Sunday, December 30, 2012

Running blog #70: December Races

I rarely race but this December I realized I did 3 fun run. Oops I exceeded my quota of at least one race per quarter lol!

Dec 8- Sabado Night Run, 6k, 36:00
Dec 23- Run for Pablo, 10k, 1:04
Dec 30- Rizal Day Run, 32km, 4:24 (unofficial)

What I like about these races are the intimacy between organizers and runners, it's no frills and provides the basic need of the run and be hydrated and above all enjoy. I don't have issues with not having sport drinks because I prefer water and clif shot bloks. Cold water should be enough.

This morning was my first attendance of BR events. I love how the race was conducted. The route, hydration and fuel support was very strategic. I wish to regularly run this race as this is timely for me to shed off excess fat gained during the holiday. I feel so plump during the first 5k, I gained about 3 kg during the holiday plus 5 days of inactivity, it felt terrible. I feel so heavy. See how much it slowed me to Gary's pace lol!

I discovered that I enjoy having skyflakes during a long run. The hot noodles were welcoming to my groaning tummy and of course the usual saba or boiled banana.
BR's race is one of kind. I forego taking the softdrinks being served because my tummy's sensitive with carbonated drinks.
How I wish to join his other events. But I doubt that given his mainstream is ultra running. This is probably the only race my body could afford haha. I really feel happy completing the race even if it took me huffing and puffing on the final stretch.

My last race is a great cap off for 2012, it's only fitting to dedicate this run to the man who has given so much to the Filipino people. Hats off to Dr Jose Rizal.

Happy new year to all!

Souvenir shots with the BR & The top 4 finisher.

Dalagan Pablo- Race for the victims of typhoon Pablo.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Photoblog #20: Christmas vacay

Vacation is over (weeping....uh oh! I want some more!)

As I browse some of my mobile photos I can't help but marvel at the beautiful places of Bicolandia. Here are some of my fave collage:

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Running blog #69: Squeezing workout time

Today is the last working day of the year. Ahem well that's for me lol!

To energize my afternoon which is spent chasing deadlines. I opted to run at lunch just a quick run. RunCH have been a habit developed early this year. Well I guess I could go on with it. Until my workplace allow it lol!

I hope this is not my last workout for the year.

Happy Christmas!

yeah my boring route....but I love the hills.

post work out meal....muesli....muesli for three days and my tastebud still like it!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Running blog #68: Astonishingly Muesli

Muesli is something new to me. We have a curios past, back then in one of the duty free grocer in Subic. Maybe some two or three years ago when I first saw it and curiosly read nutrition labels. Though, I spent time turning it around I didn't bother to buy one. The package is humongous and since I am not sure if I can devour it, I forgo getting one.

Last weekend, I was shopping some tea and came across a smaller package of muesli, the label says it's organic so I decided to give it a try.

So what is on muesli?
Whole Grain Wheat, Date Crumbles, Sunflower Seeds, Raisins, Whole Grain Rye, Whole Grain Barley, Whole Grain Oats, Whole Grain Triticale (wheat), Flaxseed, Almonds and Walnuts.

Muesli can be served hot or cold.
Preparation is simple.

For every cup of muesli add 1 cup of water or milk and simmer the muesli for 5 minutes. Serve with fresh berries or choice of fruit.

Soak the muesli to milk or yogurt for 5-10 mins or overnight. The ratio is 1:2 or for every cup of muesli add 2 cups of milk or yogurt. Serve with fresh berries or choice of fruit.

I tried the cold cereal or as the Swiss prepared it (overnight soak)....yum my instant favorite.

I had it as my pre workout meal today. Luckily, my stomach didn't complain. In fact, there were no associated side stitched even if I had it 30 mins before running. Oh man I think I can run for hours without taking the clif blok shots.

I really feel strong that my adrenaline pushes me farther at work. I feel like a superhero who could do everything efficiently lol! Yeah am exaggerating. To sum it up, I feel good.

Hubby loved it too. I prepared A nice brekky for him. so he can have break from brown rice lol!

Well, I guess I'll be adding "other grains" as options for carbo. Nah nah if that sounds like New Years resolution....well I guess all runner should.

If time permits I'll try to make my own granola bar. I found muesli lover's recipe from here.


Muesli in a box

Muesli with yogurt- soaked overnight.
Serve it with fresh berries or choice of fruit.
Great source of fiber!

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Five years and counting ❤❤❤

Time flies so fast that this year December is a celebration of my 5th year as a runner or a jogger.
I celebrated it with a race dubbed as "Sabado Night Run" organized by One Meralco foundation.

The kids run 800 meters while Mom & Dad took off the 6km distance. It was fun. The race was very intimate as it was participated mainly by Merlaco employees and dependents.

