Sunday, November 30, 2008

Running blog #6: The infamous JAE-Telford -JAE route among GT Runners

Photo above is the aerial view and illustration of my practice run (PR).
Images courtesy of google earth.

Some of the text aren't that clear....let me retype it here:

- The star is my starting point- fave spot.
- The red line is the first traces of my track/route.
- The yellow lines is the retrace back to JAE (I used yellow line for the purpose of clarity because I merged back to the previous path after my 1st 3 Km).
- The red & yellow line combined totals 5K.
- The blue-green break line totals 2.8 Km, additional runs when I needed mileage.
- Sometimes my PR is 5K + 2 laps of the blue green arrow to complete a 10K+ PR.

Running blog #5: 113008 Practice Run

I have been working so hard since last night. Some mishap happened in the's inappropriate to discuss too much details about it- besides it's part of the job to provide support whenever needed (even if it means telecommuting). And because of the issues I had in the line, I slept late.... I was thinking I'd probably had a hard time waking up early for my practice run.

I was planning to do a 10K run this morning but I woke up late and have few doubts if I could even make a 5K round.

I thank God for making me sane last night and being able to do some quick fix and analysis on the mess that happened in the line. Containment activity and support poured in probably while I was asleep- prayers really help.

On my way to island cove, I was thinking of the ADTREK guys who went to Sitio Cawag, Subic Zambales for an outreach program....I envy them for they were able to experience immersion with the "kulots" brother and sisters (most of our aeta bros preferred to be called kulots). And am sure this great Sunday they are enjoying the funfilled Anawangin cove.

Island cove from aerial view, image courtesy of google earth- I measured the perimeter and google says its 1.25Km

My thoughts was abruptly cut by the call from one of our bosses- he was asking me about the issues I had. How I think about it etc...what strategies...containment..have a meeting. Huwat! Am sure he was furious about it, we are already having a good metrics then suddenly a fiasco like this happened...which I must admit, the cause of the failure mode was not even imagined. The operators were doing their own thing, not following the standard operating procedure. It only means there is still a lot to work on, analyzed the motivation for failing to follow SOP and most importantly fool proofing the process to make the process more predictive and prevent this fiasco from ever recurring.

IBack to my run, I had a nice stretch before we started running at around 7 AM...the weather seemed to cooperate with me because even if I am late there isn't too much sun exposure that threatens my stamina to carry on a decent run. I did a brisk walk with Manoy (the Hubby), we did one lap of brisk walking- he was trying to take my mind off my work-related problems....He smooth talk me about the kids and well he made me smile and laugh about simple things...He really love me, and I love him back tenfolds....he knows best when to make me feel better.

After the brisk walk we were on our own, I completed a total of 4 laps or 5 Km (according to google earth, island cove perimeter measures 1.25Km). I finished my 5K 32 minutes (an average pace of 6:24), 2 min over my previous race record. Anyways, am not for speed work - I want mileage.
Somehow, I am happy about it, it's still within the range of my average performance. The lack of sleep and the problem I guess slows my feet (sounds some excuses) my mind there is a will to run another stretch, I believe I can do more....the mind is willing but the body is not!

As I type my thoughts in this blog, I can hear the kids nudging hubby for a trip to MOA- I dunno how hubby will handle a little tired of what happened last night....I am planning to take another run tomorrow (nice idea what about, San Miguel by the bay PR). Let me just take a needed rest and see how this day will go through.

Ciao for now.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Running blog #4: 112508 Unicef "Walk on a child's side" Race result

Yesterday I received the race result courtesy of Carly one of the running enthusiast in ADI.
Here is the link,

I can't believe it....I was the 99th finisher on the 5K overall and 15th finisher on women. Wow! I was just amazed by this performance....I just hope this can be replicated on my practice runs.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Running blog #3: 112308 Unicef's walk on the child's side

I woke up late for this morning UNICEF's Fun Run (I was suppose to wake up 3:50 AM but heard the alarm at 4:15). I had a quick breakfast- a huge slice of papaya, 2 wheat bread and warm water. We leave home by 4:50 AM just in time to pick up Eric & Red, friends from Adtrek (our mountaineering club).

The fun run was held at the McKinley Hill, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig. We were at the Fort around 5:35 AM....but because the Cavitenos aren't so familiar with the area- we were like finding our way to the starting line for more than 15 minutes....we were lost. Thanks to the guards roaming around the Fort for direction....we found our way.

