Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Running Blog #23: Sweet Baby Baby

I run alone today....
The last time I did a solo practice run was way back December 08.
While everybody is busy shopping for the holiday season....I was just running....contemplating why I hadn't found a new running buddy after Kathy left me (of course for a better career in Singapore).

Whew! I was over it because since January my regular running mate is macho man...my speed trainer.

Hmmm....I kinda remember last December PRs, because I was desperate for a running partner that could help me grow....I even asked my sister to buy me a Garmin Forerunner 405. I was thinking this is the perfect gadget. Why not? It has a virtual partner that would tell you if your behind or ahead. Will give you stats, GPS enable you to track your route, save location etc (these are the things I haven't done yet).

Well, my needs last December is quite different from my need today.....but then Garmin Forerunner 405 arrived....and wow oh wow....it delivered just what I expected.

Below is the snapshot of today's practice run- yah distance was pretty accurate courtesy of the GPS (I was wondering...I think there is Analog inside =) ).

I am still in the getting to know stage with my baby garmin ...but I love it.

I feel great running alone...it doesn't feel like way back december.

One setback I noticed....it keeps on reminding me that am running higher than my max heartrate....I checked out today's WikiHOW on heartrate and here is what I found:

  1. Find your resting heart rate as soon as you wake up. You can do this by counting your pulse for one minute while still in bed.

  2. You may average your heart rate over three mornings to obtain your average resting heart rate (RHR). Add the three readings together, and divide that number by three to get the RHR. For example,(76 + 80 + 78) / 3= 78.

  3. Find your maximum heart rate and heart rate reserve.
    Subtract your age from 220.
  • This is your maximum heart rate (HRmax). For example, the HRmax for a 24-year-old would be220 - 24 = 196.

  • Subtract your RHR from your HRmax. This is your heart rate reserve (HRmaxRESERVE). For example,HRmaxRESERVE = 196 - 78 = 118

4. Calculate the lower limit of your THR. Figure 60% of the HRmaxRESERVE (multiply by 0.6) and add your RHR to the answer. For example,(118 * 0.6) + 78 = 149.

5. Calculate the upper limit of your THR. Figure 80% of the HRmaxRESERVE (multiply by 0.8) and add your RHR to the answer. For example,(118 * 0.8) + 78 = 172.
Divide the values obtained in steps 3 and 4 by the number 6 to obtain your THR in beats per ten seconds. For example,149 / 6 = 25 (lower limit)172 / 6 = 29 (upper limit)

Wow, the data entry I put on my Garmin is 185 for HRMax....but then based on my age and above method I should have 189 HRMax- so this explain why even if I am running beyond the max heart rate I entered- I was running manageably.

Another setback I realized from this watch is that if the lithium ion battery is wasted then the watch is good as gone =( .... But for now, I am not gonna think about it yet....

And this baby doesn't come cheap....so think back if you intend to buy one. I am still thinking how am I gonna pay my sistah =)

Anyways, today's practice run was really full of blessing....today I was blessed with good weather and a nice view of the sunset at the Telford area....I dunno when or how am gonna take shot of this view. I bought with me my camera yet I wasn't able to bring it during my run. Anyways, I have all the summer to capture...it reminds me of Kathy and maybe I'll have it sent to here.

Ciao for now.

P.S. I haven't tried the wireless sync courtesy of ANT Technology....I am too lazy to do it yet.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Running Blog #22 : Pinay In Action 2009

Above pix is my collage of this morning's Pinay In Action 2009 -fun run event...(Also, my new desktop photo).

It is an all-women run, organized by a woman, a runner and an advocate for women's rights none other than the Senator Pia Cayetano.

I was actually late -according to the race kit, 5K will gun start at 6:05, I arrived around 6:08- there is already a big assembly which I thought was just for 10K....(hmmm started late I thought).

The announcement or instructions or something that I hardly hear was quite lengthy...maybe I my shuffle is quite loud or the megaphone a little low. I couldn't see familiar faces....but after a few scan I saw John-Benet's hubby and their daughter Ash (Benet & Ash runs for 1.6K- the real fun run =) ). After a few hi and hello....I was off to see around. Then I heard that the 5K and 10K will run together- and there's no gun shot...I didn't hear it....I just saw everyone started running. Then have to ask the ladies in yellow shirt "Is 5K running now?"...and they affirmed it then I started running. Whew!
Running again without practice!....actually I still have my monthly period, and hadn't run for 2 weeks. So the short run caused my throat to seek some water. Good thing, the water station was probably after the 1.5K route....just in time when I needed most. It was plenty, surprisingly I enjoyed couple of gulps. Signs of the weather....it's summer and it's so hot running around past 6AM.

