga ko na haloy ko nang biristo. Kung susumahon si elementary classmate may 27 yrs, si highschool 20 years and counting . Sinda na pig turing ko na garo mga tugang...sinda na mga nakaiba ko nin marhay asin an pundasyon kang "friendship" na ini mayong halo ni ano mang interes...kundi purong pagkamoot asin pagkamagturugang na pig tadhana kang panahon.

Naguiromdoman ko ang elementary sagkod highschool batch ko sa UNC garong haros mayong pinag-iba. Ini por dahil kadaklan sa mga kaklase ko kang elementary sa UNC man guiraray nag highschool. Kaya ngani pag may tiripon na nababareta sa batch na ini interesado akong mag iba, ta para sako sinda an saro sa mga haraluyon ko nang kabistado, amigo asin amiga.

Orogmahon gabos, nagbabarayle, ano ini Senior night in jeans? hehehe

sa picture na ini narumduman ko si pirmi pig sabi sa mga party kadto "Raise the roof!"
Kang pag abot kang aldao na pig takda kang samuyang maogmang tiripon garong kulang ang panahon.
Grabe dae pondong ngakngak, iristorya, ngirit igde- duman, picturan na dae matapos tapos ini an sakuyang naobserbahan. Pati ngani ako nag pondo kang nawaran nin baterya.

Pig sabi ni Cloyd na dakul sa mga ka-batch an may mga marhay na buhay ang nag heras kan saindang "blessing". Marhay na salamat sainda, por dahil dyan naging mas magayon ining pambihirang pagtiripon kang mga uragong batch 93 (lol!).
Dae man dapat pag lingawan na ang tiripon dae kuta madadagos kung bako por dahil sa mahigos na pag organisar kang mga uragon na ka-batchmate na nakabase sa naga.  Arog ki cloyd (mahigoson ka pre),  nong nong, luna, cora etc...hay kadakol sanang pangaran na dae ko na masaro saro....ang masabi ko lang urgulyo ko sinda gabos.

ining hirilingan na ini pag mate ko mayong gayong nag liwat sa mga lalawugon dawa ngane 17 yrs na poon kang kami nag gradwar nin highschool lol!
siguro mga sampulong taon pa may mahirira na.

Ining da moobs na ini an ebidensya na mayong nag hera sa batch 93 hehehe
Naoogma ako na ang mga amiga asin amigo dawa haloy na dae naghirilingan...mayo nin aralanganan...iyo man guiraray....napasuhay lang kang panahon....maogma ini. Laom ko na ang mga masunod na tiripon ma bunga nin mas marhay asin pusog na iribahan.

ining duwang ini sampulong taon ko dae nahiling...nag aragom kami na dae nagkabararetaan...tano daw?
mayo lang. nagkasuruhayan lang.

c neri saka c nono- mga kaklase poon elementary...c nono ngane hanggang college

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Where does running take you?!

Today a lot of people are enjoying Cam Sur running their full or half marathon...there are short-distance events either that make it cool too.

I haven't been running for the past weeks...but so committed to get back to training hopefully for another full marathon.

Honestly, I am delayed preparing. But something motivates me to take up another marathon. And I promise to get back better after my brother's wedding.

Kassy, one of my batchmates in TBR Dream Marathon takes her running adventure to the next level.
On December 5, 2010, she will be running full marathon in Standard Chartered Singapore event for the Maple Tree foundation. Click here for details.

After learning about this...I feel excited for Kassy because not all people do this act of kindness.

I really admire her effort in doing her passion and helping others at the same time. I wish a lot of us could the same. This is humongous job. I can imagine how difficult is the legwork organizing this kind of activities.
I could extend however small contributions to Kassy and take my running a little further. So hubby and I decided to contribute 1 peso per km of our mileage for the year for Kassy's cause.

