Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Trip to the kitchen

What's cookin'?

I have a confession to make.
I love to eat but I hate to cook.

The past years since I started running to lose post pregnancy excess weight- I thought, I eat to run....there's no worry running burns everything.

But the past two months of hiatus....I realized that it's the other way around.
I run to eat.
During the past two months of on/off training....to almost 0 km mileage (and an LSD during race)...I realized that eating is not the same.
I don't know why I eat better after I ran....I cannot explain it...but it seemed that I am able to savor the flavor, the texture and the nutrients more after a real good run.
I have some friends who feel the same.
And these past few months I lost my appetite.
Perhaps this is the reason why at reduced activity -my weight is still the same.

I actually have no problem with my diet. Because the food that I eat are often healthy.
Also, I prefer home-cooked food over fast food...my occasional treats are combos and chocolates. And chocolates are unforgiving to my throat- I guess am allergic to it....so I seldom take my cheat.

Lately, my husband and baby boy is having this digestion problem. To help them ...I decided to take frequent trips to the kitchen, manage their diet (specially fiber)....well cookin' is hardly my feet feats (hehehe)...but if my feet didn't take me to the kitchen I ain't cookin' LOL!

With the family's holistic health in mind....I decided to cook again (yeah! I hated it but I have to).
And I realized....if you give it a try, have an inspiration in mind...one can give cooking a chance.
I realized that the food that I prepare tastes better...when I am more positive and feel the love in my heart (weet weew!)...besides I am cookin' for my love ones. So I guess my dear friend...attitude in cooking is one very important ingredient.

So that  I won't forget my recipe specially those that I own or sometimes made up....I'll put up a dedicated page I'll call the runner's recipe. I will give proper attribution where I got the recipe so you may visit the link (if found on the web) or the person who advises of the dish.

Yes, the runner's recipe are good for the kids, running dad  and mom...because the food that I intend to prepare are those that have the 3G- Go! Grow! and Glow!

Happy Eating!

Below is my maiden recipe:

Tuna Arrabiata

Servings: six

1 med size Garlic, chopped
1 med size Onion, chopped
1 can, 180 g (may use 90-100 g only) Tuna Lite- flake in vegetable oil (drained)
1 can, 490 g  Hunt's diced tomato with Basil
8 tbsp, olive oil
3 tbsp, bread crumbs
1/4 tsp, iodized salt
1/8 tsp, ground pepper

grated parmesean or cheddar cheese

250 g (cooked as directed) whole meal spaghetti (San Remo or other whole wheat spaghetti will be fine. Note that it has 3X fiber compared to regular pasta/spaghetti).


1. In a heated pan, add 8 tbsp of olive oil, sautee onions, garlic, tuna. Add Hunt's diced tomato, 1/4 tsp iodized salt. Simmer for 3 minutes and add 3tbsp bread crumbs and 1/8 tsp ground pepper.
2. Toss the sauce to the cooked whole meal spaghetti.
3. Topped with grated cheese.

Viola in less than 10 minutes you have a gourmet pasta...with Go! Grow! and Glow! ingredients.

Btw, sorry no photos! As posted in my FB....before I even had a chance to take shot the kids partake already on the meal....in unison with their Dad they said...Delicioso!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Road trip to refuge

Wayback home in our camsur province....my refuge is the church of Basilica Minore and the Carmelite  in Naga City. Everytime I visit these church....I can feel that I am one with God.
I think I have found another after a decade of staying in my adopted province of Cavite.
Caleruega though not part of Cavite (is always mistaken part of Tagaytay) is a favorite side trip when visiting Tagaytay. It is actually part of Nasugbu Batangas.

Yesterday, I took another visit.
It's always feel refreshing going back to this place.
All the positive energy seemed come to me that makes me feel light and care free.

I came full...I left empty...I cast all my cares upon Him.

Calmness after the rain
My little artist...doodling- Calaruega draws great inspiration even to the  young ones.
The bridge that will lead you to the other hill
Hills training-anybody? Kids were running to the chapel.
Some grown ups were wonderin' how come kids could run uphill LOL.
Well their mom can! LOL!
My favorite view- Mt Batulao. I conquered it once....I don't know if I can still do it.
The ridge line is so overwhelming for me....but that time I know God is with me.
One with Eywa....I didn't know how many minutes I have drifted
after starin' the sky...seeing the clouds chasing each other

One of my little artist doodles

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Forgotten piece

Very few of my friends would know that I love to doodle (thats what I call about my write ups and drawings).
Some of my doodling resulted in fiddling write-up or figures....nothing serious.
Maybe I doodle a lot on idle times because I can't keep on sitting down....

During my pregnancy years....it was my toughest....I have to go on bed rest.
But those memories were left to oblivion....I remember after giving birth (both children)- I have to go on rehab to fix my frozen shoulders. I am glad I surpassed it.

Now, I am again on the tough times....no nanny to take care of the kids, no helper for the household chore. Ugh! well, though I can handle it...it's terrible to juggle work, work at home, and lotsa household chores....talk about multi-tasking.
I thank God I experienced the marathon, the long runs....because it gives me a different view of how to tackle difficult times. I have high hopes that soon I can return to running....and do another marathon before the year ends.

Last weekend...my daughter and I came up with some bonding time....and went doodling (again for me), I was goofing with my daughter while letting the hours passed... and here is my favorite result:

My daughter's attempt in watercolor.

I draw this food group to describe to my daughter what we call "Go" food or the carbo, in oil pastel.

I also showed my daughter about my doodles while she was in my womb (on bed rest)...and this is my favorite.

