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QCIM 2010: My second full marathon experience

The Quezon City International  Marathon 2010 was held last Dec 5, 2010 at about 4:30 AM. The starting line is  at the Quezon memorial circle or better known as the elliptical road. I would guess that this is probably third or fourth time around that I've been to this place lol! I rarely go to Quezon City....the last time I've been here was a memory of me getting lost to go to SSS main office lol! probably that was decade ago.

The starting corral was filled early....bunch of marathoners -newbie, hardcore and just your average runner like me. Most of them are familiar in the cyberspace or blogsphere....the so called "friends" in the social networking site. I choose to be alone and quiet because I usually run alone...and I don't have running club to associate myself feels great to feel alone in the middle of that crowd of brave warriros. I feel proud that somehow I am standing alongside these bunch of strong people conquering the 42.195 km distance.

hours passed after the gun was fired for the marathoners.

Top ten reasons why I joined the QCIM 2010:
  1. This event is my dedication to my 3rd year anniversary as a runner.
  2. I wanted to know if 42.195 km is still a familiar distance.
  3. This is also one of my early christmas gift to myself.
  4. This will be my first time inside lamesa eco park.
  5. I wanted to get to know Quezon city on foot....that famous commonwealth avenue.
  6. My personal target is to attend at least two full marathon event per year. This is my second for the year.
  7. I am under-trained but uber excited to run the distance....this marathon is all about listening to my garmin or watch to know how I'm doin.
  8. I know that I'll end up almost lunch and want to know what it is like running really late in the morning.
  9. Training for the marathon means possible reduction in waistline :D 26.2 inches to sustain 26.2 miles not bad eh.
  10. Post marathon means eating a lot till christmas :D
I consider this race a long run. I have no intention to beat up a previous record because I wanted to enjoy the scenery of La Mesa Eco park :D and I did. In fact, I have full appreciation why we all should conserve water. I just regret not having a camera with me....there were interesting shots on that place.

photo by hubby in the last 800m or so 
They say that the marathon is a metaphor of life.
And life is full of meet people along the way.
You meet struggling marathoners along the way.
It felt great to have met people like Tess  who tried to help ease my inconveniences. And there was Sam the running ninja whom I saw up close...I used to read his blog through And a guy with bib 9541 whom I had a nice chat about mountaineering on the last 3 km of the race.

Relief...seeing hubby taking the shots felt like heaven....finally somebody close to me is here.

Ten things that I have learned about running a marathon after completing QCIM:

  1. Hydrate just enough. Of course during summer or intense heat  you have to hydrate more than enough. But specific to this event...the weather is fine and overcast...just enough is okay.
  2. Sleep well....yes this old age advice will help you have a better running experience. I actually billeted to a low budget  hotel in Kalayaan Ave....just to make sure I'm not going to be late. I don't want to repeat that same experience during TBR DM.
  3. Plan your hydration and solid intake....cramps won't be an issue. 
  4. Do not clip and wound your ipod earphone wires on your hydration takes time to remove it. lol! when I entered la mesa eco park I had to unwind the ipod wires from my belt (hydration belts were not allowed inside the park and I didn't know about this rule until I get there).
  5. Small steps on incline is still the best way to attack the allowed me to continue running and it feels great on the butt.
  6. If your not having not entertain the idea of putting on liniments on your legs just because you see the first aid station not so busy. I tried putting on the liniment...with the idea in mind that the minty feel would help me reduce my walk breaks but it didn't make a was just an added delay (not to mention the "scratchy" feel after the application).
  7. I have read it several times that the bladder shuts down when you started running. In my case it seems untrue. So, tie your short string not too'll get busy untying it during wee wee break. Lol!
  8. If there is a need to  pee....go pee if there's a chance do not wait on that next gasoline station or comfort room...chances are there isn't anymore. lol! that's what happen to me when I forego taking a pee on Shell station along commonwealth ave....when I reached UP and CP Garcia street, I have to live with the bursting bladder feeling all throughout the remaining 12Km.
  9.  If you feel that your bladder seemed to break....don't take a cold will aggravate the feeling.
  10. Don't forget to smile....photovendo's everywhere. Thanks for the nice picture guys!

pure bliss....finishline is just around the area.

My splits: 

10K- 1:10:55 - wow! this is within my 10K range 
21K - 2:35:09 - also within my 21K performance range 
30K -3:38:56- this is surprising for me, considering my unilab 32K is 4:11 hmmm 
40K- 5:18:52 - obviously this is a nega split, the last 12k was agonizingly painful abdominal-like cramps- its like havin' dysme while running...trying to find a cr or portalet to relieve some wewee urged...I was thinking why the bladder did not completely i running so slow?
That guy behind me was nice enough to share some chat...also a mountaineer-but I hadn't got his name.
To my surprise....I finished QCIM 2010 better than my maiden marathon not to mention about too much delay on the first aid station and gasoline station...wohoooo!

sweet victory- my mizuno precision on it's 500km mileage....time to change!

After getting my medal (and relieving my we-wee urge), I opted to walk back to our a post marathon stretch.
I am so happy that I have completed the event free from injury....
How's that for an early Christmas gift?

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