Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Running Blog #11 Practice Running for a Minor Climb

After office today I took another practice run - another 5.3K route for our minor climb this coming friday at the Manabu peak. The mountain they said is pretty easy and will require 2 hours to trek the summit. Well for me, there's no such thing as easy when your dealing with mother nature. So, I am not taking it preparing- and this is the goal of my practice run today. I may have run miles but am not a very good trekker, also I have this fear of heights. This is also the reason why I find this idea of night trek, exciting because I won't be that conscious of elevation.

I run with fellow adtrek members Lot and Macho Man.
Actually it wasn't a total work out run. Macho man and I introduced Lot into the world of running.

We give her some tips and background of how we started and we were really serious of getting her into this thing.....the good news is she is very interested and like a sponge- absorbs everything.

As for me and macho man, we really wanted her to become part of our running circles not only in our mountain climbing circles- because after all we have established a much deeper relationship through the seven summitters nyahahaha (that's what we call ourselves as business partners hmmmmm another "new" experience for the year, for this wordplay learner).

At 3K Lot gave up, we didn't insist that she complete the 5.3K course. There's always a next time.

Macho man and I decided a negative splits we took the last 2 Km at a speed of 10:00 min per km.

Total training time was at 46 minutes. Not bad ei! Besides we took mentoring a friend into becoming fit and fab. =)

Ciao....maybe my next blog will be clim blog #1 Manabu Peak.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Running Blog #10 Practice Run

Today I was a little late for my practice run. Because I have to summarize the information for our business proposal (which I learned from the orientation training I attended last Sat).

I started at 6:18 PM ...good thing I did a practice run with a friend and fellow mountaineer (and also finisher during last sunday's happy run).

Initially she hesitated if she can make it or maybe she was thinking "Is it a good idea to run with this addict!" nyahahaha. I have no doubt that she could make it I was so sure she can- as a mountaineer she had an enormous endurance to make it to summit- 5K is peanuts for her....she just needed confidence. Kudos to us as we completed the 5,3K course at 36 minutes, a 6:33 min per km or 9.33 km/hr.

Running is something I always look forward to....besides the usual runner high and being able to appreciate nature at it's best....running keeps me a better me (I mean person).

I am specially exhilirated today for I stumbled upon Sforty's wisdom this quote from Sara Mae Berman (a three-time Boston winner) "The wonderful thing about athletic achievement is that it is finite. There is no ambiguity. You did it and no one can ever take that away from you."

And I agree it's either I do it or I didn't- no excuses.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Running Blog #9 Indeed a "Happy Run"

Yesterday Man and I decided to bring along the kids on my "Happy Run" race.
I have no idea if there will be inflatables (like the UNICEF's fun run). But we just bet on it.
In my mind, since it's gonna have a good race perhaps there'll be a lot to see that maybe the kids will enjoy.

Here comes race day.

This morning I wasn't able to wake up again when my phone alarmed.
I was dreaming.....and it was a very bad dream.

  • I received a text message that our company will be totally closed/shutdown (like Intel) could imagine my heartbeat then I replied back to the texter, then I received again another message then I opened it it was from Macho man "On d way na kmi"....still I couldn't grasp the connection. Then I realized, it was the race day! Nyahahahaha so our company's total closure wasn't was just a dream! dream almost got me huh! It took sometime before I realized the race' gonna start in 2 hrs. I was in a haste...I shook Man whose feelin' a little lazy.....waaaaa! I want to run- plssss!

So Man woke up the kids who were so grumpy (of course it was 4:15AM- who wouldn't be).

I immediately took a bath and had a slice of pizza. Pizza??? Yes, pizza from Piadina (leftover from last night's carbo overload).

We were speeding to leave because we were supposed to meet Macho man & Team, some were supposed to transfer to our car to just leave enough breathing room from the chocolate man's car with seven warm blooded passenger. But Alas! I left my race bib so we have to go back again....then came Bopek text that they were all set to go....I replied we were near then they agreed to meet at Bacoor's police station. But the addicts refused to transfer to us....they wanted to be closed together in the chocolate man's car to warm them up nyahahahaha.....maybe it wasn't really a sedan it was a van afterall!

