Saturday, July 25, 2009

Low runs.....just thinking about running.

For this week...the only running mileage I recorded is the 5K run last Wed?
I can't manage to squeezed running in my schedule.
There is just a lot of things to do.....and TJ's high fever recur over Friday..another episode of 40 deg C temperature. Sigh!

I don't understand why running everyday makes me feel good.
Yet not running at all I feel sad =(....I even have backaches!
Maybe running just became an integral part of my's like food....I feel weak without run.

To perk up my mood- I check on the results of run for home. The last race I was in....and there were pictures too.

....presenting my latest recruit....his official time is 28:1 (gun start) and 27:57 (net, timing chip) for 5K category. Yep, my husband is also into running now. This is his second race. This means my photographer is now on the run too!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Running Blog #46: RUN FOR HOME

What a day!
Probably as of this writing many bloggers and runners found their way home after the very first RUN FOR HOME. The event was organized by Finishline and sponsored by GLOBE and Ayala Land with Habitat for Humanity as beneficiary.

As usual right after finishing our run, hubby and I sneaked out immediately and went home. This time we need to be home fast because our nanny's gonna be out for her day-off.

So while most runners are probably having reunion hehehe- I was already home washing the dishes =)

This morning race is full of surprises. Yeah.
Some of my first time experiences in this race.

  1. This is the first race that we arrived early in the venue...Thanks to my hubby who is also racing for 5K we managed to wake up early. Btw, he did great a PR of 23 minutes (unofficial time) hehehe according to him his target is actually sub 20...honestly I am sure he can do better than his MILO time. He is better in shape and in sports. I guess it was easy for him to shift into running....he's got a lot of sprinting exposure in softball =)
  2. This is my first race that I get to meet with Benet, a colleague from ADI. And I even got to meet her brother and in-laws. They were all running in 5K.
  3. This is my first race with my AdiTempo...well the reason I was using this shoes is because- I thought it's gonna rain...hehehe last thursday it was soaked in the rain though the shoes is already dry hehehe I don't want my mizuno getting wet.
  4. This is the first race where I got a lot of blisters waaah! what's in the shoes?
  5. This is the first race where I got to wear my iamninoy shirt. And there were number of us wearing singlet is quite big for me.
  6. This is the race where I did people watching....admiring fellow runners of all ages, shapes and status. I didn't know people watching is fun.
  7. This is my first hand experience with the electronic timing! There is no need to fall in line to have the barcode collected (Yah! High tech!).The electronic timing chip will record accurately based on the time I crossed the starting line...passed the 5K slot and as I crossed the finishline. According to the leaflet distributed after the run- official result will be available by July 23.
  8. This is my 10K run that I regretted having my hydration belt. Boy! There were lots of water in the station.
  9. This is the first time I saw a newton shoes in real life hehehe...I saw a guy running ahead of me...he is wearing Newton. Got caught my attention with the lugs in the forefoot looks familiar....Yah! But what really perplexed me is that...did I saw the rubber on the heel side of the sole flapping? Or was it just my imagination?
  10. This is my first race where I didn't get a practice run throughout the week. (Unlike the MILO event, I was dragged by my husband the day before the race for a practice run in island cove hehehe).This run surprised me I ended up at 1:10:00 based from my Garmin- perhaps my official time will be near my MILO time....bwhahahaha. I just can't believe it...I was thinking I'll hit a little under 1:30 maybe 1:29:30 nyahahaha.