The race had a great vibe. Winners were really fast. Matthew had a nice PR at 5:30 while Tiffy had a side stitched finishing at 6:18. Me and Dada had a blast at 35:56 I didn't know I could still run at almost 6mpk. I'm just perplexed why RK stopped mileage recording but didn't with time.
Maybe because I accessed the training plan for Sunday *lol*as part my activity.

We went home really late because we watched the program and was surprised that prizes for the winners were really awesome....a merry Christmas present too.

Official time - my runkeeper ditched me.

I am the photographer and they forgot to take my pix.

Kiddos excited on the run

Post run- they mingle with the mascots

Tiffy's official time for 800m- side stiched and some hiccups...thank God she finished it.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Running blog #67

I love the weather today. It is sunny yet the intensity isn't much like the previous days. The breeze felt good and reminds me that in 18 days it's Christmas.

Today's run is fun. I thought I'll be alone since most folks would go out for a sumptuous lunch since yesterday was payday. But I was surprised to see few colleagues who opted for a lunch workout. The believers are growing lol!

Thanks to runkeeper, I get to document
my workout.


Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Running blog #66

Yesterday as I was checking my schedule, I kinda feel sad knowing that Wednesday lunch meeting hinder my lunch repertoire.
But then God is good because last night I received an SMS for the meeting cancellation. Woohoo!
So before I sleep, I packed my running gear.

This morning, I ate heartily! I intend to do more. But then, I got stucked in a meeting from 9:15 to 12. I was contemplating if I should run. The sky is dark perhaps the effect of typhoon Pablo (Bopha) that smashes the southern part of the Philippines. The weather is so gloomy. But I still decided to go out, it must not dampen my spirit. Besides, I have a lot to do. I intend to harness some more energy by going outside for a quick run.

I finished at about 38 mins, it wasn't bad. All those ascent felt great. But perhaps for the week today is my final maintenance run. Job gets in the way. There's so much to do tomorrow- audit, working lunch and more....


Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Running blog #65

What is your running essential? How do you prepare for your training? Let me share mine.
      By the way am doing this diary so I would know and come back on a record of what work best.  
     Remember, I am training for another full marathon.

Since I do lunch running, here are some of my preparations:

- Everything starts at breakfast. My typical breakfast would comprise brown or black rice, vegetable and meat, fruits and yogi tea.

- For my training clothes, my work bag is loaded with my apparel, food, two bottles of water and sometimes I could still squeeze in my laptop in a 30 li backpack. My husband would sometime comment that it's a magical bag like those of Hermione from Harry Potter.

But the secret of it all is proper packing.
See below photos for my sampler.

- Two hours before my training I take vitamins and lots of water.

- My training essential includes: sunblock, sun visor, shades, dri fit shirt, capri, mizuno running shoes, dry max socks, Spibelt, simple hydration and of course runkeeper.

I wish I could try also using an armband when I'm running to keep iPod or iphone. But nothing fits my slender arm, it usually fell off. Perhaps it will work when I grew muscles on my biceps lol

- For long runs I put on petroleum jelly, I bring my clif shot bloks. I guess that's all. These things are squeeze on my mini bag.

- Post training, I have a mini Kikay kit that have it all to freshen me up when I come back to my desk.

Today's run is overcast. I stole 40 minutes training time outside while everyone else are having their sumptuous lunch. I spent 15 mins at the gym wondering why Runkeeper didn't record my run correctly, I'm still lost of possible reason.

Anyways, I am über thankful that I went out for my maintenance run, I was able to get away from tons of job that slowly takes away my sanity. The weather is great, overcast and breezy. I realized this is my second run for December, oh I can't believe it's my 5th year now. But I still feel so newbie in this sport.


My small pouch for my running apparel

sporting the armband I got from early bird reward....I can't have it waaah

Kikay kit- sun block, moisturizer and lotion -post workout

Sunday, December 2, 2012


When we are trying to be fit and healthy, we choose our food carefully. Organic is preferred. We try to shy away from processed ingredient.

Today's recipe: Pomelo and Seaweed Salad

Seaweed or locally known as lato
Calamansi juice
Chili or siling labuyo
Cilantro or wansoy

Chopped the ingredients on the desired sizes. Toss them altogether except the Calamansi juice which is added slowly. Then it's done.

It's so easy to prepare!

Caution: Do not blanch the lato, I heard some people would blanch it to remove some bacteria. We clean lato by soaking it in water with salt. I would normally use mineral water and 2 tablespoon of salt for 1/2 kg lato.

Try it! Let me know if you like it. My hubby says it taste like Vietnamese dish lol!

Saturday, December 1, 2012

My fourth and keeping my fingers cross ❤

My 3rd marathon was also with Condura. I was having a fever then. At 32nd km, I experienced the painful ITBS, I thought I'll DNF, I managed to crawl back at a finished time 6:00++.
After that, I shy away from races. The longest distance I would run would be half marathon.
But lately, I realized I needed a comeback. I need to scale back this distance to know if this is just my limit. Because I thought after the previous 2 marathons I had, the feeling was "I could do more". Let see this time.

