Tuesday, June 30, 2009

My experiment on discipline

This is not so related to running, mountaineering or roadtrip.
But this topic comes close to my heart being a mother of two kids.

Tonight I didn't realized that I am about to learn from my children about discipline.

I am in full charged tonight while daddy is out training for his first race this coming Sunday's MILO marathon. Waaah! while I am here at home taking a full rest because I have a painful quadriceps after a clean up climb in Mt Maculot.

Daddy is usually the disciplinarian in our family. Matti is particularly afraid of him...it is dad whose got to get him to do something when we all failed to summon him.

Normally my kids see me as their playmates...we would normally horseplay around the house and would laugh out loud until we pissed daddy with our noise.

I was wondering when will I ever project myself as a slightly grumpy strict mom.

I didn't realize it will happen tonight.
Matti took on his usual bully behavior hurting TJ with his hands.
TJ is the usual slow eater- taking already 2 hours of dinner....and to my dismay we have homework to do....grrrrr......

So the human side or I'd say the dark side (nyay!) of me took toll.
I became a grumpy mommy- confiscating the most priced possession toy car of Matti and tinker bell bag of TJ.
Matti who hated to take his evening wash before bedtime hurriedly took his routine and begged to take his toy back.
TJ who is so slow in her dinner hurriedly and almostly chokingly finished her food (no intentions of choking her). But I guess she did that to take some sympathy and allow her with unfinish meal.
Then afterwards we reviewed their homework.

Hmmmmm....I learned that a little shock of discipline is also good for the kids.
Just like the shock of not having a climb for six months?.....sending every bit of my muscle to rigors of pain.
I realized I missed running so much.Sigh! I hope I'll be able to recover just in time for my first ever (sniff!) 10K race with MILO marathon this coming sunday.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Climb Blog #2: Maculot Clean Up Climb.

It has been six months since I had my last climb in Mt Manabu.
I was excited for this climb schedule- because I felt the need to be on top feel the breeze and breathe the air of the mountain.
The objective of the climb is to clean up the campsite- and since most of us cannot squeezed a two-day climb- we opted to do a night trek so we can go home Saturday afternoon.

Unfortunately, before the day of the climb my daughter got sick- she had fever...I have to take a leave at work last Friday to make sure she's fine....I almost cancel my participation in our climb....whew!
Good thing friday afternoon my daughter's temperature became stable.
Whew! All throughout the day, I was a little paranoid about possible viral infection.
Who wouldn't- the A(H1N1) virus is really sending so much scare among parents- the news about schools suspending classes adds up to the paranoia.
So before I leave the house for the night trek, I took effort to call my husband and confirm if it is really OK to proceed. Well, I am so lucky to have a husband who always understand my need, who never interfere with my hobbies. Of course, he can always managed even when I'm not around hehehe.

The much anticipated climb after six months....leaves me so much pain in my quad.
I have a very bad feeling that I do a lousy trek. Hmmmm
The first 30 minutes of our climb was grueling.... my headlamp is so heavy that I envy the black diamond headlamp of one of our friend.
I felt like am losing my breathe...wow was it ages since my last climb?
Actually, I had very low mileage even on my runs.
We were all complaining. But nevertheless, we reached the campsite within 2 hours- the alloted trek time. Wow! I was amazed.

Of course most of my climb buddies -we see each other and have a real "bonding" monments during climb. So we had about an hour of socials- then were down to the tents for our much needed sleep.

Wake up call is 6AM- we had a hearty breakfast. After the breakfast we headed to the rockies. Yah! I dreaded the rockies- in fact during my last climb in Mt Maculot- a traverse dayhike, I forego the rockies- because of my fear of heights. I have the impression that the way to the rockies is like the rocky ridge to the Beak of Mt Pico de Loro.....my panic attacked and a fever- I forego the rockies.
This time, my friends ensure that I climb the rockies. Hahahaha
Honestly, I feel jittery at the thought...but no more chills- I was asking myself....maybe this is the time!
So even if I had removed my socks several times- nyahahaha they say delaying tactics they patiently waited. Actually, I feel like the ants were after my feet.