Kassy can monitor our pledges' progress through dailymile. Amount corresponding to accumulated mileage will be sent to Kassy on Nov 15.
This is one of my fave pix of Kassy during our last TBR DM grabbed from her FB.

How about you? Would you like to spare 1 peso per km of your running mileage? We can help Kassy raised the target amount for the foundation.  Click here for details.

See you guys on the road!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Nutrition...exciting discoveries

I always believe that nutrition and active lifestyle go hand in hand....that is why I seldom drink carbonated and alcoholic drinks, binge on junk food or with my favorite treats and etc....I learned all about proper nutrition-way back my infertily and pregnancy years. The reason why I stayed in this course of living a healty diet is to allow me cope up with the demands of endurance sport and motherhood.
I will update my Runner's Recipe page for my recent finds on healthy food and nutrition, including those  previous recipe in case I have made some variants that still taste great and gets approval from my picky eating kids.

Here are my recent finds:
  1. I was reading through Jaymie's blog when I came across this article-"Low chocolate fat for recovery". Yesterday on our 5k tempo, my post run fuel is the chocolate soya milk. I was actually expecting today a sore calf muscles- which often happens with my running workout. Today, I am not feeling anything. I just find it unsual considering yesterday afternoon we were malling at the Shang for about 5 hours whew! Perhaps the bull runner and the webMD is right. I am excited to run again because of the idea of running pain-free. I must confirm this with more data points :D My choice is Soyfresh chocolate milk- because I think I am lactose intolerant. So if you're a runner, rider, swimmer or you lift weights- post workout try this. And you may want to share  how it worked for you.
  2. I am always on the hunt for high fiber pasta everytime I am on the grocery...because this is a good source for complex carbo. Complex carbo are the smart choice for runner because it takes longer to convert to glucose and are stored as glycogen in the muscles which is put to good use during the demands of endurance training or race. Consistent training demands more glycogen reserves for better performance. Last year, I discovered that the whole wheat pasta also taste good (see my tuna arrabiata in my Runner's Recipe). The other day, I discovered about Oat's fiber spaghetti. This lunch, we tried it with tomato based sauce and it did OK with the kids. They did not notice that I am using a different type of spaghetti.  I am still wondering if there were other people cooking this stuff and how it work. If you happen to try this let me know how did you like it. So far my tummy isn't grumpy. :D
  3. I discovered recently how to make my kids eat vegetable. A fruity vegetable salad made the trick. I'll post the recipe in my Runner's Recipe page.
Happy eating!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Air Climber - is it a good cross training equipment for the runners?

Photo courtesy of google images
I first saw this airclimber equipment from my mother. My mom is currently on a mission to lose weight and be fit. I guess the hospitalization that happened a year ago traumatized her- making her swear to live healthy.

The airclimber is actually a stepper- as you see on the photo it has two pedals, you fill it with air (the plastic component beneath the pedal) and in a few seconds you have an exercise equipment. It comes along with a resistance band that you could use for arms/back workout and a DVD exercise program led by Brenda DyGraf.

When I first saw it. I was wondering if it's a good alternative for a treadmill. You see, I cannot afford to buy it....even the manual version. It's just expensive and occupies ample of space. I swear that this year, I'll be as frugal and minimalist. And anything that will not add value to me nor I have doubts of functionality- I am not buying nor will it ever occupy space in our small abode.

But by just looking at it, I have serious doubt if it will work up a muscle. I gave it a try. Set the resistance dial to the highest level 5 (well, honestly I feel that maybe working on it is peanuts eh!) and try the "Super 7-pump" program....the video is very motivating, you see guys and gals displaying their ripped abs while using the equipment.  The exercise video is complete, it will assist you from warm-up through cool down.

As I progressed with my workout, I realized that  piece of equipment had my muscle working so hard...maybe I have underestimated the resistance dial.  The exercise video is also simple to see I am not good in dancing, so aerobic exercise is really not a very welcoming idea....but Brenda DyGraf routine takes only awhile to follow. :D not bad eh!
I was literally sweating like a pig after the 20 minutes of workout. The super 7 pump exercise program helps me exercise my biceps, triceps, back, lats, abs, glutes, and calf.

