Friday, December 31, 2010

Celebrating Christmas on the road (and not running :P)

Days before Christmas our nanny ran away.
We had to report it on our baranggay because her things were still in our house.
I wonder what the reason is....but the closest is she is getting married and it's immediate (according to her text messages because she even refused to receive my call) for some reason I still cannot fathom.
My relationship with the nanny is OK (though her employment period is still short at 2 months).
I see no problem until she didn't come home on the 19th and the rest is history.
I had no choice but take a leave of absence until the last working day of the year.

On the 24th after my blood extraction, we decided to hit the south road to CamSur.
We leave home a little late and so we were still on the road during Christmas eve.
How lonely, I thought....the kids were still clueless about it.
As we passed by the roads of Quezon province....I realized that running away from the metro on Christmas eve is some kind of an experience.
While the rest of metro manila and other progressive province is preparing for noche buena with busy glittery lights and some fireworks. In some province, Christmas just passed. I cannot help it...I message it in my FB. Lucky are those who were able to celebrate Christmas with their family.
There were gasoline station manned by their staff....their Christmas must have been lonely away from family (to service an unusual traveler like us).

And so we arrived at my parent's house about 1AM to greet them with a grin and Merry Christmas! My mom was surprised that we daunted to drive all the way from home to Camsur in the unlikely date.
We slept at around 3AM only to wake up at 9 AM for Christmas lunch and attend a mass in the afternoon.

Post mass pix at porta mariae

Naga Metropolitan Cathedral-life size belen

mantis, kungfu panda and tigress :D

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