Friday, March 20, 2020


Once upon a time, we were free.
We roam the world, and we test our strength, we scale anything and beat our comfort zone.
Our adventurous hearts yearn to conquer all our fears.
We feel alive at the deepest ocean, we wade across rivers and scale the mountain, the thrill of the trails.
Our spirit roars, and we laugh at silly tirades, we sleep soundly with the aching body in the fullness of ourselves.
It was in my mind in my memory, unseen to many.
I woke up one day. I heard about this crisis looming.
I give it a brush, way back Dec my baby says, “Mom! It sounds like another black plague.”
I laugh at her musing; it must be another fear-mongering gang spreading bad vibes across the world to gain from it.
She didn’t know I did some research; this must be an angel warning.
Jan, various news spreading about Wuhan, and she said to me…” could it be what I told you, mom?”
“I don’t know!” I tell her.
I thought we live in a tropical country and it can’t be. At those times, it seemed the virus is prevalent in cold-weather countries.
Suddenly, someone came in from Wuhan to the Philippines. All those that were traced and contacted by the patient turned negative. I sigh in relief, and I thought it wouldn’t escalate.
Fast forward today, we are here at home. We cannot even go outside.
My feet are still, no running, just meditation. This situation is the impact of COVID19.
I look back to the days we were at the beach.
I look back to the days we hike the mountain.
I miss mother nature.
I love working alone; I am an introvert; this works well with me – work from home.
But the panic and anxiety deep inside me. The fear of the unseen. The fear of what could come up after this.
Suddenly, the voices in my head are alive again. The things that I saw in my nightmares, haunting me back. I don’t want to fall asleep. I want them unseen.