Sunday, September 19, 2010

Nutrition...exciting discoveries

I always believe that nutrition and active lifestyle go hand in hand....that is why I seldom drink carbonated and alcoholic drinks, binge on junk food or with my favorite treats and etc....I learned all about proper nutrition-way back my infertily and pregnancy years. The reason why I stayed in this course of living a healty diet is to allow me cope up with the demands of endurance sport and motherhood.
I will update my Runner's Recipe page for my recent finds on healthy food and nutrition, including those  previous recipe in case I have made some variants that still taste great and gets approval from my picky eating kids.

Here are my recent finds:
  1. I was reading through Jaymie's blog when I came across this article-"Low chocolate fat for recovery". Yesterday on our 5k tempo, my post run fuel is the chocolate soya milk. I was actually expecting today a sore calf muscles- which often happens with my running workout. Today, I am not feeling anything. I just find it unsual considering yesterday afternoon we were malling at the Shang for about 5 hours whew! Perhaps the bull runner and the webMD is right. I am excited to run again because of the idea of running pain-free. I must confirm this with more data points :D My choice is Soyfresh chocolate milk- because I think I am lactose intolerant. So if you're a runner, rider, swimmer or you lift weights- post workout try this. And you may want to share  how it worked for you.
  2. I am always on the hunt for high fiber pasta everytime I am on the grocery...because this is a good source for complex carbo. Complex carbo are the smart choice for runner because it takes longer to convert to glucose and are stored as glycogen in the muscles which is put to good use during the demands of endurance training or race. Consistent training demands more glycogen reserves for better performance. Last year, I discovered that the whole wheat pasta also taste good (see my tuna arrabiata in my Runner's Recipe). The other day, I discovered about Oat's fiber spaghetti. This lunch, we tried it with tomato based sauce and it did OK with the kids. They did not notice that I am using a different type of spaghetti.  I am still wondering if there were other people cooking this stuff and how it work. If you happen to try this let me know how did you like it. So far my tummy isn't grumpy. :D
  3. I discovered recently how to make my kids eat vegetable. A fruity vegetable salad made the trick. I'll post the recipe in my Runner's Recipe page.
Happy eating!

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