So even with the repetitive checks on my shoes, undoing my socks etc....they waited for me- and they were all looking at how much I was delaying the trek to rockies.
Wow! I was so thankful that my friends- pushed me.
I was so wrong about the rockies- it was manageable and better than the ridges to the Beak. I enjoyed the sight...the island of Taal volcano, the nearby shore of Nasugbu...it was worth it. I wish I had a wide angle camera to capture the images that I see....I have to be contented with my K610i camera phone...some of the shots.

After the climb we collected 2 sacks of plastic trash.
This is good news- the previous clean up climb took them 12 sacks of plastic trash.
I realized that the mountaineering community is very good in advocating LNT.
The locales were also advocating cleanliness....we were advised that the halo-halo station will ceased operation in the campsite- that is to prevent proliferating plastic in the area.
Actually, we have collected as much disposable cups- and I suspect that it came from the halo halo store.

The clean up climb is good for my soul....I didn't even noticed the descent because I was busy looking around for plastic dirt like candy wrappers, plastic wrappers etc.

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Friday, June 26, 2009

Mt Maculot Night Trek- Anyone?

I have a low mileage this week in running....again it's the weather that's been hindering me to run in the rain.
I know many runners can handle running in the rain- but I avoid it as much as possible....specially these past days the panic of AH1N1 virus, my back ache- i won't risk.
I am seriously considering having a treadmill. Sigh! but what is the joy of running in treadmill?

Good thing I have a scheduled night trek in Mt Maculot tonight with them....this will be my cross training for the week.

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The King of Pop Died at 50

Michael JacksonMichael Jackson via last.fm

I woke up late this morning kids were having trouble sleeping because they were sick.
And the breaking news that greeted me is the death of Michael Jackson.
He died at 50. This is so sad.
His songs like Billie Jean, Thriller were my favorite running music.
I am not an addict fan- but I really respect the talent.
He's an icon of the pop music...and we just lost him.
He is my husband's favorite. Sigh! maybe on my next run.....the sound of his music will be a full reminisce of his talent.

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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Low low low.....

For the past two weeks I have very low energy.
I am not sick but I just can't do the usual activity that I do.
I even suspected the possibility of AH1N1 infection nyahahaha- but then I don't have the diarhea and the fever symptoms.

I don't even feel excited about upcoming activities.
I'd say this is one of my lowlights hehehe...typically some friends would say "may toyo"- but that's not case. I think I am not depress either- I know what it's like so definitely nothing in my brains thats cheating on me.

So over the weekend I decided to consult my gynecologist- since my condition seemed post menstrual syndrome (PMS). I just feel so unproductive.

So before my appointment to the good doctor- I did a 5K run to island cove- just to check how I am feeling....it was nice...but I can feel some uneasy feelings on my chest. But I decided not to complain about it since I was running with my husband so I guess it's just gonna ruin our run if I'll be discussing my inconveniences.

So my dreaded appointment with the gyne.....
I am a certified Polycystic Ovary Syndrome patient Waaah!
So I had my papsmear and ultrasound.
The papsmear looks ok but the ultrasound confirms the PCOS.
Sigh! I am through with the infertility work up.
I guess I am now facing the management of PCOS disorder- there are a lot of list to summon for the complications related to PCOS- but the worst is dealing with the PMS.
So here I go again- the guinea pig of another PCOS drug that might help alleviate my symptoms....the doctor think- I have to take yaz - it's crazy cause I don't need some contraceptive pills but the doctor says the other treatment that this drug is offering would help me....so I have to trust it by trying it.
I am still trying to get as much information about this miracle pill for the PCOS patients. But as discussed by my gyne- the pill will help reduce all my PMS related discomfort, help me maintain my weight -wow! this one is really good news.
Maybe- this explains why suddenly I gain weight on the first week of June- I was a little surprised that I weigh 122 lbs from 118 lbs a month ago- so it was really possible that it was water retention - an indicator that I was having PMS? This something that I have to confirm with the gyne on my future visits.

Combined oral contraceptive pillImage via Wikipedia

The good doctor noted my regular excercise as positive to reduce the risk of my PCOS complications but we both realize that exercise alone could not help combat the horrors of PMS.