I am trying to recall my run throughout my race period with the help of Garmin Connect- and I realized that I started hard. I guess this is the reason for a high %HR.
In fact, when I started traversing the Kalayaan flyover I noticed a different rhythm in my heart beat (and a little chest pain which bugs me since the other night). So upon seeing the first water station I decided to stop take a 100 plus and water hehehe even if I have one in my hydration belt- I felt it would be good to take a stop (my first wall hehehe).
Then to take away my mind from the chest pain...hell it was barely 2 endangering to DNF (Did not finish!).
I decided to have fun...I did people watching during my traverse to Kalayaan fly over we met the 21K runners they were running on the other lane back to Fort. I saw the fast runners and the popular personalities in the blogsphere. The first one I saw is the Bald Runner- yeah! This man never ceased to radiate inspiration- he's like the walk the talk in the running community or like a father figure of all the local runners.
Then later I thought I saw Leica Carpo- the Pinay Boston marathoner who did a sub 4. I am not sure though because I have seen her only in pictures...I was star strucked...she is so fit-I'd say fat-free...the sight of her slowed me down. If I have a pen and a paper I'll probably request for an authographed. OMG she was fast.
Then after a few meters I saw Randy a colleague in ADI of course we exchange our Hi and Hello help me breathe out! Then Anthony Pangilinan, the celebrity trainer...I didn't bother to call him because am not sure if he remembers me anyway (he was our trainer in a company sponsored training High Impact Presentation- he's great!). Told you, I did people watchin hahaha then I saw the tri-athlete senator Pia Cayetano....I was amazed that Randy was ahead of her...I am not just sure if he sustained until the finish line hehehe. Then the journalist and former Congressman Gilbert Remulla was also in the 21K wow! Sir...if you come across my blog, this is my personal message to you: I hope you'll be able to conceive a run race in our radiate a more positive presence amongst your constituents...I know you are a very influential person in our province =)...I hope you bring home some race =)
Then after awhile....I saw my favorite blogger in the blogsphere - who else but the Bull Runner. Boy! I can't help but wave my hello and she gladly return my greetings....oh! am sorry if somehow I bothered your concentration. =)
I was hoping to see other runner/blogger like the TRN and other guys from but unfortunately....I didn't see the familiar soul in the forum....well I do see some wearing a singlet but they were not familiar faces (am not sure I saw their pix in the forum) and besides I'm kinda far from them to wave a hand hehehe.
Imagine....I was people watching like for more than 3 kms which really slowed me down but I don't regret it....I am actually motivated to see all those 21K runners watch them run while I am also running my race....I know it would be my next category hehehe- am not kidding I hope to run the 21K before the year ends (so help me God.).
Then back to my own race, I was far from getting to the 5K u-turn slot when I saw my watch I am already timing at 30:00 waaaah! then another wall...Whew! there is no more plastic band... I really love this electronic timing chip. I walked through in that red mat instead of running through it hehehe ...I guess that is where the sensor resides.

Running back to the Fort after the 5K was pretty difficult nyahahaha another uphill to the Kalayaan flyover...I managed it with my baby steps....but guess what I was desperate that I hit another wall....hmmm then I saw a pacer from the PINOY ULTRARUNNERS- I paced with the guy...I was actually thinking of requesting him to pace with me to the finish line but then I was shy enough to ask for help hehehe but my calves were already complaining and guess what the blisters.....waaaa. Now it dawned upon me that everytime I run with my AdiTEMPO am having blisters and I regretted that I wore it this morning instead of my offense to the AdiTempo fans but personally Mizuno Wave Precision is my best racing shoes ever hehehe.

The last 2 km of my run is agonizing...then another wall with just 500 m away to the finish line. Sigh! And no more sprinting to the finishline. After my run- didn't got a chance to people watch anymore- I don't have the luxury of time...I guess I missed Coach Rio, the rest of the RunAdic gang and oh my I think I didn't see the JAZA =(

About the race and my bizarre mind....I face the made me stop and walk and not once but four times. Whoa! I have to stop and walk to stabilize my heart rate.
I blame it on my Garmin because the average heart rate in display is always at 92% in fact there was a time on my last 4 km that my average heart rate is at 99%...whew! what was that? Probably lack of training- hmph! blame it on the bad weather....hahaha am not whining nor finding excuses of not running in good shape. But I realize- that my garmin's display was average! Duh! I check out my MILO race and compare it with this morning and found out that my heart rate during the MILO race is much stable compared to this morning....I guess the theory of having a lack of practice is correct.

Hmmmm I guess I faced the wall- so I can bang my head and made me realized that I have the responsibility to be fit before the race....I can feel that I am almost in the brink of cramps on the last leg of my race. My feet feels numb and my calves were a little painful. Sigh!
I learned my lesson this morning. The dreaded the DNF (Did not finish) is at the back of my mind....I want to finish every race that I join (though DNS -Did not show, is another story)....and as much as possible I don't want a medic....this is my personal conviction that is why I am a little anxious this morning.But thanks heavenly I ended well with a little pain in my calves.

Finally, this week my mileage is 10K this morning race....and the long wait is over....officially I have completed my first 300K for the year. Hmmmm it reminds me also that since hubby's bday is on July 24 and we have no other runs scheduled...maybe this morning run is gonna be a dedication to his bday and the upcoming practice run...hopefully nice weather!


