My Race

I started my fitness journey before my 30th birthday, that was labor day of started out as simple jog in island cove to accompany my husband on his regular jog-but it tires me off. In other words, it didn't prosper. But the idea to get rid of the extra weight post pregnancy won't go I try to explore other means to be fit.

I bought some good yoga books and mat, then I was hooked.
By the time I celebrated my 30th birthday last June 6, 2007  I was already trying some yoga poses through self-study. My greatest achievement was able to do shoulder headstand in 30 sec... After several months I  lost a lot of weight (~10 lbs), people started asking me if I was sick. Well, I take it as a bad omen-it seemed unhealthy though I was feeling really I re-evaluated my strategy.

By Dec 2007, I started going outdoor, at first it was plain walking, then some brisk walking, progressed to  slow body seemed to love the increasing intensity where eventually I went out running (running to me is a pace of 5:00 mpk or less).

My fitness activities evolved further I had a chance to explore mountaineering....road trips- oh! 2008 was a great year for my outdoor life. But you will notice,  on my list below I rarely race. It took me a lot of courage and preparation  to join one....I was scared to death. I thought it is for the elite and to keep up- you must run nonstop LOL (at sprint mode)!

Thanks to The Bull Runner she inspired me to get going- she showed me what a race is like. And mind you- she's got a calendar of race for the whole year. What's more....recently she organized the first TBR Dream Marathon and I am proud to share with you that I am part of it, I was one of the many first time finishers...and now I belonged to 0.01%  of world's population that completed a marathon (qouted from our Coach Jim).
It seemed impossible but I did it! And I think you can do it too- or maybe you can do better...perhaps you visited my site because you are also destined to become a marathoner. Isn't it a good idea?

Now, even if I am alone- I can go and race, and I am able to find my own pace....I noticed I am not that fast anymore. But it doesn't matter. What is important is to finish the distance.

I hope to see you on the road! And good luck to your personal journey to fitness.

Here are the list of races I completed:

Feb 3, 13: ConduraSkyway Run, 42K, 5:26:54, PB 
Dec 30, 12: 4th Rizal Day Run, 32K, 4:23:52
Dec 23, 12: Dalagan Pablo, 10K, 1:04:22
Dec 16, 12: Sin Tax Run DNS
Dec 8, 12: Sabado Night Run/OneMeralco Foundation, 6K, 35:56
Nov 17, 12: TBR Dream Team Run, 21k, 2:58:13 (Team walkie talkers)
Jul 29, 12: Milo Marathon/Manila Elimination, 21K, DNF (2:44 is officially DNF against 2:30 cut off).
Mar 4, 12: Run United 1, 21K, 2:35:55
Feb 4, 12: Condura Skyway Marathon, 21K, 2:35:23
Jan 22, 12: TIMEX RUN, 16K, 2:01:20


Dec 28, 11: Jingle Bell Run 2, Naga City, 13K, 1:37
Dec 4, 11: Quezon City Internation Marathon, 21K, 3:03:08 (Snail LSD lol!)
Sept 18, 11: Rizal Run, 16k, 2:14:39
Jul 16, 11: MVP Birthday Run, 3K, 38:43
May 22, 11: Greentennial Half Marathon, 10K, 1:16:01
Feb 6, 11: Condura Skyway Marathon, 42K, 6:10:41
Jan 30,11: Xterra rave run (trail), 10K, 1:33:53
Jan 23, 11: Greentennial Run, 15K, 01:50:10

Dec 29, 10: CCSAA Fun Run: Dalagan para sa Eskwelahan, 10K, 1:12:45
Dec 5, 10: Quezon City International Marathon, 42K, 5:41:35
Nov 27, 10: Run with light for Patricia's Dream, 5K, 39:51
Nov 21, 10:  RunRio Trilogy3: Run United 2-Active Health, 32K, 4:11:39
Oct 17, 10: Bluewater Day Spa Run, 10K, 1:04:45
Aug 14, 10: NBA Fit Run, 10K, 1:11:02
Aug 1, 10: Rexona Run, 21K, 2:45
May 30, 10: RunRio Trilogy2: Nature Valley Run, 21K, 2:38:49
May 22, 10: TBR Dream Marathon, 42K, 06:19:16(gun start) 05:53:45 (chip time)-late by 25min
Apr 25, 10: Mizuno Tagaytay Hi Lands Fun Run Challenge, 10K, 01:07:48
Mar 7, 10: Pinay in action 2010, 10K, DNS
Mar 1, 10: Unilab Run United, 21K, 2:16:02 -PB (2:15:52 chiptime)
Feb 28, 10: DZMM: Takbo para sa kalikasan year 11, 10K, 1:02:16
Feb 21, 10: Runrio Trilogy1: Century Tuna Superbods, 21K, 2:17:36
Feb 14, 10 TNF: Thrill of the trail, Nuvali, 11K, 1:30:48
Feb 7, 10 Condura: Run for the dolphin, 21K, 2:27:22
Jan 22, 10 ADGT Fun Run/Relay/Individual, 3K, 20:36 (unofficial)

Dec 6, 09 Conquer Corregidor 10 mile challenge, 16K, 2:09.56
Nov 29, 09 New Balance Power Run, 10K, 1:01:26.9 PB
Nov 15, 09 TIMEX RUN, 10K, 1:03:55
Nov 8, 09 Phil Intl Marathon A Run for Pasig River, 10K, 1:06:49 (unofficial)
Oct 25, 09 Adidas King of the Road, 10K, 1:09:31
Oct 10, 09 Rescue Run, 3K, 45:00
Oct 4, 09 5th Octoberun festival, 16K, 2:01:16
Aug 30, 09 Looney Tunes Active Run, 3K, 33:44 (with kids)
Aug 15, 09 Kenny's URBANITE RUN, 10K, 1:16:32
Jul 19, 09 1st RUN FOR HOME 10K, 1:10:51
Jul 5, 09 33rd Milo Marathon MLA Elim 10K, 1:09:31
May 10, 09 BOTAK: Paa-Tibayan 09 5K, 32:39
Mar 29, 09 Pinay In Action 09, 5K, 31:11:21
Jan 22, 09 Happy Run, 5K, 29:31 PB

Nov 23, 08 UNICEF, 5K, 30:47
Oct 26, 08 Run for Life, 5K, 33:07

DNF - Did Not Finish
DNS- Did Not Show/Start
PB - Personal Best

This is my latest marathon pix during 2010 QCIM