Saturday, November 13, 2010

Bohol Road Trip

Bohol....we've been aching for Bohol trip since last year.
Finally, we found just the right time to hit the plane, the ferry and the roads to Panglao.
I had a hard time booking directly to Tagbilaran.
So what we did is to book via Cebu and ferry to Tagbilaran City.

At the port we were approached by swarms of taxi drivers/tourist guide.
They've been offering tour packages which is a bit lower compared to the resort rate.

Hubby and I decided that perhaps a roadtrip in Bohol is worth a peek.
And so we spend a day looking out what's there in Bohol.
We started from Panglao, Sagbayan (aside from the famous choco complex in Carmen, Sagbayan peak also provides a great view deck), Danao (extreme adventure- zipline, plunge etc), Carmen (choco complex), Loboc (loboc river, we didn't cruise because we don't have the time), Baclayon etc...

Here are some of my favorite pix.
Encounter with the Tarsier at Sagbayan Peak
Hinagdanan Cave family pix
At Baclayon Church

At the blood compact site

Bohol Bee Farm- livelihood area


  1. Hi Ms. Joy, long time no see and no hear from you. Sarap naman ng bakasyon, I miss Bohol tuloy, gusto kong bumalik.
    Anyway, do you already have a race schedule on Nov. 28 (my birthday *wink*)? If not, you might want to get a chance to earn a FREE RACE KIT for the 2nd McHappy Day Fun Run.

    Please do visit my blog post for more details :)

  2. Hi Running Atom.
    Nice of you to drop by. Oo balik ka sa Bohol it's a lot of fun. Nag TNF Bohol daw dun kwento sakin ng mga taga Danao. Cg I'll visit your blog para maka libre hehehe. Anyways, I'll be joining the trilogy. Hope to see you there.

  3. Great shots! The last time i went there is that they don't allow the tourist to touch the tarsiers :( ,thanks for sharing. Visit also Cagayan de Oro for another adventures, they have white water rafting and Asia's longest zip line are the most common tourist spot there.