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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Running Blog video

Yes....I have a running video nyahahaha during the 33rd MILO Marathon-Manila elimination.
This video is courtesy of John - Benet's hubby. Thank you! Tenchu!
By the way, John is also an Adtrek member from batch 1 =)

So can you spot me in this short roll? hehehe

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Running Blog #44: ...letting go

We started this week letting go of tasks and funfilled activities because TJ got sick. I have to be the full time mom that she needs - and take running set aside. I think the whole week I am letting go of practice run....
Sigh! I will forego any chance to run the pave of Gateway Business Park or of that Island Cove.

I decided that for the rest of the week I am not running....I am keeping my running shoes for awhile.
Another sigh! I am testing myself....what it's like to let go? I always hold onto this addiction.
I am letting go of practice run and holding on the idea that I can run again on Sunday.
Hoooray! and this will happen during the Run for Home- A run for a cause to help build home for the Habitat for Humanity project.
Running in this event would not only help me meet my mileage requirement to complete my first 300K but the cause is something that me and my husband wanted to support.

I thought my MILO 10K last Jul 5 is a good start for my 10K races- my official time is 1:09:31.
It would have been a good idea to take a PR but then I realized some things need to take it course as Lao Tzu says "The world is ruled by letting things take their course. It cannot be ruled by interfering."

Come would be another practice run- not to take any personal record....but to surprise myself of any possible outcome.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Running Blog #43: the rain

Last thursday I was desperate to complete at least 7K practice my mind- I am gonna complete a 300K mileage if I'll be able to do at least 7K.

So even if I can see nimbu clouds after office I decided to go to GT SRC for a much needed mileage.

I did simple stretching the V stretch on a corner wall- learned from my PT session (during my semi frozen shoulder therapy). I realized that I wanted to do at least one hour of workout- so off the gym I headed to my imaginary starting line infront of the BDO facade in front of Wilkins factory.

The breeze is great...I have no hydration belt because I intend to do an easy 7K run.

After 1.5K deng! here comes the rain......I thought I saw the japanese guy running behind me he was fast enough to run ahead of me my pacing is about 7:05 min/km. It's okay...I have already tamed myself....when I was new to running I would tend to run after whoever run past me in GBP hehehe (that's for fun and challenge...of course they usually didn't know that I was huffing and puffingly running after them) . But now I realized I needed to train my body - whoever is running out there is non of my business and running after them is not anymore in my gameplan during training. My game plan is to execute my training plan.

So it was raining I was thinking I could turn right the next corner right after the metrolab and go back to SRC or continue running.
I saw the japanese guy have no intention to turn right at the I am not the only one running in the rain. Nice! I decided I can continue with the drizzles was a little difficult because the water drips into my eyes though I can manage to wipe it off. So I continue running in the rain until I didn't see the guy as I approached the next corner near EPSON hehehe- I have no choice am running alone in the rain......until I reached Telford and well I was drenched.
And of course the security guard of each factory that I passed gives me a look shaking their head-now I am branded addict hehehe.
So this is the first time I ran in the rain of GBP...I am not sure if there will be next time...unless another soul is willing to take the plunge running with me in the rain =)

Getting home is another story....but I can't wait to log in my my dismay! I am still short of 10K to grab my first 300K for the year....waaaaah!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Running Blog #42: This is cheesy.....Bday run 2

I took a day off today...yep I swapped Monday off with Wednesday.
I wanted to dedicate the whole day with my TJ because it is her 5th birthday.
I think I made her day great! Just like other hopeful moms- I wanted her birthday filled with surprises and without so much expense hehehe.