It took us 30 minutes to get to the venue. As usual I have to find the portalet immediately to empty my bladder. I was surprised that there weren't long lines....thanks to the organizer for providing three portalets for women.

The race started as scheduled 15K gunstarted at 5:45 AM- this is the race of the chocolate man and sforty. Our 5K race gunstarted at 5:55AM- The ADTREK team was composed of myself, Bopek, Macho man, Palutz, Shine, Red, Pula, Mike, Avebebe and Ais. We bumped into other ADI runner's like Carly, Roel, Mario and the others.

When we started running, I find it very difficult. I don't know if it is because of excitement or it was cold (I regretted not wearing my tights) or because I hadn't warmed up or because of my medication, bottomline I was uncomfortable. But then I have to run faster, I needed to prove that I am better every race because if I didn't improved by 6 minutes then I have to upgrade to a longer race (10K nyay! scared!).

During my run I could still taste the pizza flavor in my throat- why did it linger there? Then suddenly I feel my legs cramped at halfway....then I stopped I took brisk walking then run again. My last 2 Km was an agony, I was trying to calm my body to ensure that I won't cramp uncontrollably. I was even looking around for ambulance-but then it wasn't there.....I walk and run alternately on my last 1 Km and I thought it was the longest 1 km of my life. Then I saw the finish line, I was even a little surpise the time was 29:31 (see official result for 5K Female for the over all results click here).

Post race was fun- there were lots of freebies like fruits (I had banana for my cramps), there was krispy kreme doughnut and coffee, but what I liked most is the muscle tape- which is timely for my cramped leg. The muscle tape must stay on my skin for 3-5 days. I had my right leg and knee taped- and it's pink! I also learned that the kids got a chance to mingle with optimus prime (mascot), the dragon dancers and of course they were able to get to know my Adtrek friends. Blimey! No inflatables....but anyways, MNM managed with the help of Karen.

We were at the parking lot and almost were recovered when Sforty and chocolate man returned from their 15K race....took some pix and then we went off separate ways.

My family and I went to Jollibee at the 32nd street, I guess sforty went home and the Adtrek guys and gals went to market!market! for breakfast.

Yes! A hearty breakfast after the race cap it off.
But the kids refused that its bye time so we went to the park near Jollibee, I guess there was a statue of supremo (am not familiar) where the kids frolic around.

Here are the shots from MNMs D40.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Running Blog #8: Grumpy =(

Sforty registered me to the Thrill of the trail last December..during those times I was a bit excited about it....but got a lot of things on my mind (hesitation)....and things changed....I didn't make it on the day of the race.

So, I was checking the results today of how well these guys run during their last race. Wow! I was amazed that smartkid (even with cramps according to his tale) yet was ahead of their pack.
Something hit me to check the 10K Female result just to know how the girls were doin'...Then I saw my name! Wow no record! No show up! Uhhhh.....I feel bad!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Running Blog #7 Four days in a row....still running?!?

It's been four consecutive days that I have been running every after office hour.
I have consistently run a 5.3K route, which totaled my week to date mileage of 21.2K.
I am not bloggin about this to boast or be amazed- I am actually disappointed....My record isn't so decent anymore. Because for 4 days I have just run just the same as the other day and so on- nothing changed. My total training time is still 34 min. My stat never improved.

The discipline is there but I guess I lack the surpass my limit.
Why is that so?
I am asking again myself (been asking this for days now).
I guess I'll give it a try this coming sunday- The Happy Run. while running I develop some kinda game plan, no scientific basis. Just pride and ego boosting. And this is my game plan:
  • If I record a 29 mins at the Happy Run, I will continue my 5K career and aim for 26 min on next race. The target is a little conservative considering my last race I recorded 30:33 min.
  • If I failed, I will bid goodbye to 5K and start my training to 10K. Then my next race will definitely be a 10K.
These plan were all in my mind all through out my PR.

Of course I also took notice that there were a lot of joggers on GBP road (hmmmm maybe fishing some change in environment after the President of the Philippines GMA visited the GBP area or something else?!?).
There were some runners too, I saw smart kid running with the chocolate man; Ponjaps who wore a skimpy short. Then, nonchalantly I called him sexyng 40 nyahahaha and he loved it huh! so from now on am gonna refer to him in this blog as S40 (pronounced as sforty sounds like "sporty" in an f nyahahahaha another wordplay- nice!)Ponjaps liked it neh! Then there was the gadget man with someone from Engineering who is familiar but I really dunno.