Charcoal- this one caught my attention, I have forgotten about this.

The idle times (I mean being left at home without option hehehe feels like house arrest)....were sometimes good for the soul to reconnect lost pieces of us- like that artwork above, which I have forgotten. Hmmm actually I am completely lost with the charcoal hehehe. Well doodling maybe isn't my personal legend.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Fun Run

Fun run in 21K.
It felt good running this distance and feeling like a kid.
Thanks photovendo for the wonderful shots. I didn't know these guys could capture my jump shot at different angles.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Confession of the running mom

I have missed running so much. As much as I hate to admit the truth.... but not being able to run crept to my sanity-  yes it involves having spikes in my mood. Oh! and when finally I got to get a date with my husband to run, I have to control myself to prevent any injury for my Rexona run race.
After nature's valley run (where I received 1000km finisher shirt),  my running routine dwindles....to almost none.
I struggled with my training when the school year started. Early morning is usually trying to pacify my baby boy who tantrums when woked up at the wee hours of the morning- they have to be up by 5AM for the 7AM class (and we all have to sleep before 9PM and my kids won't just sleep without mom or dad...oh! and there's the assignments)...imagine my mileage dropped to 5Km total for June, making it impossible to do the milo marathon- month's back my ambition is to do my 2nd full mary with Milo....but it seems it was not destined to happen. So I let go of that race besides it was quite difficult to register. Now I realized that perhaps it was a blessing in disguise- because I have read a lot of complaints regarding the conduct of the race- like hydration station without water??? too much sun exposure etc etc. But I cannot speak about it since I was not on the race.

July progressed to 10Km - my monthly mileage whew! And after the milo marathon, the news of death scares me off the more. I feel like I can't run anymore- suddenly, the danger of running becomes so real to me. Maybe, I have this feeling because I am also guilty of not properly hydrating- I remember I used to run 10K without water. Also,I like running alone- than running with someone. I guess I'm such a bad company- that only my husband can stick to me all through out (lol! at least there is one person who can withstand running beside me)...

When I was new to running I would always rummage in the runners world for an article about training and safety. Well, honestly I can't spare some budget for a coach- so I decided to get coaching from my reading on the internet  at first it was just the runnersworld then  I discovered the bull runner, bald runner and takbo.ph- all sites are reputable in bringing in useful information for newbie and seasoned runners. Those days, I thought that death in running is quite high among elite athletes who have been pushing so hard to reduce finish time like that of Ryan Shay.....I never thought it could happen to recreational athlete like us. Though in the US there were reported cases of death in a race....but it didn't bother me much- I was thinking that perhaps, people there are too competitive maybe because running as a sport have reached certain level of maturity. However, the death of a fellow filipino runner brings chill on my spine...specially because I am not good in keeping up with my training. If it happened to someone...could it happen to me?
Then I got invited to run 21k in a dailymile challenge dubbed as "Tribute For The Milo Runners Who Died"....hmmm I don't know how soon will I be able to complete it. But decided to do the Rexona Run to comply with the challenge. And besides it will be a bonus motivation to get back to training.
When I got a chance to read the article about the runner who died in Milo Marathon- the faceless man becomes real...here is a guy who used to work in the semicon company in gateway business park. Then I asked myself- did he run in my playground? did I get to see him on those days that I run more than  3-4x a week?....I felt so sorry for his family, for his children and to him for not making it to the finishline with 1.1 km to go. I hope this guy rest in peace.

His story...made me feel sad...made me ask- will I continue to run a race? or is really running a sport for me? Momentarily I stopped. There was loneliness in my heart. I asked myself this question because of my current situation- it's been two months since classes started, but I haven't adjusted my training schedule.

 I pushed myself to run again because of this fellow runner. Even if I barely know him I decided to run for him or them anyway.
Oh! and when I reached the 19.9 km distance this morning- I got goosebumps...I don't know if it's the heat....on my left I can see overflowing water (earlier there is a pang of guilt because I know in some parts of metro manila people clamour for water). Then I remember again this runner who died- according to reports water was not available for him to hydrate- which significantly increased his risks of heatstroke and eventually to his untimely death.

With tons of reasons for skipping all the training- days back, I decided to use every opportunity to condition my muscles...like using the stairs instead of elevators or escalators, engaging my core muscles when lifting heavy items (instead of asking hubby to do it), walking certain distance instead of calling a cab for a ride, sweating it out while cleaning the house instead of asking the helper to do it (since I am not even satisfied even if I explained the method of cleaning the nth time-whew! as if were not speaking on the same language), frequent visit to the attic that feels like an oven or some sauna (just to simulate the humidity and heat exposure) and getting to my airclimber at least once a week (lol and call it an exercise).

Today's race- I am guilty,  I didn't train or prepare because I choose to become a better mother, wife, and homekeeper (also grumpy at times).
Today, I woke up for the race and immediately throw away that competitive side of me. I headed to the race armed with my love for this sport. And I thank the race organizer/director for keeping us safe by providing us more than enough hydration supply.
And I thank God for I get to run a race- finish it at a very slow pace (2:45:35). My heart is screaming out loud with the joy that this 21Km distance brings to me.

My run today- brings a different level of awareness....perhaps I'm lucky today I got my medal (or is it just about the medal?)...but  what about  some other race day?...I need to be better on my training. Which reminds me of the last leg of trilogy where I have to run 32Km- there is no turning back...though there is option to downgrade to 10K(?)- but I must do it....I need another marathon....I guess my calling is the long distance run.

My 5th medal for the 21K distance- very nice quality almost comparable to my TBR DM medal.