So this morning before she wakes up- I sneaked outside for my practice run.
Actually this year my theme is to dedicate a run with a birthday celebrant closest to my heart.
I started it out with my birthday though it was supposed to be celebrated with Mizuno infinity (sigh! it reminds me again that I did not show up)....but instead it became a long run in island cove.
My original plan is run 10K but I realized that my training plan said I run 6K. Actually I skipped run monday and tuesday because of the usual reasons- I woke up late and there were heavy rains after office....and running is almost impossible (this and other hassle makes me think about buying a treadmill sigh!)
My practice run this morning is relatively easy pace but after checking my heart rate with garmin I realized I was averaging 89% of my max heart rate. Wow and I didn't even feel some level of discomfort....actually I know I can run some more- but I have to discipline myself by sticking to the recommended training plan- courtesy of Runnersworld smartcoach.
I still don't know if this is the right strategy.
And I am not sure if my run this morning is their so called tempo run.
Hmmm....I am not inclined to be scientific with my running like the BR guy but then I think he's got the point- specially if you want to attain certain goal.
I still don't know if I am hibernating as a recreational runner to a serious runner.
If that is the case, I realized I needed to do tempo runs and speedwork- I need to incorporate this training plan to be able to make it to half marathon before the year ends and run at least sub 2:30 on the next MILO elimination (hopefully next year) and this is my new goal. The full marathon is still beyond my imagination.
So why did I come up with this target?
Because when I entered my performance last sunday in runnersworld smartcoach- I realized that a 16 week training would yield only a 2:34 race time- which is 4 minutes slower than the curfew for 21K of MILO. I admit I am not that competitive but I wanted to finish with dignity....I don't want to just cause traffic with the other runners hehehe. Maybe I have a wrong kind of thinking....excuse me....but I guess that is how I am day this is actually keeping my mind busy while running....the music is too mushy- hehehe didn't get a chance to change the music of my pod.

When I got home my little princess is already taking her breakfast and I told her that I celebrated her birthday in my practice run today. She find it different and it excites her....the twinkle in her eyes didn't escape at all. I know she was delighted....I am sure it could have been better if were running together. Unfortunately, I just sneaked out and I know it would be difficult for her to wake up early.

So instead I told her that I made sure I run 5K hehehe for her 5th birthday and the 1.5k was my warm up/cool down- she was delighted about it....and wanted again to run with me over the weekend.
My kids have already developed interest in running =) and I really look forward that we race together.....

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Running Blog #41: My first 10K race with Manila MILO elimination

As of this writing perhaps some of the participants is just on their way home after they witness closing ceremony of the 33rd MILO Marathon-Manila Elimination.
Kudos to the race organizer- it was good! There is plenty of water and the water station is really strategically located, there were lots of energy drink, showers from a fire truck?? hehehe for the 10K-42K runners -and not to mention the MILO energy drink. It was never that good! I swear, I always prepare the MILO drink of my children- but this morning was the best tasting MILO I ever had in my life....nyahahahaha- maybe it's something to do with the ratio it's not too sweet and its creamy. Well, perhaps it should really taste good since it was the MILO creator who concocted it hehehe.

Honestly, I have a serious doubt if I'm gonna make it. I have history of failing to show up everytime I registered in 10K category- classic examples were the Power Run 09, Mizuno Infinity Run and many more way back 08. Sigh! But today I guess I breakfree from the curse nyahahahahaha....

Consequently, the 33rd MILO Marathon is also the first ever race of my husband.
Unfortunately he was not able to time his performance so he has no idea what time he finished it. But he enjoyed it so much....I can sense- some regret why in the past he never raced but simply hold on to his camera for some photo shooting opportunity.
I guess the setback of my husband also joining a race is that I have no photographer to tag along nyahahaha....I realized that I didn't even have a photo of me during my run.....unfortunately, I did not spot any of the photovendo photographer.
So maybe, I have to be contented with the shot in the car, the shot at home and the video which I unknowingly took by Benet's hubby.

After realizing we have no pix of the race- we took this self portrait inside the car hehehe

At home with Matti

I bring my celphone during the run because I have a feeling that it might take ages before I'll find my husband- imagine there were twenty thousand participants on this event....whoa! The MILO marathon and its elimination is indeed the biggest marathon sponsored in the country- it is comparable to maybe the biggest international marathon event.
So to fully utilize my phone I decided to take one shot of the runners...see....looks like panning shot- but I was running eeehh! I have no intention to this is how it looks like when you photograph while running hehehe

My unforgettable moment in this event is when the runners climb the fly over in Roxas to Le Pavillion. Hmm...I have climb mountains but not feels different so I slightly shifted my attention to the baywalk I find it amazing- I can breathe the air from the reminded me of the recent quote I have read from my Yoga+ back issue "I love to think of nature as an unlimited broadcasting station through which God speaks to us every hour, if we only tune in."
My mind graciously asked the Lord's guidance that I may survive this new ordeal.
Then, amazingly running towards the end of first 5K became easy and satisfying.