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Monday, June 15, 2009

Missing Running so much =(

Today's stock market is very exciting.
The swings were great several stocks that I have been monitoring were uptrend- I felt like am in the bull market again.

I realized this is exactly how I felt when I am running- there is a volt of electricity in every inch of my nerve hmmm I really missed running- it has been five days since my last run. Actually, I cannot run because of a monthly period- had dysmenorrhea and I thought I am running out of blood. Sigh!

After the stock trading today, a quick lunch and sending the kids to preschool....I headed to my physiatrist.
Finally, I find time to get back to my doctor.

I told my doctor about how much I have been running since I completed my therapy for my knees.
Then I told her about the numbness in my feet after a long run which I fear may be realetd to tarsal tunnel syndrome. She checked on my feet and she told me am OK- including my knees. But she reminded me to continue my intake of glucosamine chondrotin.
However, the nodules in my back is still a worrisome- as it always recur. Stress is the usual rootcause of this nodules. I guess this somewhat affect my running- my shoulder becomes loose and after a few days the muscles becomes tight.
I will be again on therapy to prick out the nodules.

If I am lucky maybe I can go back to my early morning run tomorrow. I wish I could.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Running Blog #39: Another 10K practice run- getting better

Practice run today went smoothly- I run the 10K course continuosly and I noticed there was no need to sip water. The weather was perfect.

I took my sip of water after I completed my 10K workout.

I realized that my practice run today was a good hills training. Click here to check the route.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Running Blog #38: Morning Rush Morning Runs

This morning we woke up 4 AM as part of our experiment =)

We are trying to simulate if we can really wake up early for future races hehehe

So this morning, we were the the solemates hehehe running at wee hour of the morning- we probably were the first to hit the pave of island cove it was 4:20 AM when we started our simple stretching....then we just run- we aimed to reach at least 5K before the sun is up- my husband needs to leave 5:30 AM for work.

We finished our workout around 5AM- we did 5.5K for 34 minutes.

The feeling is so refreshing- I felt so alive all day.
I have started to like running everyday....but my husband requested a rest day tomorrow.
So I decided I'll do my hills training in GBP.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Running Blog #37: Missing Mizuno Infinity Run

Waaaah! Since yesterday I refused to open my PC because I know I can't stand it...I didn't make it again to another 10K race.
Today, I don't have a choice I need to check the local stock market and do the drills.
In between stock trading I can't help but taking a peek about what happened on the infinity run...yes of course- takbo.ph and the bull runner provided their teasers about the mizuno race on 01.10.10- isn't it great that the infinity race last sunday is aimed to time the runner's trial.
Take my case, if I registered again for next year race- and if I happen to show up- is it some good sign of improvement? hahahaha.

Anyways, last weekend was supposed to be my husband's first race for 5K and mine 10K. For some reasons we overslept- at the wee hours in the morning of June 7, Matti was crying terribly- in my effort to extend a little sleep so I can better run- I ended up waking at 6:15 AM. We don't know if it is a good idea to show up pa. Besides, if we finished 9AM - we will miss hitting our weekly market for the family. So my husband and I agreed to have our practice run at island cove for 5K, he did 2.5K and we did some baby sitting with our baby girl- TJ. Hmmmm....am not complaining about my responsibilities and how it affects my running schedule- actually the practice run in island cove is fun- baby girl decided to run with us - she recorded a mileage of 2K- run-walk-run pace....and she told me she wanted to become a runner hehehe.

My husband was so sorry to me...he also overslept. And he made a commitment to make running his core work out- he also like the idea that the whole family runs including the kids.

All day yesterday, I was trying to analyze- why I always missed races.
I guess one of the major reason is I am not used to waking early hahahaha
I am throwing away the "cold feet" notion on 10K- because I have also missed some 5K race.
I practically run after office hours- that made me an afternoon or evening runner.