As usual I ran with the Macho man who was faster and better runner today he finished off at 32 min- I was behind 2 min.

Today's training was capped off with a triceps and back workout at the gym, I ended in a sun salutation.
Again, I had another free ride to Anabu corner Daang Hari courtesy of smartkid. Thanks to this bunch of car poolers, I was able to spare some more time to blog.


Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Running Blog #6 Hitting the road again....

Today's after office practice run is kinda' quick and rainy.
Took the day running with Red with the usual 5K route....I was thinking I will be slower today compared muscles hadn't taken any rest so just maybe I'm not gonna make the record I did yesterday.

But Alas! the rain showers fueled the speed- we finished 5K just like yesterday a total time of 34 min. My record hadn't change? What went wrong????Whoa! I am a little desperate for improvement....How can I run better this coming sunday's "Happy Run"???

Anyways, I was expecting smartkid would run with me....but both him & Ponjaps hesitated a PR.
But thanks to them I got a free ride till Anabu corner Daang Hari.

P.S. Total mileage week to date is 15.9K. I am hoping to do another 5K tomorrow so I can have a 21.2K in my mileage track.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Running Blog #5 This runner just can't say NO to running

I thought I wasn't able to run around 4 PM merienda time I received SMS from Macho man that he's not gonna make it today. Suddenly I felt a little lazy. My mind drifted to the idea of going home early. Maybe going to the gym in Imus or just going home with my kids.
Then came smartkid, he announced he's gonna run today. Hmmmm....he's running mate Ponjaps' not gonna run today. Wow! Easy recovery from the TNF Thrill of Trail neh! Sounds like he didn't had a cramps at all during their "almost half marathon".

Ok my mind still drift to the idea of not running today. Anyways, the figures of my run yesterday were good enough (hmmm no more rant)...despite my revelation, I know the run was good enough.

When I went back to my cube...I sent smartkid an IM- just confirming if he's gonna run. He responded positively (Kulit ko noh!). I told him I was kinda lazy I hibernated my PC thinking I should be able to catch up with the shuttle bus so I send smart kid an SMS "Not today am kinda lazy".
At the exit, the lines pile up of employees going home...I was thinking the shuttle bus is probably full. Hmmmm....the weather looks good, really inviting for a one cool run. Then suddenly I received smartkid reply...he's on the lobby....OK I give up....I'll give it a shot.

Smartkid was really smart to bring on his E71 - Nokia phone with this sports tracker menu.
I was actually impressed by the phone feature, it's GPS will plot the route, elevation vs distance, speed vs distance, and will record the speed, distance and total workout time. Wow! if it has a heart rate monitor....I'd say, I'd like to have one - it's an all in phone for the addicts.

Smartkid' in good mood far no rubating happened. He gladly agreed to take my 5K route. I guess he is doubtful about my 5K route- that's why he took his E71 with him (needs validation eh!).
We rounded up good, saw some jogger along the way and some runner like chocolate man and some other guys I really don't know but familiar face.

We ended up nicely at 35 minutes, or a pace of 6:36 min/km or an average of 9 Km/hr. Hmmmm not bad after all, I call this a fun run. I realized I can't pass a day without running- well, this runner aint gonna say NO to running.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Running blog#4 Sometime this runner is a loser....

Today's practice run is filled with numbers and monitors.
I was thinking maybe it was influenced mainly because I run with Red & Macho Man- both are good runners and they dictate the pace.
The numbers we had:
-Took 5.3K at 32 minutes
-Pace of 6:02 minutes per km
-Average speed of 9.94 Km/hr.

But what is it all about? (For some maybe losing 300 calories)
For me, it's's just my never improving speed. This is the same performance with my previous race, my previous personal record....and what the heck! Yes I am blogging about it because I don't think I am working hard to improve my record.....Yes, today I consider myself a loser (Rant! Rant! rant! rant!....too tired to rant!).