Running took me a good sight of some men running with girlfriends, daughter, wife etc....
Men are also allowed to run, as long as they register with a woman and they are not entitled of any prize.

Then I run past the senator on my first lap but she run past me on my 2nd lap (whew!). The lady senator is in good shape...her pace is constant that she carry on a conversation so well while running (you might wonder- we didn't talk....I saw her talking all the time with a companion runner). Hmmm....I guess it's something you earn after running all through out two decades.

Well as for me, I was walking all the time....so afraid that I might cramps and can't even finish the 5K loop. But anyways, I ended at 31:55 (P.S. This is still unofficial result, this is the time I saw on the timer before I gave my name). My PR is just like my practice run (uhhhhh but on the plains).

Actually awhile ago I had cramps and it's so nasty....

Overall, the run was just what I needed.

Then while waiting for hubby (I thought he's gonna continue with his shots), I chanced upon the bullrunner - and got a copy of her magazine (I missed it during the condura run) and we had some few shots too.

Here are my favorite shots by moranophotography hehehe

Yes! Another floating shot.....hmmm looks like a jump shot- but am sprinting here.

The wordplay in a vanishing point of view.

Of course my shot with the bullrunner and the little bullrunner with Kuya =) -yes! finally got to meet her.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

All about TJ

TJ-tee jay is the reversed initials of Justine Tiffany, my daughter.

Her name Justine means "fair", "Justice", "Righteous"- the initial J is a tribute to me as her mother.

Tiffany means "God's manifestation", the initial is a tribute to her grandmother whose names both begin in letter "T".

Righteous God's manifestation is how I exactly felt when finally I was confirmed pregnant on December 8, 2003. After 3 yrs of grueling infertility work up, finally I was rewarded with a child in my womb.

Now TJ is growing up fast -she is turning 5 this coming Jul 8.

We have a very strong bond. At her tender age she already understood that it is important for us to please God.

My daughter loves the fantasy of a princess- her favorite character/icon is the dancing princess.

She love story....she love to tell story about every event in her life.

She love to hear her story.

One of her favorite is the story of how she came to this world.

I told her that the best "pink" gift I received from Papa Jesus is Justine Tiffany.

Yes, true to this belief....she is indeed my best gift.

Everytime I hear her sang - tomorrow and other piece of song, which she unbelievably memorize at her age.....my heart is so overwhelmed that I cannot help but praise God.
Her song bonded us....lately we watched mama mia the movie- to our surprise, my daughter appreciate every song in that movie.
One song that really amazed me which she liked and way back when I was child that I also love to sing is "Thank you for the music" by Abba....isn't it amazing that we can sing together a song we both love.

Last week, the most wonderful surprise any parents would have received is knowing that their children took home an honor.

Yes, we least expect her to become an honor student at the nursery stage- but she does it.

Yesterday, while am on sickleave we had another wonderful conversation.....she is now testing her logic.

When possible, the lullaby I used to song to her as baby.....I try to hum it her ears.

I know she felt happy and grateful.

TJ TJ Baby love na love ni mommy (2x)

TJ TJ Baby honey girl ni daddy.

I guess the only problem I had with her is her eating habits....she really just can't eat a lot.

She is underweight and looked frail.

But right now I am a little positive because she responded well to my psyche...she wanted to eat well so she could sing more, be far from disease and sickness, and become more beautiful "pink" gift.

I would say that my daugther is a blessing not only to me, but to the others as well.

I am so amazed of her empathy and her ability to love unconditionally....she taught me a lot! when I thought she should be the one learning from me- I bet it's the other way around.

My daughter never laid her hands to her brother and best friend Matti- because she loved him, even if Matti is hurting her. Sometimes, I got irritated by their sibling fights....I saw how Matti poked her....I ask TJ that she revenge and fight back- but then the more she cried, and told me she'll never lay hands to her brother.....lucky Matthew!

I would say the kindness in her is from within....a blessing from God.

As I have always say on my prayers.....

Dear God, make me a better mother for TJ.
Direct me to do the things appropriate for TJ's growth
in accordance to your grand plan
and in accordance to what you wanted her become.