My fourth, I hope would be different. Also, I'll be running for a cause in response to our high school batch charity projects on our 20th anniversary on 2013.

Family and friends can help by donating any denomination in any currency in multiple of 42.

Thank you in advance for your kindness and gratitude!


Friday, November 30, 2012

Running blog #64

Work gets into my nerve last night 'twas terrible. I have to access work from home.
So in between slow VPN connection to our intranet, I was also researching about Divisoria (perhaps another reason why VPN almost crawled). I have mixed feeling of going there. Safety and direction are my major concern. It's over a decade since I set foot in this shopper's mecca. So I really tried to check all the maps and blogs that could help me get through. I was clueless of time, perhaps slept at midnight.

I overslept my excitement. I woke up feeling crappy, as if I hear myself say "Today I swear am not doin' anything lalala". I wasn't able to get to Divisoria today.  I regret not planning a long run instead of Divisoria. And Bruno Mars music plays in my head for the rest of the day.

But before it's over....sometime 5 pm, I realized we can run I laced up. It's better than nothing at all.

PS RK is not accurate today.


As view during the first 500 m

We capped off the day with the christmas tree lighted around island cove

I wonder why RK didn't register 40 minutes vs my watch, perhaps due to poor GPS reception

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Gym work

I didn't run today. I am reserving my legs for a possible run on the upcoming holiday. Perhaps it's time for Violeta to get a taste beyond 10k 😀.

Instead I hopped on the elliptical trainer for 45 minutes. Did some triceps extension and ab crunches. Lately I noticed gravity is taking away my nicely sculpted arms thanks to sagging and ageing my arms bulk up lol! with fats. Suddenly, I became conscious raising my felt like a bat wing. Anyways, this is one of the inevitable I can't wait what surprises there is when I get to 40s.

They say ageing can be delayed with right exercise and proper diet. Well of course intervention can only happen when one decides to be healthy.

My suggestion, get into organic food. Buy from the local market- it's cheaper, fresh and yes stinky (typical palengke smells but it can be forgiven). You can go early to catch fresh produce. I often do it after a weekend run.
Just think about how you get to help our local farmers and make your family healthy.

Stretching....after a good ride from the elliptical trainer.

Some of my food choices- fresh, natural, organic

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Running blog #63

Spent another short run with Spibelt and simple hydration. It feels great to wear light accessories. But today I still couldn't enjoy my run because of the heat, it turns out the temp outside is about 35 C. But the usual overcast after a couple of lap is gone. The air is dry and well I guess I'm crappy having restless sleep last night.

Ciao for now

Monday, November 26, 2012

Running blog #62

The picture below- What do they have in common? Of course they are all stuff for running.
Well, the photo is taken prior a test run. Yes, I am testing these items or shall I say am breaking in.

I want to know how it felt like to have Spibelt and simple hydration together.

The shoes already ran about 10km. And today I have added some more mileage.
Wave Precision 12 bought from Like My Kicks, Spibelt and Simple hydration

My verdict:
The Spibelt is very light weight and the simple hydration can be used in tandem with it. There is no bounce and everything is accessible while on the run. There is no need to stop. I would say that both the Spibelt and simple hydration can be used for runs from 10-16km (without refill) and during races. One can avoid the use of plastic cups and simply refill the simple hydration.
I can't wait to use these stuff on long runs.

Photoblog #19

Random photo from my phone since this blog entry is being tested via mobile apps.

If I am single I would travel around Busuanga through boat expedition, there will be no accommodation cost- just pure fun, island hopping and beach bumming.
I'll probably include El Nido in the list of destination and go on a day tour at club paradise then will dock to Calauit to visit the giraffe.

Well but of course I am day dreaming... snapping back to reality, am travelling with two kids and that is not a possibility. They will have difficulty living on the sea. I would have to be contented by the fact that  I'm blessed because my kiddos are always on the go, and both are adventure seeker, it is really a lot fun to have them.

I hope someone who read this will try out my dream expedition, and tell me what it's like :-)

Feeding the giraffe is a lot of fun!

Your typical post card photo of Coron Island- this view is during our trek to Kayangan lake

Sunset at Pass Island

Trek to Mt Tapyas

Snorkeling at Lusong Island shipwreck

Kissing the giraffe- trick photo ops

Marty upclose grazing

Pass island sunset view

jumpshot at Mt Tapyas

I love this creature...they are blessed with so much grace. They seemed to be very gentle.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

My kicks

Finally I decided to get serious with my lunch running. So I get myself a pair of new kicks. Of course it is wave precision 12. I am not brave enough to try other brand or model. I tried barefoot running, but I think it's not for me...I can't stand the blister and my sole is über sensitive. So I guess I'll be shud then.

As usual I get myself 2 size bigger and still tying the same knot but not anymore wearing those ankle support!

Bought this one from Like My Kicks