Monday, August 30, 2010

Road trip to refuge

Wayback home in our camsur refuge is the church of Basilica Minore and the Carmelite  in Naga City. Everytime I visit these church....I can feel that I am one with God.
I think I have found another after a decade of staying in my adopted province of Cavite.
Caleruega though not part of Cavite (is always mistaken part of Tagaytay) is a favorite side trip when visiting Tagaytay. It is actually part of Nasugbu Batangas.

Yesterday, I took another visit.
It's always feel refreshing going back to this place.
All the positive energy seemed come to me that makes me feel light and care free.

I came full...I left empty...I cast all my cares upon Him.

Calmness after the rain
My little artist...doodling- Calaruega draws great inspiration even to the  young ones.
The bridge that will lead you to the other hill
Hills training-anybody? Kids were running to the chapel.
Some grown ups were wonderin' how come kids could run uphill LOL.
Well their mom can! LOL!
My favorite view- Mt Batulao. I conquered it once....I don't know if I can still do it.
The ridge line is so overwhelming for me....but that time I know God is with me.
One with Eywa....I didn't know how many minutes I have drifted
after starin' the sky...seeing the clouds chasing each other

One of my little artist doodles

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