Monday, October 12, 2009

Running Blog #54: Hoping to hit that 500K soon

I feel good today- I was able to do a practice run even if it's just 5K.
What made me happy is the fact that I clocked 33:39- I believe this is the fastest I made lately....I even forgot that I could do 29:30 (hehehe I can't even claim that it's sub-30).
But anyway, for several months I was stucked in between range of 35-40 min finish time for 5K.
Today's run gave me hope that I could do better.

As I reflect on my running activities I realized that it has bring so much to me.
I didn't expect that this could give me so much happiness....probably happiness is an understatement- bliss! that's it.
Now I have to run 60K more mileage to complete my 1st ever recorded 500K- then another 500K I hope should take lesser time.

Actually when I started charting mileage since Jan 09- I thought completing the 1000K will be as simple as completing within a year....but I was wrong- Imagine it's already the 10th month of 09 and I am still approaching to 500K. This however does not despair me. It rather give me chance to analyze what has been the past 10 months.
Well, I was trying to balance between being a mother, an employee and of course trying to find the best in me....

I'd like to believe that I probably fall in love into this sport so much...that I could try to find time to express myself to it.....yah!
I think love without expression is not love- it's just idea.

But just like any lover- I am not perfect. My discipline dwindle and I got bad days too.
Sigh! And my ever patient lover does not complaint...but would show me when I spend lesser time running---I became slower, prone to injury and of course a lot of walk breaks during race day.'s easy to run it's simple just put on your shoes and there you becomes complicated as you develop that relationship of loving the sport because you try to spend more time with it while balancing other aspect of your life.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Running Blog #53 Rescue Run

Last Saturday we treat the kids to the rescue run.

They know that the run was intended to help the kids affected by the flood of typhoon Ondoy (of course that is how we told them so they can relate).

It was a lot of fun....unlike the looney tunes run- this time Matti and I were the last to hit the finish line.
We got the chance to meet with the bull runner- but failed to had photo ops- because the kids were too tired after the run and we were in a hurry to squeezed their monthly check up with the pulmo doctor Nep.
P.S. All photos courtesy of my dilapilated K610i.

Thanks to the 3K marshall for taking this shot- sorry I forgot to ask her name.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Running Blog #52: My first 10 mile race

I am happy today at the thought that I have completed/finished the race of 5th Octoberun Festival. I am a finisher of 16K my time is not a PR time but I was happy I was able to run a distance of 15K (this is based from Garmin). This is my first time to run this distance. In fact, this is the farthest that I have run in my running history.

The weather was fine it felt good. But there is certain sadness in this event - it was supposed to be festive....but I guess who would want to be in festive mode when most of our brothers and sisters are striving the aftermath of the typhoon Ondoy and Pepeng. The country is in the state of calamity- it was in the news yesterday.
As I run this morning- I dedicate the run to those who have survived and recovering from the aftermath of Ondoy.

For several weeks, I have not run because of bad weather and some responsibilities at home- but it did not stop me from coming today. The 15K is equivalent to 2 or 3 days of practice run....I guess this is the beauty of joining long distance races -of course the race should not compensate the missed run....because if you missed your training you ended up beaten like me. I have to do a lot of walk breaks, suffer over pronation, felt what its like to have fallen arches and well there's just a lot of pain when trying to run faster.
I have a fair share of lessons learned in running -there is no short cut. It's finite if you wanted to go 6 or faster you have to be consistent with the tempo and speed runs. The fartlek will help survive the hills...its suicidal for me to go into the range speed of 6 up without training so I stayed at 8.

In my wildest dreams I wanted to do 21K and 42K at least performing within the curfew hours.
This is to gauge my baseline- eventually I'll try to find my PRs.

Todays run is about hope-when the sun shone while I was on the road....I felt sudden relief....glad to see the sun.
I know there is hope for my fellowmen and for me as recreational runner. I thank God for the opportunity to be able to run again. All the pains were humbling- I know a lot out there is probably in need of care and treatment- these thoughts keep me going and before I know it....I hit the finishline.

P.S. No photos, unfortunately there is no photovendo this time.