Today as I write this blog....I mesmerized the sweet smell of her kisses....she loves her parents so much.

I wish my baby girl will always stay that way- the sweetness, the voice, the song we sing together....I feel like heaven in her embrace.

P.S. I will update this post with TJ's photo collage.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The pain of PMS and Menstrual period

Yah it wasn't a joke but a serious proposition "That I would trade to have the guys circumcision as a passage to adulthood than the repetitive cycle of menstrual period."

Since my passage to womanhood- menstruation process was never an easy experience.

I remember, my menarchy was very traumatic....I thought, I'm gonna die with the blood stains am getting from that very sensitive part.

I hated it...having periods. Maybe the inconvenience brought about by the whole new experience of becoming a woman and my irritation to this supposedly monthly visits my system was psyche to have the period on a quarterly basis. When I was young, I was proud about it....because there is no hassle..... But then later in life, I discovered it was unhealthy for my reproductive system. Not to mention, I had difficulty conceiving children and the costs of health related consultation and medication to this unending quest of having a menstruation regularized.

On my 30th birthday, I decided to put an end to this struggle.
I know how to combat the never ending stress of menstrual period- and that is also what the doctor has been telling me...."Live an active lifestyle"- it promises to solve everything.

I started with yoga then running then mountaineering then variety.....of activities that will test the sheer strength of my body.

For more than a year now, I am into running (with very few races on the list) and mountaineering (with very few mountains conquered).
I thought, the grim experience of PMS and menstrual disorder is a thing of the past.

This morning I woke up with the symptoms of the same problem.... dysmenorrhea. It was so painful, I thought I passed out this morning several times.

I didn't make it to work. I am so unproductive.
Now, I am contemplating....have I been relaxing from my work out??? I guess so....is this the rootcause? Am I being reminded to work harder?
Sigh! Let me see....maybe I'll train harder....I'll start all over again.

My 6 months data point (where no signs of PMS) tells me that the key is training- monthly climb, 3X a week running, 2X a week visit to the gym and yoga -3x a week.

Maybe it's time to reinvest on the same program. Just thinking about it --> I suddenly felt tired with my present condition. =( hmmmm
While contemplating here are some of the photo collage I had:

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Running Blog #21: Didn't make it to Condura Run

Sigh!.....I feel like I am not in a good shape as runner.

I can't keep commitment(s)...or I'd say I commit half-heartedly.

Yes. That is what happened to the suppose single fun run I intend to join this March 09- The condura run which took place this morning, 6 AM at the Fort.

But what can I do....yesterday was fun filled activity for my kids.

Yesterday morning was their recognition ceremony (was reschedule from Mar 20 to Mar 21, notification was given a week after I decided to register for condura).

Then in the afternoon we took a time to socialize at my husband's work....it was their employees day.

Ok -one body can't have everything. That is what happened to me today...we went home around 1 AM- then I woke up 8:30 AM- I SMS smartkid and sforty- smartkid responded that he was still running while sforty was soooo excited as he took the half marathon at 2 hrs and 21 minutes- hmmm sub 3.

That was great! While I took a great slumber.....I'm sure I missed a lot including TBR's magazine launching, the custome parade/contest and of course the fiesta mania of a fun run.....I am missing this type of event, the last fun run I had was the Happy Run.

As I have said awhile ago, one can't have everything.....the trade off on the otherhand was equally important. My daughter was the first honor in their class and she's got a lot of awards too and she sings too- her rendition of "Just one little candle".

The employees day was funfilled treat to the kids, they had so much fun on the carnival rides.

My hubby took on a little surprise on us- my running avatar, which he photographed last Oct 08- was part of their photo exhibit hehehe.

I rest my case now....just did some photo collage to neutralize my anxiety. =)

Friday, March 20, 2009

Running Blog #20: Running as a process

Yah! Am a little insane today....because I was humiliated by yesterday's record. I decided to run today. Again with Macho Man....so if I have to run with Macho Man then it must be a speed training. I am sure he was not happy about yesterday's run....imagine we ended up at 45 minutes---record low!

Today we both had a good warm up- stretching, nice lifts, leg curls, leg press, and quad stretch.

Our first 4 minutes was a drag- I have to constantly remind myself about loving the process in every activity.

Maybe this society is just so focused on the end results...we are measured in terms of success based on metrics......but we fail to realized that the process of achieving the success is the sweetest of them all.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Running Blog #19 100K for the year!

