Friday, December 10, 2010

Runrio Leg 3 and Patricia's Dream

Hello there! Gee...this post is uber late.
Hmmm there isn't much time to blog.
It seems that family activity and kid's individual interest is eating much of mommy's time.
But I'm still lucky because I have been able to squeezed running time on my busy sched and ended up doing long distance race in a month's about time management.

Runrio Leg3: 32K The Afroman Challenge
Last year TIMEX Run, I thought it was the first leg of Runrio Trilogy. Hmmm but I was wrong...announcement in the blogsphere came that the Runrio Trilogy will happen 2010.
I promised myself that I will live up to the matter what I'll run the toughest challenge- 21K, 21K & 32K.

Here's the summary of my performance in order of the trilogy event:
  1. Feb 21, 10: Runrio Trilogy1: Century Tuna Superbods, 21K, 2:17:36
  2. May 30, 10: RunRio Trilogy2: Nature Valley Run, 21K, 2:38:49 (Recovery run after TBR DM).
  3. Nov 21, 10: RunRio Trilogy3: Run United 2-Active Health, 32K, 4:11:39
 I am so happy that I have crossed and completed the Trilogy on my "must run" event list....and what's great about it is I completed with the luvy dovy of my life hehehe.

Fleeting moments after my second wind kicked in.

Thx photovendo....sweetness moment :D

My favorite running mate

Run with the light for Patricia's Dream

After a week of 32K run with runrio. What I needed was a recovery run. I know it would be fun if done in a race that would allow me do an easy pace at the same time decent enough to cover certain distance. I was thinking that 5K is just right.
So when I came across the race list featured in  Patricia's Dream Run caught my interest.
A run for cause for dear Patricia.

I had it discussed at home with hubby and my kids.  Patricia's rings a bell to my kids because two years ago their friend Patricia (or Patchie as we fondly call her) also had the same accident though with lesser injury.  The kids volunteered to join the race so they can fact come race day we didn't have any problem waking them up in the wee hour. Dada and kids did the 3K while I did a 5K run.

I thought it would be an easy run.....but I was shocked by the adrenaline of the runners in Alabang. They were fast, they were speeding like a bullet after the start alarm was sounded.
It was a nice run in Madrigal Business Park that headed to the posh village of Ayala Alabang. I ended up at 39:51 my super slow 5K record. But it was fun....I was still ahead with the kiddos and took shot of their running moments.

This race is one of my favorite....because you feel the warmth of small and closely knit running community.
Again thank you to Alabang runners for holding this event and for making a difference to Patricia and those who participated on the event.

P.S. Click here if you are interested about Patricia or if you wanted to extend help.

Photo ops with Patricia and Mom Vhangie of Alabang Runners

Post run pix with Team Logan, Craig, Michelle and Justine
Dada pacing Matti....don't give up...keep on running!

my competitive little girl goin ahead of dada and matti

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