Saturday, November 27, 2010

An Open Letter to FF Supertone

Dear FF Supertone,

Ever since I started running, I have been looking for a non-running shoes or footwear that won't hurt my feet. High heeled shoes is a no-no-no for me. Because I don't want to strain my feet and legs for fashion.
I want to make sure that my feet is relaxed when I am not running....
I want to pamper my feet.
You can imagine how many times I have been pounding the pavement just to accumulate mileage.

While in HK. The "Run Run" fascinates me.

I remember my first meeting with my first FF a year ago, in one of my malling moments with my kids where we passed by a store in MOA called ResToeRun. I was actually looking at one of the running shoes on display, I was not planning to buy anything yet. Because my running shoes mileage is still pretty much low.
But then my eyes caught sight this "Fitflop" brand. I got curios about the product label that says "Get a workout while you walk."

At first, I was hesitant about it. What kind of technology can make you workout while you walk?
...hmmmm If it's true, then it must be good for me and all other women who have no time for physical workout.

I admit, I took a long look on this footwear. It looks great but a little expensive.
The sales lady urged me to try it. And when my feet slipped on this felt like heavens.
How can a soft and comfortable sandal make you workout?
The answer is the muscle-loading Microwobbleboard™ technology. It felt so light despite it's bulky look.

My tired feet doesn't want to remove the I paid my first fitflop, silver electra while wearing it.
My very first FF- Silver Electra
And it's not an impulsive buying I tell you. I bought it because I know....this is just what my feet needed.
When I got home, I tried reviewing what other wearer says. It's all positive.
And as I researched about the product....the more I fell in love with it.
A relationship blossomed. Oh! and I became addicted to it.
It's the only footwear for me when I am not running.
It's not a fashion's something that my body needs.

Then, I started collecting other model: Walkstar-black, Pietra-bronze.
My FF buddies with me everywhere....I don't feel guilty when I don't do leg exercise....I know FF is there to handle it. Just like friends forever, FF took good care of me.

But then just like any other relationship. Problem's not you baby.
It's me, my long distance running gave me so much dead toenails and wearing a sandal (with exposed toe nail) is so unsightly. There was a point that my nail was completely removed ouch! sorry about that.
Even if it hurts, I have to put my fitflop sandals on storage. And hoped that FF will develop a closed toe sandals or shoes......Without even me requesting this wishlist....FF announced that you're coming. An FF sneaker! I was so happy with the good have no idea how I waited patiently for you FF Supertone. A sneaker I'm longing for.
I know that we are meant for each will help me conceal my ugly toenails =(
Come Oct 1 your supposed released was said to be held a little longer....I kept waiting.
Then I knew by Oct 16 you probably were there....
it was also the time when I visited again FF super store in MOA.
Still, you weren't around. Smirk! =(
Instead, I saw the Happy Gogh. She was a nice addition to my growing collection of FF buddies.

Now happy with Gogh

Now, I realized perhaps we didn't find each other in that place because the store has to undergo renovation.

But you were still on my mind....

Last night, while updating my FB I learned about your contest.
Grabs for the bloggers. Oh! I couldn't sleep....I need to see you, walk with you or maybe even run with you.
I can't wait to put on my ugly feet in your insole...I can imagine how wonderful it can be.
Who knows you might be the right partner for that sub-60 10K quest.

I realized that I have to send you this let you know how much I'm longing for you.
Maybe the platinum color will give justice to my now ugly feet.
I can't wait to say hello and get greater heights of working out with you....firmer butt and legs on the coming years.

Pleading on my knees, Your number one fan.

Much love,

joy :)

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