Saturday, March 13, 2010

Running Blog #59: My stats

This morning I didn't make it to pinay in action 2010- I was supposed to run the 10K, part of my long run. This is my official first DNS for the year....I hope nothing more to come because last year my race list were filled with DNS.
TJ got fever early this morning so mommy has to forego the race. For me, ensuring TJ's OK is much important than any race.

Suddenly, I thought about May 22- I pray that God grant us good health all of I can fully participate in the TBR marathon....I want it to happen- I wanted to experience the full mary.

So I was looking back at my performance in the last race I've been (which is probably my last race for March).

I was wondering if with this stat will I survive the full mary?
I'm keeping my fingers cross....Oh God! Help me God.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Photo Blog #16: Running pix

This is the first time that I am blogging about pix that isn't mine or my husband's shots.
I feel the need to express my admiration to these sports photographer who have been positioning themselves along the race tracks to get a good action shot of the runners.

Since photovendo started- they have been improving their craft.
See your photos here from the recent race courtesy of photovendo.

Thank you photovendo for taking a snapshot of one of the most memorable event in my life. My run!

So here are my favorite shots.
p.s. not necessarily mean that its my favorite shot because i look good....i like it because of the quality of the shots.

The SUPERBODS RUN- Feb 21, 2010

I like this shot because of the side light, sharp and the blur effect behind me.
It gives me depth and it appears I am fast hahaha.

This photo looks great because of the rimlight, look at the lady behind me we share the same rim light....and this time i have my eyes open hehehe.

Hahaha yes am wearing the same outfit....since TNF Nuvali I have been wearing the same tops and bottoms....I would say this is the most comfortable outfit that I have. Though the tights cause some chaffing on my belly (grrr even if I have put on body glide).

I like this shot because of the color- the black is real means good exposure and the blurring effect behind me...I wonder about the Fstop settings used.

I love this shot because hubby looks cute hehehe- he's expression reminds me of my son.

I like this shot because perhaps this was taken using a high power lens...maybe? And I like the timing.

I love this shot because it appears that I outrun these macho men hehehe only in pix...hahaha

This shot when I crossed the finishline- is a picture of relief with fluorescent effect bluish on the background...complements the shoes and oh! I discovered am a heelstriker....ouch!

What about you? What event got your favorite photo shoot? Check it out here

Monday, March 8, 2010

Run United: My third serving for half marathon

I am practically newbie in 21K distance.
In fact, it was only this year during 2010 Condura Run for the dolphin that I did a race for this category.
Since then my feet itch for more ....but time and other task in my life has to overtake my practice runs. So what I did is to make the race day my scheduled long run.
In a month's time- Hubby and I did three half marathon- condura, superbods and run united.
I am so happy that for every event both hubby and I improved our performance....we wanted more. Sigh! But our responsibility to our family takes priority- this is one of the reason why we are missing the Globe run for home. I can only imagine the great magnitude of this event.
The run united is an improvement of superbods in many ways- but each is event is unique and memorable. Coach Rio's passion to improve his performance as race organizer/director is something that I really admire and look up I can't help it, everytime I run- I want to improve as well....make my contribution, give back the effort that was laid before me by the maestros.
Congratulations to all the finisher....we all come out victorious!
Let us all spread the beauty of running and the glory that awaits all those who are willing to get out and unleash the energy that is stored within.