My analysis of why I missed races was even extended this morning during my practice run hehehe
Hmmmm... I also realize I have difficulty running in the morning, maybe because I haven't eaten solid. During morning runs I usually have banana or 2 piece wheat crackers and water or gatorade.
In fact, island cove run route is all flat- but I was wondering why it is more difficult than GBP, maybe because it's a repetitive course- 1 lap is 1.25K so to complete a 5K it has to be 4-5 laps, I get bored at 7.5K and decided a halt.
The music doesn't give a new meaning, the scenery I am so used to it.
So the new regimen I tried is singing "Thank you for the music" while running hahaha.

If this is work- my piece of response from the results of my analysis would be "What is the corrective action?" hmmmm

To cap it off....problem defined would be "Difficulty waking up for race. Not a morning runner hehehe or hardly runs in the morning" Solution "Practice waking up early; run in the morning!" Simple.

Yesterday, I was trying to convince my husband that sleeping time will be 9 PM.
We wake up 4 AM and do 1 hour practice run in island cove- he agreed.
In my mind, I'll do once a week pratice run in GBP for my hill runs at JAE.
It sounds easy and hopefully will give us time to practice before the next race I'm eyeing.

But this morning- when I woke him up- he asked for a waive. Waaaah!
Sigh! I'll try again tomorrow.....

I hope I'll be successful in this solution. I am giving myself 2 weeks to iron it out.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Running Blog #35: What kind of Runner I am...?

Since weekend the rain is just pouring nonstop...it's like as if tears have fallen over and over after it bid goodbye to the short summer love affair. Hahaha! I am sounding romantic again...I couldn't help it- it's the rain...and besides I didn't get to run today.

Well- many runners blame it to the rain- why practice run and the weeks mileage is low =) guilty! am one of them.

At 4:30 PM, 15 minutes before I clock out of my day job- heavy rains poured in GT.

I decided to board our shuttle bus and made up my mind instead of running and soaking my new running buddy with rain waters I'll rather have a massage....I can feel the nodules (or "lamig" as in our Filipino tongue) in my back.

Aboard the shuttlebus, I couldn't get myself to sleep....I am reflecting about my running.

My mind is still atuned with my merienda discussion with my colleague/friend and fellow runner Benet. The gal came to appreciate running and joining races. Her racing participation is at it's peak....she even raced more than I do.

My hobbies revolved around road trips, mountaineering and running (and lesser time in scrapbooking hehehe).

While onboard shuttlebus- I was figuring out what is the most important activity for me.....hmmmm am I more of an explorer (road trips), mountaineer or runner hahaha

Okay, I'll be honest- the race scheduled is usually put off- I know I am guilty of "No show (NS)" for these races -->KOTR 08, PMA race Dec 08, Power Run last Feb, Thrill of the Trail TNF, IE8 hahaha and I believe there is more on my list....and usually I can't show up when I registered to 10K- hence the 5KRUNNER was coyed.

So why showing up to this race becomes a problem.....one reason I guess is the sudden roadtrip- my husband loves surprises....I couldn't spoil his excitement when we go out as family....even if it means giving up my race. Sometimes, a scheduled climb also interferes me joining races last 2008- it happens with DLSU run in the Fort (good thing I never get to register) then MILO.

My no show problem with races arises because of conflicts in schedule- maybe because I am also a mother....so many excuses! But the lest that nobody can take away from me is my passion to run during my training and practice run- yes, I diligently run through the course of Gateway Business Park and Island Cove- as long as there is opportunity....sometimes everyday....or no less than 10K mileage per week. Running is my core training program, it keeps me fit and made me do anything from the tiresome roadtrip to the adventures of the mountain. I know, my future in running is to get to the trail- I know I can handle this having a mountaineering experience....but for now, I'll be a road runner (errr...sounds like a fast runner eh! but am not one what I actually mean is that I run through pavement =))

Hmmm...this coming Sunday will be my first ever 10K race - Mizuno Infinity Run 2009- and I am having cold feet. But the good news is there is no turning back....there is no reason to hold this event to oblivion and become one of my list of NS race events.

