Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Forgotten piece

Very few of my friends would know that I love to doodle (thats what I call about my write ups and drawings).
Some of my doodling resulted in fiddling write-up or figures....nothing serious.
Maybe I doodle a lot on idle times because I can't keep on sitting down....

During my pregnancy years....it was my toughest....I have to go on bed rest.
But those memories were left to oblivion....I remember after giving birth (both children)- I have to go on rehab to fix my frozen shoulders. I am glad I surpassed it.

Now, I am again on the tough times....no nanny to take care of the kids, no helper for the household chore. Ugh! well, though I can handle it...it's terrible to juggle work, work at home, and lotsa household chores....talk about multi-tasking.
I thank God I experienced the marathon, the long runs....because it gives me a different view of how to tackle difficult times. I have high hopes that soon I can return to running....and do another marathon before the year ends.

Last weekend...my daughter and I came up with some bonding time....and went doodling (again for me), I was goofing with my daughter while letting the hours passed... and here is my favorite result:

My daughter's attempt in watercolor.

I draw this food group to describe to my daughter what we call "Go" food or the carbo, in oil pastel.

I also showed my daughter about my doodles while she was in my womb (on bed rest)...and this is my favorite.

Charcoal- this one caught my attention, I have forgotten about this.

The idle times (I mean being left at home without option hehehe feels like house arrest)....were sometimes good for the soul to reconnect lost pieces of us- like that artwork above, which I have forgotten. Hmmm actually I am completely lost with the charcoal hehehe. Well doodling maybe isn't my personal legend.

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