Of course after that rigorous exercise and even if I was a little convince- I did not buy.
The price is 3750 pesos in SM Naga. I am not sure if it's practical to buy it.

We went back to Cavite and for quite awhile, the AirClimber- was left to oblivion.

Then, sometime July in one of our regular visit to the kids' pedia in Makita Med - we happened to drop by Landmark. And we saw the AirClimber sold at 2500 pesos (1000 off eh!).
Then I started to ask if this piece of equipment is indeed a good cross training equipment for runners?
My husband (who feels guilty for not accompanying me on my weekend runs) encourage me to buy it.
In other words we leave Landmark with that piece of equipment.
I have already tried all the exercise program in the DVD and my favorite is the Super 7-Pump, Abs Airtight, Burn & Firm.
I was hooked for three weeks.
Afterwards, the ripped abs on video- doesn't excite me anymore.
Even the idea of the  Rexona Run didn't ignite my interest to go on training.

Come race day- I lasted 2:45 to finish the 21km race.

Weeks past, there were lots of "major-major" reason why I can't train- Yaya gone away, heavy traffic along Governor's drive (due to endless road construction) etc....etc....So after so much contemplation I went back to Air Climber two weeks ago at 2x a week interval.
This time, I combined the Abs Airtight and Burn & Firm in one session- giving me a helluva workout of 30 mins...almost equivalent to 5K or less running time....I feel better but have adjusted the resistance dial to level 3 and 5 from time to time (LOL!).

Overall, the AirClimber is simple workout- it will make you sweat, burn calorie, work on your muscle (if you will follow the correct form). It will perhaps help lose weight (as I noticed from my Mom's progress).
As for me, it probably helped maintain my weight- so even if I haven't been running for awhile nothing changed.
However, it did not increase my appetite compared when I am running outdoors.

My conclusion is the AirClimber cannot replace the needed training of a runner.....a runner's workout is to run. And as much as possible- run outside.
Though, it can provide an alternative light to moderate cross training workout (even if the resistance dial is set to level 5), priced at 2500 pesos- I guess this will be a good piece of just need tons of courage and discipline to do the workout- over and over and over and over again!

P.S. This piece will bore experienced fitness enthusiast.  This is highly recommended for beginners (like my mom hehehe).

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Back to Basics

Lately when some of my non-running friends or colleague approached me and tell me like something any of these lines:
"You are amazing! You live such an active life."
Or "How did you finished the hurdles of 42 km?"
And "How can you keep on running?"

Honestly, those kind of question left me tongue tied.

I feel guilty. Because, the past three months I haven't been running the way I used to. For them I still look like an active runner.

To answer those questions....let me try to analyze and respond appropriately.
  •  Active Life- Duh! I guess this one comes naturally if you are a mother of two, a wife, working and juggling this so called "identity" of yours expressed in hobbies. You ought to be constantly on the move, not to mention the endless "chores"- that in itself is an activity and there's a lot of it.
  • The full mary- 42.195 km. I finished it once....hmmm I don't know if I can still manage a 16 week training. Or if the performance is repeatable. I still asked myself how did I do it. Perhaps, I'll call myself delusional if there were no evidence I did it.
  • Lastly- keep on running? The truth is I can't keep on running....I walk when I feel there's a need to walk. I am not ashamed to do it...yet, I still call myself a runner.
Interestingly, this question when a  newbie or non-runner ask- left me with my mouth wide open. "Any strategy? Tips?"

How will I answer that? I am not so technical- for tips, I would usually refer them to the Bald Runner, who has the collection of technical know how in running specially ultra running, and theres the Bull Runner and These are really the passionate people whom I consider the Philippine icons in the running community.
      Sometimes, I feel sad because it looks like I cannot contribute to this excited runner or non-runner. But what can I do...I do not have strategy!