Running today keeps my mind thinking really hard.
I guess, this is what all other runners meant when they say "Running keep me sane!"
We run silently in the GBP area- I cannot open a conversation because the wind dries my throat and I wanted to complete my 5.3K pain-free throat.

While running I know I could do more....I even tried running fast near sprint run but something is holding me back....what is it?
Oh boy! and my mind started raking every bit of aspect of my life....not just's like a movie playing in the horizon........the sunset was a beautiful backdrop....hey what's going on?!?
I started questioning myself....Have I given my best? Do I have so many regrets? Have I love too much that it almost choke? Your life is like running I heard the other half of me saying...."You always witheld your emotions...." ....."You always put on a brake." And then I ask myself- what am I afraid of?

What is my fear? When I run- yah I have to admit I really run only at maybe 80% of my strength- I hang on....I do not push too hard....why? Am I afraid of injury? Do I love running too much....that I cannot pass a day without running?

This things were on my mind until I held a brake infront of the bank -where we had today's practice run started.....I felt lonely while walking back to the gym.
In my misery I decided to ride the stepper and did another 2.5K in 15 minutes.....and I feel that it's not enough and I lifted some more weights....oh....I wanted to tire myself to death....maybe tomorrow I'll be better.

On our way home I decided to tell Macho man about my feelings about my running...and he told me he notices the same thing....he was telling me that I can still get the speed and hit more miles....but something is holding me back...He didn't ask more....I could only know the answer.

Yah right...sometime this runner is a loser.

Tomorrow is another day, let's see....I can only hope to do better on the "Happy Run" this coming sunday.


Thursday, January 15, 2009

Running blog#3 Running some more...

After office today- I did another practice run with Macho Man and Angelina. Today's practice run is a sort of "Hey Birthday Run for Angelina =))".
Today is my 4th practice run for 2009. Yesterday was my 3rd with Red, also from Adtrek batch1.
We did another 5K PR with a total time of 33 minutes (or 6:13 pace per km or 9.6Km/Hr). Pretty much close with my previous record with UNICEF 5K RUN.

The wind was terrible it was drying my throat. I was thinking if it is time to buy hydration belt, is it? Hmmm....maybe I'll check the Nike Store tomorrow- how much it will cost and if I'll buy, it means I have to run 10K PR.....hmmmm expensive way to upgrade my running mileage.
I used to chat a lot with Macho man when were running. But not today, am a little preoccupied with my thoughts and it seems the air is sucking every moisture from my throat.

The business that my friends and I are starting, some hilarious staff that happened this morning, my babies and God- I went back praying again while running.

Funny the other day I was reading an article about "Are you a real runner or a jogger?" Well while running today I was asking myself about this. I guess I am....I just can't help but run....because I love running- I felt like it's a part of my life already, it enables me to breathe more air- and I feel so alive.

P.S. Running mileage for the week (to date) is 14.2K (5.8 more to hit 20K mileage).

Running blog#3 Running some more...

After office today- I did another practice run with Macho Man and Angelina. Today's practice run is a sort of "Hey Birthday Run for Angelina =))".
Today is my 4th practice run for 2009. Yesterday was my 3rd with Red, also from Adtrek batch1.
We did another 5K PR with a total time of 33 minutes (or 6:13 pace per km or 9.6Km/Hr). Pretty much close with my previous record with UNICEF 5K RUN.

The wind was terrible it was drying my throat. I was thinking if it is time to buy hydration belt, is it? Hmmm....maybe I'll check the Nike Store tomorrow- how much it will cost and if I'll buy, it means I have to run 10K PR.....hmmmm expensive way to upgrade my running mileage.
I used to chat a lot with Macho man when were running. But not today, am a little preoccupied with my thoughts and it seems the air is sucking every moisture from my throat.

The business that my friends and I are starting, some hilarious staff that happened this morning, my babies and God- I went back praying again while running.

Funny the other day I was reading an article about "Are you a real runner or a jogger?" Well while running today I was asking myself about this. I guess I am....I just can't help but run....because I love running- I felt like it's a part of my life already, it enables me to breathe more air- and I feel so alive.

P.S. Running mileage for the week (to date) is 14.2K (5.8 more to hit 20K mileage).

Monday, January 12, 2009

Running Blog #2- Practice Run

This afternoon after office I decided to take a practice run, it's been a week since my last run (2009 running blog #1).

