Friday, September 10, 2010

Is it bye-bye GF405?

The past three months was a terrible struggle to squeezed in training time with various domestic issue.
Many mothers would agree that day time work, mothering, household management are difficult to juggle.Which resulted in my zero mileage. 

I can handle waking up early to do my runs....but I am so scared of the pestering dogs (hehehe these are the days I wish I lived in a posh village with tighter control over pets LOL!).

Today is holiday....our nearest option (despite waking up late) is island cove.
And I do hope this will be the start of a regular training.
Of course I wanted to know how my pace is doing after a prolonged off.
Thus, even if the plan is an easy run I decided to wear my GF405.

Suddenly the wristband took off! I was shocked my GF405 is just 17 months old.  I thought typical life is 24 months (perhaps battery life only). I wonder if this can be fixed? And where? My sister bought it abroad and I am not sure if it's still covered with warranty.

I am dismayed by the design of the wrist band that have a brittle material.
One thing is for sure- I am not buying another GF405.

I am disappointed of the wrist band - the design should be sturdy enough since it is intended for rigorous activity.
P.S. GPS is still working, but how can I use it?  Any idea?

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