To make sure that I'll be running on June 7- I have my husband registered for 5K, this will be his first ever race. Then I joined iamninoy - a run for a cause with an objective to help fight the education crisis in the country....these good reasons I guess will prevent my feet feeling numb and cold of the 10K category. Then I kept on reminding myself that this is going to be my birthday run ;-)

I guess in addition to my wish list. Specifically this week, I really wish the weather will be fine to allow me run for my needed training.

By the way, I was lucky that my blind masseu is there to prick through the nodules...tonight will be a great sleep! Maybe I can dream that I am afloat running hehehe

This is my shirt for iamninoy- thanks to Benet for picking this up for me.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Photo Blog #13: Weekend adventure and my wishlist...

Last weekend- we were fortunate to have another weekend vacation at the exclusive hehehe Marine Base Camp in Ternate Cavite.

I'd say exclusive- because only those who knows someone in the Marines can get through the gates =) and we were fortunate that we know someone who knew someone who knew someone in the Marines hahahaha.
And we were fortunate because we were safe and well despite the heavy rains of saturday night that almost washed away our tent or I'd say the sand where we exactly pitch our tent hahahaha.
I am sure less adventurous soul would find it a misadventure- but for me, it's a very fortunate experience....because nobody was hurt and thanks God for he has blessed me with certain sensitivity. Had it not for my nosy smelly sense- We would not figure out the possible disaster or tragedy.
Eventually at the strike of midnight we were evacuating our children from the tent to the nearest safe place. We move the kids and our things to a desserted nipa hut then we quickly took three dome tent out of the sand that is eroding at a very fast rate (propelled by the velocity of the water from uphills of MBC). I don't want to dwell further on what could have been...but I guess even if we were washed away we will stay safe and afloat because of our airbed hahaha- thanks to airbed, a good sleep (post evacuation) and a possible floatation device hahaha.
Some of the great reasons why I still love this place:
  1. Security- I'd say this is one of the safest camp site to bring your family for an overnight swim. The presence of the marines is enough to make you feel secure hehehe. Plus waking up to the sound of the training marines is another experience.

  2. Great wonders from nature- there isn't much development in the place. They call it Boracay de Cavite =) the sand isn't so bad.

  3. Despite the denuded forest of Pico de Loro- I realized that Cavite eco system is still good. Wild monkeys, flying eagles, wild birds, monitor lizard are amongst the animals one can see in the protected area of Cavite. Am not just sure about the population- but I guess there is still hope and I'd say this place Ternate is the last frontier of Cavite.

  4. Awestruck and surprise- the place is full of surprise....knowing that I am geologically situated in Cavite and seeing a wonderful beauty of nature in it is a great surpirse.

  5. My kids love it there....they just love the tides as it physically washes them away.

  6. Finally, the water faucet of the comfort rooms are working. The last time I was in this place, I didn't bother to rinse hahaha anyways its one and a half hour drive to our house.
This is a photo blog but there isn't much photo of the MBC shore or better known as Cavite de Boracay. For more photos click here from my previous visit
We had some photo shoot at the cross of repentance the following day (before we headed to Caylabne)- this is elevated by a few meters compared to the viewdeck (which we visited way back March).

A quick visit in Caylabne provided a chance to do some shoot hehehe

Got a chance to shoot the banana boat ride in Caylabne
We ended up our weekend adventure with a hearty lunch at Pilitas restaurant in Tanza Cavite. I missed the Mutya ng Pilitas Soup hehehe- reminds me of my heyday in Pulse Engineering in EPZA.


A quick update from my bday wishlist- which I have gotten a couple of days.

  • Got my new pair of running shoes....taran- adizero tempo ii - sigh! but got it mens size =( -this is the reason why I got myself Mizuno months back because am having difficulty to get my size from the popular brands adidas and nike. Good thing I was tall enough, because the length of my feet will pass the "hobbits" attribute hehehe.

  • New shirts-formotion from adidas and iamninoy running shirt. The formotion shirt is size small but long enough so theres no need to show some skin hehehe. The iamninoy shirt looks good and it comes along with good deed. I am wearing it this sunday during the mizuno infinity run 09 to help raise fund aimed to fight the education crisis. To know more about iamninoy click here and this was featured as well on the bull runner click here to check her blog on this.