It was great to see again macho and angelina after a long time (in a practice run). I think for about a month they stopped running.

We started again in front of the Bank establishment area of GBP.

Macho and I were mindset for a 5K practice run. Angelina gave up after 500 m, still battling the difficulty of going back to running.

The first 2.5K pace was easy....JAE-Telford then next 2.5K was kinda difficult, WDC right turn to go back to JAE.

I was excited about this run....macho man is really a challenging running mate, 5K was peanuts to seemed he didn't stop at all.

After a few meters from passing JAE, I gave I knew it was already 5K. And the longest walk of my life was 300m...with pain on myrib cage.

After the practice run I went back to the gym to do my program for my legs and back.

I didn't know but my ankle started to sound terribly after I hit the leg curl. I had a bad case of achilles tendinitis yrs back, I did not had any therapy -the pain was just gone when I started running (though with ankle support).

So maybe I'll rest my feet tomorrow and will hit again the road on wednesday.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sarong malipot na hapon....

I was a little inspired to blog in my native tongue....I didn't know there were lots of blogger out there using our native dialect (or as other refer to it a language (is it debatable???)) bikol.

Oragon? Yah I guess I am one proud oragon na bikolana.

Here is a piece of a story working title is "untold feelings...." I originally intend to write this in english....but I realize why not try in my native tongue. Besides, there will be no loss in translation. But I guess this will test how well I know my dialect, my choices of words and how well I convey emotion. So much for the explanation. Read below...

Dae ko aram kung tano arog kaini ang namamate ko saiya.

Garong sa heleng ko mayo man nin dahilan para masunuan ko sya, kadakol ko na nin amigo.

Pero ngonian napupungaw ako na mayo sya, na dae nya na ako pigkakaulay, dae pig text.

Tano daw?

Ano kaya ining namamate ko?

Nahulog baga an boot ko saiya?

Pero garong bako man ining pagkamoot.

Tano ta arog kaini?

Siguro manangad arog kaini pag ang tao marhay ang pig pahiling saimo talagang mayo kang maginibo kundi masunuan mo man sya.

Tano ta arog kaiyan...pagmate ko nabiktima ako kan sarong bagay na habo kang isip ko.

Masiram syang kaulay. Maboot sya, dae ko lang talaga gusto ang saiyang pagpaparaumaw sakuya.

Garo kayang sobra man nya akong pag masidan...lalo na ang hayagan nyang pag sabi sakuya na nagagayon sya sakuya.

Aram ko bako akong makanos pero garo dae man tama sakuya an saiyang grabeng pagumaw. Garo man sya agit agitan sakuya, minsan ngani sinasabi nya yan sakuya tapos ini an pigpunan kan haloy na asusang. Alagad, dawa arog kaiyan sa saro sa samuyang ulayan pig linaw nya sakuya na nakikiamiga sana sya.

Ako man na may marhay na boot- marhay man lang ang paheleng saiya

Dae ko aram pro pag nakakadangog ako nin kanta na mamundo namumundo man ako.

Bluer than blue ang nadadangog ko ngonian....tapos garong malipot....nalilipot ako ta talagang malipot an panahon ngonian.

Siguro kc sa halawig na panahon may mga bagay akong habong atubangon.

Arog kaneng namamate ko....gusto kung makiamigo sa sarong tao na nagagayunan sa namamate ko sa pagmasid masid kan saiyang heroon garong posibleng pag pigtaanan kung atensyon baka mapule sa sarong bagay na makanos asin sakuyang pagbasulan....sarong dakulang kasalan.

Madayaon ngane sya por dahil sya hayagaan nya na naipapaabot ang pagmate nya sakuya.

Alagad ako dae ko magibo ini, pano babae ako. Bakong marhay para sa babaeng may agom na nakikimarayan nin boot sa lalake na may agoma man dawa ngane amigo sana lalo na kon aramo na ining lalaking ini may interes saimo. Makasupog lalo na mayo man depekto ang ibahan me kan sakuyang agom.

Dae ko din aram basta arog ngonian hinahanap hanap ko na lang sya.

Gusto ko sya makaulay nin haloy. Puede man kuta pero ano ang pagpaparaurolayan.