On my way back to the finishline, I bumped into one of the TAKBO.PH guy- he was wearing his TAKBO.PH singlet so I recognized him as probably one of the active members- unfortunately I didn't get his name - but I am sure it was not the big man of TAKBO.PH.....I am not sure if the bull runner run today...I think I didn't see her- later I'll check it from her site.

Most of the Run ADIc- hehehe ADI colleagues run in this event, but I only saw Randy who did a 21K....Kudos for finishing it in 2hr ++ way earlier than the curfew.
Also my friend Benet run for 5K never get to see her but gave her a call while I was bound home (that is why I learned about the video thing hehehe)....I'm sure she hit it earlier than her record time.

I still can't believe it....finally I get to race on the 10K category.
It was fun- I paced based on my training where I can only managed a 7:00 min/km but my Garmin says I did 6:44 min/km -that was nice. I really wanted to run throughout the distance....I don't want to stop and walk. So I finally clocked at 1:11:15- this is my unofficial time- I started my garmin right after BF hit the maybe this is close.
I don't want to face that imaginary wall- yah! I read about it from the man behind ultra marathon or ultra running in the Philippines- the bald runner....hmmm reading his blog the night before the race is a good stimulus. This guy is a purest runner.
I started to have a conviction....believing I can do it...yes as the MILO slogan this year says "Kaya mo yan!". Thanks to Bro J for reminding me of this slogan hehehe and the Gingerbreadman for believing that I can do it.

Next race...RUN FOR HOME for another 10K =)


Saturday, July 4, 2009

Running Blog #40: Running with the kids

0530H- we were still sound asleep when Daddy for a run.
I bet he wanted a practice run for tomorrow's MILO marathon.
Tomorrow will be his first race - he is running for 5K category while I will run for 10K.
I do not expect a practice run today....yesterday, I made up my mind that my run this week will be the 10K race tomorrow.

Hmmmm....but the man is so persistent.
So the kids and I though sleepy obliged to his summon.

We were on our car when the rain starts to drizzle....I was asking him "Now what?" with a yawn....actually I am preparing to go back to sleep.
But it seems that his persistence will not go wane by the rain...."It's gonna stop by the time were in island cove." came his reply.

As we arrive in island cove- it seems the rain gets a little intensity.
I asked permission from the kids if we could run- they agree and retorted that we be back early. With a little stretch and some more sleep in my mind- we started running- 1 lap in the joggers lane of island cove is approximately soon as we finished the first lap, the drizzles stopped and the kids were delighted to run with us. My little girl and boy went crazy as they try to catch each other hehehe.

After 2 laps- we decided the kids should take a rest...they visited the fisherman's wharf while I continue my run...I totaled 6K- not bad.

This is the simple pleasure in life that I always look forward. to...I know time swiftly flies- the kids will soon join us on a race.....I am imagining will be my sweetest victory if all of us get to run in one event- maybe 36th MILO? =)

Today's run reminded me of our picture taken more than a year ago - I was still new in running then....but in my mind I wanted my kids to run with me. So I decided to tag them along. =)

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Friday, July 3, 2009

Running 10K for the 33rd MILO Marathon

I took my day off today.
I have to see my therapist to verify improvements on my shoulder.
My shoulder is just packed with nodules and taut band hahahaha- as if I am living a super sedentary life.
Could this be stress- my question then.
But I realized it was my posture.
And maybe weight lifting- for the past year, I have been dying to have a define deltoids and increase the size of my arms hehehe.
So perhaps these craziness ended up my frozen shoulder.

As I write this entry, I can feel a pit in my stomach.
Yah! I'll be out on Sunday for the biggest surprise of my life.
I know I wanted this- I have been wanting to join a Milo Marathon 5 or 10K event two years back and now- I have registered....but not prepared.

The MILO marathon is a classic event to the running community- it is now on its 33rd year- a year older than me hehehe.
I have been reading the race rules and I realized that the 10K category have a curfew of 1.5 hours. Sigh!

The last time I ran 10K- I was in good shape I clocked 1:13:59, it was a practice run in GBP how am gonna clock this coming Sunday?

This week I decided that I will just run on Sunday and will take a good rest to recover the pains in my quad after my Maculot climb.
Hopefully, my enthusiasm would spark my drive to complete my 10k in less than 1.5 hrs...and by the way, this will be my very first 10K race- it has been more than a year that I have been planning to race in this category, but I always failed to show up.

A decent time in my first 10K race would be an excellent reward for the week.

Click here to visit the milo marathon website.

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