Sigh! It's been a week since my last run.
I was excited by today's practice run because I'm gonna hit my 100KM accumulated mileage for the year- but then my stomach is just so full that it seems am not gonna carry a practice run....good thing macho man is around....my running buddy who's always positive.
Cheero! I started a good warm up- leg curl, squat, stretching, bench dip and few lats.
After all those routines I felt like the food in my tummy went somewhere.

We started running quite late....the uphill of JAE and Steniel really took toll on me. God! I thought am never gonna make it....macho man kept me focused with his story.....before I realized we were near WDC and back to JAE. Total training time 45 minutes- the slowest in our record. But hey! The great thing about today's run is that I finally hit the 100K mileage, which came too late-this should have come around Feb.

Because of this practice run result- am a little hesitant to show up at the Condura Run 09.....Hmmm.....I know I know this is one event a runner should not miss. And btw I already have my bib number (7485)....but what can I do I have no practice....

To date my actual mileage is 103.7K to be exact.
Now am sooo sleepy!
At work....the slow down is slowly moving UP- so my PICASA collage is put aside.
No pix today....just thoughts about condura run (IF I can make it nyahahaha!) and pure celebration of my 100K....

Monday, March 16, 2009

Photo Blog #6: Exploring the coast of Ternate Cavite

March 14-15, 2009- I was supposed to have a visit of San Pablo seven lakes with my friends.....but things changed. My kiddo had this persistent cough which I equated to their asthma then the doctor schedule happens on a Saturday....in other words, I didn't make it!

I guess hubby knew that I was saddened by my unchanged plan.

So....he striked again....another bolt of surprise.

Thursday he SMS me about his plan of going to the coasts of Ternate Cavite after the kiddos checkup.

Honestly, I live in Cavite but haven't been to that place....hmmmm

So this must be an adventure trip.....some bright idea took on my brain....I immediately SMS macho man and tried asking if he could lend me his cookset and stove....I wanted my kids to experience what its like camping.

Well, it wasn't so bad after all trading off San Pablo seven lakes from the coast of Ternate Cavite.

We went to the Marine Base Camp, it was actually government facility but is not open to the public- you get there through a referral (maybe from an officer of the marine corps).

I was pretty much taken by the view of the tip of Cavite....the white sand is great comparable to that of Anawangin cove....the water hmmm still OK (considering it's still Manila Bay).....the view atop the hill is also breathtaking....the pavement is also OK (maybe the marines on training are the one maintaining it?!?- i dunno....i have just deduced because the garbage are being maintained by them, and then they were also fetching water for some of the exclusive rooms).

Some set-backs I realized is that this place is not always available for public. Sigh! Like the upcoming balikatan exercise- the place will be a venue for military exercises....and won't be available for quite sometime.

Other opportunities for improvement I noticed:

  1. I guess even if I have seen an hourly garbage collection from the trainees, the garbage is still littered around. Maybe it's not their fault anymore, the place is so windy that uncovered trash bin may not be spared.

  2. I also noticed that the marines are burning the waste collected on certain schedule. As an environment and LNT advocate, I really disagree to this method. I was even thinking to approach the guys and expressed my opinion....but what can they do? I believe this young trainees are just following orders....as the old rule says "Obey first before you complaint."

  3. The water supply is insufficient.....in fact, we ended up not rinsing or having a final bathe before going home....anyways, we were just an hour away from home.

To sum up-my overall experience is a wonderful adventure with my family....I was so happy that the kids get to experience what it's like camping at their age.

I know this experience is something they will always cherish.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Running Blog #18: Snake on the run!

Today's practice running is just an ordinary practice.

Macho man and I took the 5.3K route by 34:29, a little slower than the usual.

After we finished the route we went back to the gym for a little rest on the leg curl, bench dip and decided to have additional two laps around ADGT means plus 2.6K.

As we were about to go to our starting point, we saw Red and invited him over...then there's happy feet- it was nice....feel good running with fellow mountaineer.

We were all engrossed to make our feet faster....then something strange- Macho man met someone nyahahaha he shouted "Snake!". It was already dark when we took another PR- but then seeing a snake on the plains.....wow really strange, I never saw one on the mountain and I am praying not to really see any.

Whohoooo.......with this news that might spread the running community in GBP.... I was just thinking, would it affect the runners....will they fear that area or are we gonna lost count of runners or would it make GBP route more exciting???? hmmmm actually I realized if I was in Macho man's position I probably would step on the snake as I usually look forward.