Mag ngak-ngak na garong marhay lang talagang mag amigo?

Siguro kaya pinapansin ko gabos saiya, dawa dae gayo risa.

Dae ko aram napapaso ako kang mga hling nya...dae naman ako inosente pero grabe tensyon kang mga heleng nya- aram kung may hararom na paglaom ang mga heleng nya.

Inda kung hanggang nuarin ang arog kaining sitwasyon.

Haloy na kami sigeng ulay na kaming duwa lang nakakaaram.

Minsan, pig amin nya sakuya na suno nya ako an hitsura ko, may tolong bulan na an nakaage- dae sya nakatios.

Nin huli sa saiyang sinabi, pig hapot nya ako kung ang'ot ako saiya. Ano an dapat na simbag? Dae ko man sakuya na sanang pigsabi, si totoo kung namate. "Ayos lang, para kayan. Mayo man yan, nag hanga ka sana man."

Alagad, pig purbaran ko na mag iwas saiya. Masakit na, tibaad saen pa maabot an saiyang namate.

Sa pagheleng ko arog kayan ang guinibo nya kaya sya nag tuga kan saiyang namatean sakuya. Ta nganeng aram ko na dae na sya maalangan pa. Ta nganeng dae na sya masakitan pa, dae na maglaom, saka para dae na magrarom pa ang saiyang namatean.

Ang paglaom ko ngane nalingaw na sya sakuya, may sambulan kaming haros dae nag ulay....napungaw ako saiya. Alagad dae ko naandaman ta kan kami nagkahilingan guiraray mahamison na naman ang saiyang pakipag ulay sako sige nya na naman pahaging kan saiyang pag hanga sakuya.

Tibaad napungaw sya sakuya kan halawig na bakasyon.

Ako eu man pungawon ako saiya.

Pero aram ko sala ene ta mas moot man ako sa agom ko.

Ngonian ko lang naisip na pede ka palan makamate arog kaine dawa may sigurado kang namumutan.

Masakit ini.

Habo ko na- ano daw dapat kung guibohon.

Napapangirit ngane ako ta dati nasusuya ako kang mga arog kaining ngonian ini man ang istorya kan buhay ko.

Habo kung magkasala sa agom ko. Ining namamate ko na ini bakong kasalan na ini?

Ini baga an inaapod na tentasyon?

Ano ta pig te tentasyonan na ako ni satanas?

Kaya ano baga ang dapat kung guibohon?

Sa heleng ko pareho kami nin rason o iniisip kaya minsan dae aram ang guibohon pag yaon an kada saro.

Sarong beses pa lang nagkataon na nagkaiba kaming duwa.

Mayo din nakakaaram pero naaraman pa ni agom.

Si agom ko dae nagmalisya, ta pig sabi ko an totoo.

Maogma ako kang panahon na idto-dae na nasundan.

Dae na siguro kasi garong habo me man na nagkakaiba na kami lang.

Mayong papadumanan ining sinusurat kung ini....puro lang paglaom, pagbasol, pag isip- ano daw? Eu man kaya sya? Tibaad arog kaini....?

Dae ko aram....pero ining mga nakaaging bulan gusto ko ang atensyon na itinatao nya sakuya....minsan inda pero garong mas masid masid nya pa ako kesa kan agom ko.

Sa parteng ene aram ko nagkakasala na ako.

011009 January Moon Party

Last year me and my girl friends wasn't able to squeezed time to get together....because the holiday season demand too much time from the mothers.

Yesterday our much awaited get together was held.
We meet at the Starbucks Filinvest Alabang and had a chat while deciding for our dinner. Coincidentally, we saw one of our big boss pass by-Boy! he was surprised to see us all together =)).... we were all excited to chat with him =)) and keep up with the lost time, but then he was with his family for a dinner at Las Paellas cafe so it was just quick chat and then we bid our goodbyes.

The pretty moms from Left, Risch, Me, Steph, Pam, Jois & Liz (Pix taken by Starbucks' barista)

From left, me, Pam, Steph, Liz & Jois (Risch taking our pix)

As usual yours truly was late and the organizer nyahahahaa.... =)) so I guess that explain the SMS "We'll wait for u :-) "

We had a hardtime deciding where to dine. Our options were super bowl, teriyaki boy, and racks. The time seemed to freeze as we're a little slow in our direction....someone always crack a joke and everyone is busy updating about the kids, the hubby, the latest addiction etc. We then all agreed to have our dinner at racks and proceeded to the 3rd level of the mall.

