Thursday, September 16, 2010

Back to Basics

Lately when some of my non-running friends or colleague approached me and tell me like something any of these lines:
"You are amazing! You live such an active life."
Or "How did you finished the hurdles of 42 km?"
And "How can you keep on running?"

Honestly, those kind of question left me tongue tied.

I feel guilty. Because, the past three months I haven't been running the way I used to. For them I still look like an active runner.

To answer those questions....let me try to analyze and respond appropriately.
  •  Active Life- Duh! I guess this one comes naturally if you are a mother of two, a wife, working and juggling this so called "identity" of yours expressed in hobbies. You ought to be constantly on the move, not to mention the endless "chores"- that in itself is an activity and there's a lot of it.
  • The full mary- 42.195 km. I finished it once....hmmm I don't know if I can still manage a 16 week training. Or if the performance is repeatable. I still asked myself how did I do it. Perhaps, I'll call myself delusional if there were no evidence I did it.
  • Lastly- keep on running? The truth is I can't keep on running....I walk when I feel there's a need to walk. I am not ashamed to do it...yet, I still call myself a runner.
Interestingly, this question when a  newbie or non-runner ask- left me with my mouth wide open. "Any strategy? Tips?"

How will I answer that? I am not so technical- for tips, I would usually refer them to the Bald Runner, who has the collection of technical know how in running specially ultra running, and theres the Bull Runner and These are really the passionate people whom I consider the Philippine icons in the running community.
      Sometimes, I feel sad because it looks like I cannot contribute to this excited runner or non-runner. But what can I do...I do not have strategy!

I learned running from my kids...if you have children- you can observe them, look at them closely.
They run to their heart's delight....they stopped when in need of drink. They will continue until they are tired or hungry. When they are hungry they will seek food. And when exhausted they keep quite sometimes you won't noticed it- they're asleep or snore in some corner.

One of the greatest lesson I learned from my kids is to just enjoy running. Simple!

Everyday, I remind myself this....and each time....I am becoming wimpy!

If you're grown up- don't do like this boy does, running but doesn't look forward (LOL!)
There is a high chance of bumping other runner or worst structures....this boy got the comfort
of her mom who is just around the corner, watching.

When tired? try walking....there's no harm in doin'- proceed to hydrate....

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