Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Running Blog #28: Breaking free from my comfort zone

Today I started another practice run alone.

Well there were hints that the S40 guys would want another fun run with me.... yah it would be a fun run but with less intensity...so I decided to run alone.

I am really decisive to break free from my comfort zone and tonight I run the uncharted distance of 10Km....my goal is not to run continuously but to do run -->brisk walk --> run to zone 7 and then sprint.
Sigh! I wasn't able to sprint....too bad my rib cage felt like falling apart.

I finished my 10K at 1:14:58, I did a lot of brisk walk. The 9 peaks in the graph below represents my slow....that's probably the time I was walking.

My first 4.9K I stopped to drink some water at SRC....after a week without training my throat is complaining. Then I run through the Bank Facade, to JAE and the uphill street then I continued running until I reached Telford for the second time....I decided to walk....fast walk my rib is complaining. Then every 10 m before the corners I would take a walk....then run....then walk....then run. Garmin was complaining because my training plan of a constant pace of 7.5 kph was never achieved- it kept on alarming.

True to it's marketing words....wearing Garmin Forerunner 405 is like having a virtual trainer.

But the best experience of all is seeing the bright sky with it's reddish sunset.

It reminds me again of my friend Kathy....whom I always run with during GBP practice running.

Hmmm.....the idea cookin' up about running to Sing is really inviting - this idea is in the cookin' yesterday.

Whoa! I praise God for the wonderful day today....got a cheap ticket for Palawan, a nice overflowing job (sigh!) but get it doin' right, and breaking free from my comfort zone.

Sometimes you just have to try and believe that you can make it....someone higher is watching over us and I suppose God would love to see us accomplish our goals and take it all on Him who knows better than our simple mind.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Running Blog #27: Testing the email posting option....Run! Run! Run

My practice run today is cool!
I wasn't running so fast nor was I running slow.
I know I didn't meet my training target of 7.5Km and a pace of 7:30 but that was good enough.
Lately I wasn't training so well....and the s40 guys were even inviting on a 42Km marathon!
Wow....Honestly I'd like to try it but am not so sure if I'm even capable doing it.

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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Running Blog #26: My new running buddy

I have just started appreciating my garmin forerunner 405.
After 2 weeks in my wrist, it is only today that I had the time to check its PC interface.
The GPS technology amazed me. Imagine, now I have a complete aerial view of my route through google earth.

Yes and I got the chance to see my stats too and I can replay my run- and see my working range in terms of speed and heart rate.

This gadget is really cool, that I call it my personal trainer.

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Friday, April 17, 2009

Running Blog #25: Running......

Yes....I was thinking like I am moonlighting- a wordplay referring to night time doing nothing.
But I gazed outside is there indeed a moon....hahaha nah! nada! of course the full moon ended after the holyweek.....jeez wordplay.

Today is Friday......crossing Saturday night to almost dawn.....yah I just can't sleep because of mixed emotion....tired mind....nosebleed hehehe Yah I've been nosebleeding in the financial hurdle of creating a financial report....gew!

Ok Thursday, so it is still proper to say that was actually yesterday...Whatever! It was a good run. I missed running. Well, after not being able to run after 2 weeks....I felt like I could run more but got lost track of time.

Blimey, my run was fun and easy.
But then again....I lost track of resetting garmin. In effect, the watch didn't measure my run. Only the totals did register.....Hmmmph!

Running and analyzing a situation and being able to learn from it was a comic experience.
Specially if your running with two middle age guys trying to be hippie nyahahahaha peace guys! And admitting "IT" is somehow their weakness.

But then the run was capped off by a sad news....my running circle is shrinking. Sigh! though good news for the S40 guy, he is set to leave the country by June. Hmmmm, first it was Kathy, then Carmel, now S40??? I never thought he is ever gonna leave. But then, life goes on just like running....keep on running! And I guess I'll be happy for him venturing in this hmmmm adventure at 40.

Uhhhhh....I'm a little quirky! My mind is travelling from somewhere.....Ugh! Why is that monster coming back in my daytime dreams. Grrr! I felt like a loser.

Maybe, this what happens when you run less mileage.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Photo Blog #7: Atulayan Island, Sagnay Camarines Sur

Atulayan Island- From Sagnay view deck

Atulayan aerial view

See below photos- there is not enough words to describe the luscious beauty of Atulayan Island....why go somewhere else when paradise is just 30 minutes from home.

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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Running Blog #24: 8K Today!

Yes! Today I did a practice run of 8K cummulative.
I was with macho man- speed training and some conversational update regarding the business.

After our 1st lap- 5K, we headed back to the gym for some lifts and stretching....a had very few strides of warm up. I basically warm up to the pave.

After the lifts we did the reverse route but shortened it to Maxim- we avoided the Telford side, probably its 8K. To my dismay, I wasn't able to track the distance- though I was able to track time because the watch is in auto pause.

Total training time today is 52:29.75 for the 8K and shed off some 500 calories. Information courtesy of garmin baby.
The heart rate did not beep beep because I did not choose the heart rate program. But maybe because I trained at lower bpm of 156, our pace is 6:38/km.

Then the GPS route did not activate nyhahahaha and to my dismay....waaaah! and battery is now 56% considering it was only a day ago since I charged the watch.

Sigh! I guess I have to seriously study my gadget....today it did not delivered what I needed =(