Unfortunately, The Racks was full packed and we were like hesistant of having our dinner in the place because we won't have much privacy to laugh, be the usual noisy gurls -talking about the latest buzz. In my mind I was a little bit worried that we might annoy other customer.

So we had a small chat and talk about really going Japanese- anyways, what bonded us together is our previous employer (a Japanese-Filipino company) we ended up at Ramen Tei.

From left, Me, Liz, Jois, Risch, Pam, Steph & Ces (Thx to the Ramen Tei's staff for this group pix)
I had seafood ramen and fried tofu. It was really big serving...the ramen was good for me because I felt like I still have a hang-over of my Friday night party with Adtrek birthday celebrants.
Wow! Our meeting had always been funfilled, chatfilled buzz.

This friendship has blossomed in years. It all started in our Alabang shuttle bus- Hence, we called ourselves the alabang gurls. There is just a lot to talk about, and so much to laugh about.

We briefly talked about the economic condition and were a little dismayed about it but heck its a worldwide phenomenon.

We lost track of time because Ramen Tei 's staff have already change their uniform .....they are already off and were already closing when we realized we were the only customer left. We had our exchange gift and a never ending pictorials. We keep updates about our kids who are almost of the same age, 3 of us actually had our pregnancy almost at the same time (our kids had the same birth years) and that did not happen once but twice nyahahaha (gurls of same hormones flock together!).

I feel great that most of us are living to our hopes and dreams like one of our friend who is gonna leave the country in a few months and will migrate to australia for a promising career for her husband. Another mommy who is gonna take a new home soon, mommy having a wonderful career now with much time to spend with her children, mommies hoping to have another children ...maybe soon (and havin lotsa fun planning for it!) and as for me- I did share to them sometime (when we used to be together a lot) that I really wanted to have a sport maybe before my 40th bday- and I guess I am on track and way ahead of my target......with all of those things that is happening to us I'd say its a great way to celebrate.

I truly missed their company.

And hey as Risch noticed at the very start of this reunion- one great thing about this's the first full moon of the year......woooooh!

Jois took this shot just before Pam leaves us, we were begging Cheska to allow her mom stay with us =) longer hahaha!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Painful things....

10 Painful things:

1.) Bringing back the feeling you have learned to forget.

2.) Reminiscing the good times.

3.) Trying to hide what you really feel =(

4.) Loving someone who loves another.

5.) Having a commitment with someone that you know wouldn't last.

6.) Shielding your heart to love somebody =(

7.) Loving a person too much =(

8.) Right love at the wrong time =(

9.) Taking risk to fall in love again.

10.) Loving someone whose over you =(

I think I can relate to some of the statements here. But then, it all speaks of losses.
Am I a loser....I guess I'll be if I continue to dwell on this memories.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Hiiro Kakashi is a ghost from 2008.
Writing about her kept me haunted....for several weeks I have ignored the urged to write about her.

So here is the installment story of HIIRO KAKASHI


"Out on a date?" Duh....Hiiro thought. Was it a date? They just talked. He was her bestfriend. How could it be a date. Hiiro's idea of a date is a sumptous dinner, romance etc...but she never felt like that with Timothy.
She reexamined her thought. She was about to utter a word but her sister is gone. She didn't even didn't noticed her leaving.

The next day at work. Hiiro was busied with the loads of work, updating of catalog lists and newly arrived references. Stacking of books back to shelf and assisting students for references.

I guess am tired...I don't want to sleepy.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

hAtE lOvE Relationship

I really hate lifting weights but I dunno after the gym I really feel good.

Is this what you call hate-love relationship?


Ya hate love -love there such a thing?

I prefer all looooove baby like running, like MNM hahaha....just can't stop lovin my man :D

Monday, January 5, 2009

Running Blog#1: My first run in 2009

My first run for 2009 was after office today.