I learned running from my kids...if you have children- you can observe them, look at them closely.
They run to their heart's delight....they stopped when in need of drink. They will continue until they are tired or hungry. When they are hungry they will seek food. And when exhausted they keep quite sometimes you won't noticed it- they're asleep or snore in some corner.

One of the greatest lesson I learned from my kids is to just enjoy running. Simple!

Everyday, I remind myself this....and each time....I am becoming wimpy!

If you're grown up- don't do like this boy does, running but doesn't look forward (LOL!)
There is a high chance of bumping other runner or worst structures....this boy got the comfort
of her mom who is just around the corner, watching.

When tired? try walking....there's no harm in doin'- proceed to hydrate....

Friday, September 10, 2010

Is it bye-bye GF405?

The past three months was a terrible struggle to squeezed in training time with various domestic issue.
Many mothers would agree that day time work, mothering, household management are difficult to juggle.Which resulted in my zero mileage. 

I can handle waking up early to do my runs....but I am so scared of the pestering dogs (hehehe these are the days I wish I lived in a posh village with tighter control over pets LOL!).

Today is holiday....our nearest option (despite waking up late) is island cove.
And I do hope this will be the start of a regular training.
Of course I wanted to know how my pace is doing after a prolonged off.
Thus, even if the plan is an easy run I decided to wear my GF405.

Suddenly the wristband took off! I was shocked my GF405 is just 17 months old.  I thought typical life is 24 months (perhaps battery life only). I wonder if this can be fixed? And where? My sister bought it abroad and I am not sure if it's still covered with warranty.

I am dismayed by the design of the wrist band that have a brittle material.
One thing is for sure- I am not buying another GF405.

I am disappointed of the wrist band - the design should be sturdy enough since it is intended for rigorous activity.
P.S. GPS is still working, but how can I use it?  Any idea?

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Trip to the kitchen

What's cookin'?

I have a confession to make.
I love to eat but I hate to cook.

The past years since I started running to lose post pregnancy excess weight- I thought, I eat to run....there's no worry running burns everything.

But the past two months of hiatus....I realized that it's the other way around.
I run to eat.
During the past two months of on/off almost 0 km mileage (and an LSD during race)...I realized that eating is not the same.
I don't know why I eat better after I ran....I cannot explain it...but it seemed that I am able to savor the flavor, the texture and the nutrients more after a real good run.
I have some friends who feel the same.
And these past few months I lost my appetite.
Perhaps this is the reason why at reduced activity -my weight is still the same.

I actually have no problem with my diet. Because the food that I eat are often healthy.
Also, I prefer home-cooked food over fast occasional treats are combos and chocolates. And chocolates are unforgiving to my throat- I guess am allergic to I seldom take my cheat.

Lately, my husband and baby boy is having this digestion problem. To help them ...I decided to take frequent trips to the kitchen, manage their diet (specially fiber)....well cookin' is hardly my feet feats (hehehe)...but if my feet didn't take me to the kitchen I ain't cookin' LOL!

With the family's holistic health in mind....I decided to cook again (yeah! I hated it but I have to).
And I realized....if you give it a try, have an inspiration in can give cooking a chance.
I realized that the food that I prepare tastes better...when I am more positive and feel the love in my heart (weet weew!)...besides I am cookin' for my love ones. So I guess my dear friend...attitude in cooking is one very important ingredient.

So that  I won't forget my recipe specially those that I own or sometimes made up....I'll put up a dedicated page I'll call the runner's recipe. I will give proper attribution where I got the recipe so you may visit the link (if found on the web) or the person who advises of the dish.

Yes, the runner's recipe are good for the kids, running dad  and mom...because the food that I intend to prepare are those that have the 3G- Go! Grow! and Glow!

Happy Eating!