The race dubbed as "Walk on the child's side" gun started at 6:00 AM, the 10K started first then after 5 minutes the 5K followed. My bib number is 1162. I lost track of my friends because I went into bladder break 5 minutes before the 5K run, the portalet is not enough as n oted on the long lines of runners taking turns for the much needed when I was back, the gun is ready to fire. I didn't see the rest of the Adtrekkers.

Because of the number of participants the 5K route was reversed...the McKinley hill run was a great reminded me of the JAE-Metrolab-PEZA phase of my regular practice run in GBP. There were plenty of water on the pitstop :-) - I didn't know a soul in the packed that I was all I have to do is really run as much as I could. I had to do brisk walk during really steep uphill in the upper mckinley.

Running for a cause is a great dose for my soul...while running, my mind races back home to my children. I know they are bit privilege than the children that is being aided by Unicef. We left the kids asleep....and as I run to the finish line, I can imagine they probably are awake by that time....I finished by 30 minutes and probably 30 seconds am not sure with the (seconds)....average pace of 06:06 or more.

At the finish line, I was just so thirsty that I just grabbed bottled water and the RUSH sport drink...thanks to the organizer-they have this kind of stuff to quench our thirst.

As I looked around and I noticed there were lots of kids and there's this huge jumpin station (inflatables) around. I regretted not having my children in this event. I didn't know that at 7 AM- there is a walkathon where you can walk or run with your kids (I didn't check this details, I thought the title is not literal. I thought it's some kind of a liner about the Unicef's advocacy....maybe next time I should ask.).

On our way to the parking lot we saw Karylle (Zsa zsa Padilla's daughter) and Coach Rio. By the way, Coach Rio is the race director of this event.

On my way to the finish line.

Me, Coach Rio, Eric and Red (from Adtrek)

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Running blog #2: 111908 Practice Run

It's been two weeks since I purchased my new running buddy- Mizuno running shoes.
Yesterday's practice run didn't earn me my much needed mileage. Since I switched to my new shoes I have been feeling certain pain on my lower leg, is it the so called shin splint?
I could not figure out what's causing the pain -is it the shoes or my increasing intensity....By the way, since the new shoes I have been running ~ 7-8 K around ADGT (two weeks now or a total of 4 practice run). The designated route for my practice run in Gateway Business Park (GBP)usually start in front of the BDO Bank, then passing Unilever 1st gate, JAE, right turn towards Metrolab where the sudden ascent start, Haeus, Steinel, PEZA, EPSON, Sanyo now Telford, Enomoto, Maxim, right turn to WDC, back to JAE/Unilever and cool down at the BDO front facade then a slow jog arround ADGT perimeter. Someday if I have time I'll check out google earth for the approximate distance....the 7-8K distance is just a deductive approximation. Maybe I can also post the map of GBP my run route.

Yesterday's practice run was fun....I really thought its not gonna happen because it was raining the whole afternoon. There were drizzles at 5:15PM, my running peers' and I decided to go ahead after our nice stretch....we needed it after a heavy lunch-courtesy of farewell blowout for Flor (imagine we ate 3Kg of Calamares- and we were all but 8 person nyahahaha).

Running with peers' really cool. There was macho (dave) on the leading pace, eric, al and myself. We started infront of BDO, Wilkins, Unilever, JAE, Metrolab, then we felt that its really gonna rain so we decided a right turn passing Wilkins back to BDO then ADGT SRC. That was a whooping 10 minutes for 1.5K, that is approximately 6:46 pace.

After the run we headed back to the gym, I really felt the run wasn't enough...I needed mileage....I was muteering my prayers....asking God to help me with the weather....I have to commune with the earth by running. After 2 sets of abs crunching I ask my peers if still willing to have a practice run outside- seems the rain ebbed away...they gladly agreed. Well who wouldn't, It's like our "Takbo para kay Flor" that didn't materialize few weeks back. So everyone is just game about the idea. Hmmmm besides Al is with us.

We took the ADGT SRC gate as the starting point, then ADGT front, WDC, turn left to Maxim, turn left again to EPSON then we were suppose to turn left back to SRC but the guys decided to proceed with the Metrolab direction, JAE then back to SRC....approximately that is 2.5K....we totalled approximately 4K practice run vs my 8-10K target. Well that's good enough than not running at all. We lost track of the time- we didn't know how well we did it or what is our pace. But we ended fine. I did some leg work out, leg curl, leg extension, ham string extension etc. for my cool down...and some silly discussion with the usual crowd of ADGT SRC work out ended by 18:45H. It was great! My total time investment, 1 hr & 45 min- enough to suck out all my stress.