Monday, March 24, 2014

Running blog #71

Sunday Mar 23, 5:30 AM, we finally found ourselves in a running coral where a race is about to begin....I thought it was just a dream....after pinching my face several times it was surreal I'm here!

The Yakult 10mi is on it's 25th staging of their own brand of race. I heard that it had been there since the 80s. 

The cards were played right we were able to register, the fee is reasonable, the venue is a 30 minute drive from home...and finally we have our nanny to keep the kids company.

We were on time during the race. I didn't have problem waking up early. Slept well last night. Pre race meal is just hot water and 2 slices wheat bread with butter.

Maybe I could come back doing races.... I like the feel of this race...I have no problem being served with just water since it's been 3 yrs that I hadn't taken a sports drink. I love the simplicity. I could do away with the finisher shirt and singlet....I hope some organizer would consider that it would also lessen the costs for those stuff. 

I think what I look after a race is just simply to be able to run without traffic for vehicle and security. The rest is just an add on.

Hats off to the organizer and congratulations to all the finishers.

By the way, the photo below was grabbed from PinoyFitness and Running Photographers FB Photo compilation. I'm glad I have found at least two shots.

Post race:
Look who I bumped in a chance encounter 😊

No other than my idol Elma Muros