Monday, August 31, 2009

Running Blog #49: Looney Tunes Active Run with the family

Running is one of the best influence I had with hubby.

On my birthday few months back- I wished that this influence will be extended to my children.

We occasionally run together in island cove and MOA with the kids- but they never run a when we heard i mean read about looney tunes fun run (of course courtesy of the bull runner) we immediately signed up.

We have to prep the kids, we have to wake up early, they have to run 3K which we haven't tried in any of our practice run....then our action plan on what to do if they utter the word "Ayoko na!" (Surrender! nyahahahaha).
My husband and I agreed that they should finish the race on foot- not that we can't carry them hehehe (I think I can managed- my technical bag sometimes really weight a lot during I guess I should be able to carry anyone of them).

Come race day.....

Sometimes planning helps but execution is more important.
Sigh! We woke up late!And yet......we arrive MOA like 10 minutes before the gun start.
Great for a pre race photo ops.
L-R: Benet (ofcmate), Ash(her daughter), TJ, Me & Matti

Matti & Daddy

My daughter is surprisingly game (d sya nag inarte hahaha).

At gun start she was excited to run.....yeah she run like she's gonna get a medal.

My son on the other hand (who is consistently game and sporty) was a little grumpy....he wanted to walk and wont run hahaha.

TJ and I paced while Matti and Daddy took a long walk.

TJ is very competitive -she positively respond to my chant "go! TJ go! Tj go!"

She would occasionaly ask for water and had her walk breaks and then soon....Daddy and Matti is out of sight.

After 2 kms the dreaded.....

TJ: Mommy Ayoko na!

Mommy: Are you sure? If I carry you to the finishline- you have no certificate and finisher shirt. (sad face).
TJ: Hmmmmm (facial expression: bad idea).
Mommy: So lika na- karga na kita!

TJ: Lets walk na lang muna ha. Sakit na paa ko eh!

Mommy: OK!

So we continue to walk and would jog in between to break the boredom waaaaah! the longest 1 km of my life.

Last 500 m- TJ spotted Daddy & Matti ~250 m away from us.
TJ asked me to wait for them (sweet!)

Then, TJ told me "Mom! I missed them." - then before I could even respond she ran back and meet Matti with wide arms (cheesy! sigh We didn't caught this on cam).

So after the kiss! The two looked like they haven't seen each other for age (hahaha)

Matti came to me then told me that we run fast....and he did.

Wise little boy! In the end our finish time record showed he finished first then me, then Daddy and TJ came last.

Boy! I didn't told them about the numbers (as this might be a constant cause of discord!)....but TJ believed she raced good and she was ahead of Matti =P

I thank God for this moment....because one of my birthday wish was granted....there is really a good timing for everything.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

A peek on the Iron Man 70.3

I had to come home to CamSur last thursday night to visit my mom.
It was great that she was ok when I arrived home.

Come sunday, I had the opportunity to watch a few stint of IronMan 70.3.

I was already at CWC when it gunstarted for the leg1- which is the swimming event.

I was fortunate to see the great athletes did their was a whole new experience, it was far different from the swimming event you watch on olympic pools-where each athlete gets their respective lane, I was like seeing a marathon in the water.

The bike park was was a display of expensive and most advance bike in the field- I can't imagine how much all these bike costs....I'm sure its millions =)

When the first athlete gets out of water to run on another lake for the last leg of their swim- I got a chance to see Coach Rio who is gonna race for the relay under his timex runrio team. We had a short chit chat as he doesn't know me personally but of course I know him because most of the races I joined was organized by his company.

After an hour of roaming around the heat without bottled drinking water, I decided to leave- I was a little sad because I didn't catch a glimpse to my favorite athletes like Sen Pia Cayteano, Leica Carpo, Carina Dayondon (everest summitter) and the rest of the Filipino elites. But I know in my heart that these elites will do their best for the country.

On our way to the parking lot- I have been photographing those ahead of the pack and is already on their bike. Then I get tired because the subject were very not a very good photograper. Alas! in a blink of an eye.....the athletic senator passed me huhuhu didn't get a chance to steal a photo shot.

Anyways, being an spectator in the Iron Man 70.3 is a great experience. But I guess not only for me but for the province of CamSur. The good governor did great job in developing our province as a hub for extreme sport- I am not sure of the data yet but according to some hearsay- our provice got the highest tourist visitor for the fiscal year.

No doubt about that- CWC, Caramoan and all other great places to drop by in the beautiful Bicolandia is a surely adventure packed.

When I got home in Cavite I decided to check on the stats and official time. Wow! Congratulations to Team Timex-RunRio for bringing home the 1st place in the team category, the good senator for being the 149th finisher and 2nd in her age category, Carina Dayondon 143rd finisher and 5th in her age category, Leica Carpo- 6th in her age category and the rest of the Filipino elite, you may check on the results by clicking here. Bozzone and Bentley topped the triathlon event.