Below is my maiden recipe:

Tuna Arrabiata

Servings: six

1 med size Garlic, chopped
1 med size Onion, chopped
1 can, 180 g (may use 90-100 g only) Tuna Lite- flake in vegetable oil (drained)
1 can, 490 g  Hunt's diced tomato with Basil
8 tbsp, olive oil
3 tbsp, bread crumbs
1/4 tsp, iodized salt
1/8 tsp, ground pepper

grated parmesean or cheddar cheese

250 g (cooked as directed) whole meal spaghetti (San Remo or other whole wheat spaghetti will be fine. Note that it has 3X fiber compared to regular pasta/spaghetti).


1. In a heated pan, add 8 tbsp of olive oil, sautee onions, garlic, tuna. Add Hunt's diced tomato, 1/4 tsp iodized salt. Simmer for 3 minutes and add 3tbsp bread crumbs and 1/8 tsp ground pepper.
2. Toss the sauce to the cooked whole meal spaghetti.
3. Topped with grated cheese.

Viola in less than 10 minutes you have a gourmet pasta...with Go! Grow! and Glow! ingredients.

Btw, sorry no photos! As posted in my FB....before I even had a chance to take shot the kids partake already on the unison with their Dad they said...Delicioso!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Road trip to refuge

Wayback home in our camsur refuge is the church of Basilica Minore and the Carmelite  in Naga City. Everytime I visit these church....I can feel that I am one with God.
I think I have found another after a decade of staying in my adopted province of Cavite.
Caleruega though not part of Cavite (is always mistaken part of Tagaytay) is a favorite side trip when visiting Tagaytay. It is actually part of Nasugbu Batangas.

Yesterday, I took another visit.
It's always feel refreshing going back to this place.
All the positive energy seemed come to me that makes me feel light and care free.

I came full...I left empty...I cast all my cares upon Him.

Calmness after the rain
My little artist...doodling- Calaruega draws great inspiration even to the  young ones.
The bridge that will lead you to the other hill
Hills training-anybody? Kids were running to the chapel.
Some grown ups were wonderin' how come kids could run uphill LOL.
Well their mom can! LOL!
My favorite view- Mt Batulao. I conquered it once....I don't know if I can still do it.
The ridge line is so overwhelming for me....but that time I know God is with me.
One with Eywa....I didn't know how many minutes I have drifted
after starin' the sky...seeing the clouds chasing each other

One of my little artist doodles

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Forgotten piece

Very few of my friends would know that I love to doodle (thats what I call about my write ups and drawings).
Some of my doodling resulted in fiddling write-up or figures....nothing serious.
Maybe I doodle a lot on idle times because I can't keep on sitting down....

During my pregnancy was my toughest....I have to go on bed rest.
But those memories were left to oblivion....I remember after giving birth (both children)- I have to go on rehab to fix my frozen shoulders. I am glad I surpassed it.

Now, I am again on the tough nanny to take care of the kids, no helper for the household chore. Ugh! well, though I can handle's terrible to juggle work, work at home, and lotsa household about multi-tasking.
I thank God I experienced the marathon, the long runs....because it gives me a different view of how to tackle difficult times. I have high hopes that soon I can return to running....and do another marathon before the year ends.

Last daughter and I came up with some bonding time....and went doodling (again for me), I was goofing with my daughter while letting the hours passed... and here is my favorite result:

My daughter's attempt in watercolor.

I draw this food group to describe to my daughter what we call "Go" food or the carbo, in oil pastel.

I also showed my daughter about my doodles while she was in my womb (on bed rest)...and this is my favorite.

Charcoal- this one caught my attention, I have forgotten about this.

The idle times (I mean being left at home without option hehehe feels like house arrest)....were sometimes good for the soul to reconnect lost pieces of us- like that artwork above, which I have forgotten. Hmmm actually I am completely lost with the charcoal hehehe. Well doodling maybe isn't my personal legend.