Sigh! And that snake is oh so big one.

By the way, here is another photo collage courtesy of Picasa 3....done during my slack moments.

I might write about the "How To" of making a photo collage in Picasa 3- it's really simple, and am hooked up.
All photos courtesy of moranophotography- taken last Dec visit to Naga City.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Running Blog #17: Fast Feet

I woke up today a little lazy- I dozed off late....maybe I had a hard time going back to running.

I was thinking I am probably starting a hate-love relationship with running.....hmmmmm....I thought it was pure love baby....what have gone wrong?

Well the thought just passed like some notorious lover quarelling.

So this is the price of being late for work (yah! good thing there is crewing shuttle bus, I had a good chance to get to work without much hassle).

So I sat down to start another desk job at the office, my laptop hang on me....because I just hibernated it the other day with loads of windows open.

So while waiting....I decided to grab the "Our daily bread" pocket magazine handed by one of my friends as christmas present.

As if God must have heard my agony....and I found this verse:

  • The Lord is my strength; He will make my feet like deer's feet, and He will make me walk on my high hills. -Habakkuk 3:19.

Wow! God is indeed omnipotent, that He had everything written including an ultimate inspiration for my passion.

So I spent the day creatively.....in between breaks I tried doing a photo collage of the wonderful memories I shared with friends and family (I have posted some of my work below).

At the end of my desk job I was a renewed person ready to run again....this time no more excuses. I took a first 5.3K run with the smartkid, before we ended our practice run macho man and his friend find their way on coming behind us and surpassing us, we finished at 34 min or 9.35 km/hr slightly slower than yesterday's feat.

I celebrated the day with an extra run of 1.4 Km at 10 min. I guess am on my way to complete my first 100K for the year.



I don't know why the text did not come out- The Boys enjoying Anawangin Cove from a recent vacation.

The photos were taken at Matabungkay beach resort way back Oct 30, 2008- during our 10th wedding anniversary.

This photo is way back Jul 24, 2008- MNM's bday bash at the hooters (my sister celebrated with us).

Monday, March 9, 2009

Running Blog #16: Footloose

Today is my second run for the month of March.
It was an intense run with Macho Man....we were talking all throught out about my faith, my personal belief and a lot of other things that probably bothered some of our friends over our marathon YM last Sat-Sun (It was yeah technically Sunday already 2 AM?!).

I felt so loose that I take everything to running my gripes, my bad mood and my inconveniences that lately manifesting (the usual sigh! problem with the sugar).
Yeah! I had a hard time collaborating everything - a quick meeting, a quick learning (collage in Picasa), then I realized I couldn't manage a quick IM conference....I was a little overwhelmed today...and running was just sooo good for me.

We took today's practice run at 33 minutes or 9.6 Km/hr....not bad. But I realized am still not in good shape. Sigh! I guess this is the reason why as much as possible I don't want to stop running. I just have to run....if I can do it everyday I would. I just love doing it over and over until I feel my whole body is loose.....yah that is why today's blog is footloose.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Running Blog #15: My first run for March

This is my first run for the month.....after more than two of weeks of not being able to run....my feet feels like leaping higher getting striding longer hehehe...but it's no truth my stats won't agree.

I had a good start, great warm up for my hamstring and quad.
And I got a chance to run with my running mate macho man....of course he runs with speed but this time he took on my pace.
It was also a time to chat, reflect hehehe after being absent for a while.
It was nice to be back running in the GBP area...Alas! there were a lot of runners.
Whew! It wasn't so sad to run alone now....there are lots of familiar faces and a lot of them are really cool.
When I used to run alone, I used to ask God to let other people see the beauty of running.
I would tell God that it would be good to be able to run past someone or run across =).....God is always good to me, He gave me what I wanted....now running alone isn't so lonely....isn't soooo "me".

Hahaha even if I get to talk a lot with macho man, my mind is also drifting between prayers and some thoughts....other places where I can take running.

As I write this blog- I was suddenly reminded of a great place to run in Sagada.
I took below picture to remind me that someday am gonna run here.....I can still remember the smell of the pine tree soothing my nostrils....my lungs loved it. =)

P.S. my stat isn't so bad we ended up at 34 minutes or 9 km/hr.

Sunday, March 1, 2009


I was drifting to sleep....my mind is thinking about him
I didn't see your youth,
but you never seemed to grow old.
Your presence is just what I need.....
I love you....