My only pix during the ironman 70.3 nah! and its overexposed waaaah!

Behind me were the great athletes doin their swim leg (of course they were not even visible bwahahaha! below is the closest I can get)

The bike park

This is the closest I get (so the shoes and their essentials were placed next to their bike :-) )

Monday, August 17, 2009

Running Blog #48: Running Date at Kenny's OPEN URBANITE RUN

The urbanite run was my first night run.
I usually run after office but it only goes as late as 7:00 pm.
Running at 8:45 pm was totally a whole new experience.

It was actually a running date with hubby- we decided to run together on his first 10K.
And we decided to keep pace, it was dark and it feels better knowing your running side by side with someone you know. I regretted not bringing my headlamp.

It was a great run, there were plenty of water and sport drinks, marshalls were present and the course is indeed challenging. I particularly enjoyed the challenge of McKinley Hill and the very humid weather. It becomes uncomfortable specially because I also have a period.
I thought I'm gonna faint at the finishline.

Even if that run is my slowest PR in 10K- I had a joy knowing that I finished the race. It was a wonderful made me a little stronger and made me rethink about my training =)

One setback though is that hubby and I have no pix together- I was the only one who gets pix at the photovendo (He was on my left unfortunately photovendo captured someone on my right. Sigh!).

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Running Blog #47: Run for Cory

Last night I saw the Bull Runner's call to run for Cory, it was an invitation in behalf of the iamninoy steering committee.
I heed the call to run for Cory but not in Alabang.
Yes, my husband and I with our friend Pearl ran along the island cove in our yellow shirt, of course I wore my iamninoy shirt.

For several days ...I try to ignore the feelings.... I couldn't watch TV because I don't want to breakdown in tears.....but what can I do the whole nation is sad and crying for we have lost a gem. We lost someone who sparked the spirit of patriotism. We lost an icon.
So this morning after our 1 km run for some reason the rain poured....then I allowed myself to cry.

I have no close encounter with the former president...the best memory I had with her is during the 1986 EDSA revolution- at that time...I know that the demonstrations were genuine...were never staged...people come because they believed. Unlike today, I don't know what become of our country.
As I run this morning...I realized that maybe asking what has become of our country is a lame excuse. I realized that to make it better it must start from within. And the greatest lesson I had from her is that we are special, we can make a difference in our simple contributions. Our country never runs out of great people, of great potentials, we may have differences in political opinions at the end of the day we all intend to make things better because we owe it to God and our forefathers...maybe this is the reason why Ninoy once said "The Filipino people is worth dying for."

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Memory Lane

This last two weeks is zero mileage.
I felt really bad! But what can I do...I can't run huhuhu the weather, the fever, the kids also having fever huhuhu even if I registered 10K for the urbanite run....I haven't had any mileage in two weeks. I guess I have to contain myself training for the last 13 days.

So today I decided to climb the attic to give a little push to my sweat glands and check on some things like the leaking roof, pests etc.
But instead I caught sight of the box......tadan! my memory lane.

I remember I was newly wed when my mom shipped that box to me.
Her main reason, I wouldn't want it thrown away...Gosh! That was startling 11 years back.

So today....I decided to open it.
Like pandora's contained a lot of junk and many loose papers.
Loose write ups that didn't get to publish....I was even thinking of creating a blog to post my archives - collection of poetry and short story....but its just too time consuming.
There were even...our old paper organ trailblazers (which I was member of the staff during highschool days), the democrats (college), the torch....oh! and I saw a mixed up blue and gold from AdeNU- I bet that was my sister's.

Then there were even penfriends in my highschool days...hahaha....when the email is a thing of the future and snail mail is the IN means to communicate.

I realized that I love to write....not necessarily a good writer but I love expressing my thoughts so even my academic notes in college days...there were silly notes about feelings, about growing up, uncertainty etc.

Now the memory lane reminded me just how much I hated integral calculus notebook is filled with mixed emotion and perplexity on how I took up an engineering's all written in there and it was so funny.

This poem which I written around 1994- struck me....I don't know about the motivation or what I was feeling when I wrote it.
As I was contemplating about it today I realized that it seems I saw the artwork in my dellusional state when I gave birth to my first born.


Daily battle,
wit and fits.
People live and die,
as time passes by.
Memoirs are there
standing by!

Constant changes,
like a song that fades....
cry of a newly born babe,
endless generation
never to stop!

Sigh! I still doesn't want to throw it away...I never get to sort everything...I took a few sketch from our artist back then- and am planning to scan it.
I guess some great memories
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