At 5 PM I went to ADGT recreational area. There was just a few of us brave enough to lose calories after the long break. I started with my hamstring stretch using my yellow band and few counts of ab crunch using the band. Later my officemate arrived...these are the guys who consider themselves elite runners in the GT area nyahahaha......eto ung mayayabang ;D (note am not grumpy about it...I actually find them funny)....and they were really nice guys maybe according to their wives. Hahaha -kidding aside these are the guys whom I really talk about running seriously and sometimes nonchalantly we would usually talk about life and health and anything obnoxious (nyahaha). They were Ponjaps and Smart kid (I really dunno why Smart kid got this code maybe the age takes justice nyhahahaha).

I run with them in "chika" pace...all through out the 3.5K PR (JAE back to GT. This was the first time I ever run with these guys at that length. We were all running regularly at GBP but we usually part ways as we have individual preferred direction/route.

As usual running with smart kid is like running and it's like rubating? huh another wordplay. This guy can never take a suggestion, when I recommend to take a right turn he would grumpily reply let's get on straight blah blah...and would quote some annoying achochooo...and to think I was between them so it would be difficult for me to maneuver and take turn....anyways I just gave it a shrug and thought about giving the company a try. Maybe, I'll take it lighter. Besides it's my first run for 2009.

We were laughing at some point and yet amazingly we were not even running out of oxygen....before we knew it we were back to ADGT SRC. Ponjaps continued his routine sprint at the end of PR while smart kid and I decided to go back to the gym. I did several front lifts for my deltoid (I am conditioning my body for tomorrow's gym session-----grouch!).

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Other photos from CamSur

The Naga City Cathedral

One of the station of the cross. Shot at the ground of Naga Cathedral. Behind us is the National historical site of Holy Minor Seminary.

Above is the life size belen displayed on the grounds of Naga City Metropolitan Cathedral.

Above photo is my experiment of MNM portrait using his D40, shot at 70mm focal length, f/5, ISO200, no flash.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Photo Blog: WOW Philippines Camarines Sur and Albay

This is my photo blog of our recent visit in our hometown Camarines Sur.
Truly distance makes one heart ponder....that is how I describe myself. I spent 19 years of my life (since birth) in Camarines Sur and I just found the places to be ordinary and simple.
After working so hard in metro manila- I realized there is no place like home.....if I can find a similar job in Bicol....I'd like to go home and settle there. Because everything that I am is right there.

Word of caution: I started the photo blog based on the recent photo (so scroll it down and those on the bottom were the oldest shot).

Nice view of Mt Isarog at the Naga City Sports Complex.

MNM decide he'll run too- so I took his D40 to give a good shot of him with the backdrop of the sunrise. Does it merit a good composition?

Tired feet after a short run in Naga City Sports Complex oval.

There were other wonderful places to visit in Albay specifically Legazpi like the Lignon hills, Albay Parks and Wildlife, Huyop-huyopan I've been to this places as a child....those times I have little appreciation of our place....but now I can say I am truly blessed to have this rich heritage. Our Bicol region is truly magayon (maganda in tagalog or beautiful in English). The heavy rains cannot stopped us from going to places.....too much wonderful things too little time. MNM swear we should go back to Albay.

After dropping by Mayon rest house we went to the Cagsawa ruins. We went back to Tabaco and drove to Legazpi City, we took the Legazpi diversion road (we turn right after the Yawa bridge). MNM took shot of the Cagsawa ruins signage and the belfry (the scaffolding is not meant for restoration but to remove the grass that grows on the surface.
Since our Mayon rest house stop- there was no clearing to peek on Mayon Volcano.
We were the rescue is an amateur photographer named Julie (Albay locale) who sold several photo of Mayon Volcano to our friend Roy and Pearl (who were so excited to see the perfect cone shape).
He also took our photo below (its a photo trick, the belfry was seemed viewed from a cave). Photo from left, Pearl, Roy, MNM, Myself, Patchie, Troy, TJ & Matti.

TRIVIA: The cagsawa church is made of limestone rocks, binders were made of volcanic ash, egg white and molasses- you can't see any steel bars on the church remaining structure.

From Naga City to Tiwi Albay took us 3 hrs drive via Sagnay National road. From Tiwi to Mayon Rest house is another 3 hrs (including 30 minutes lunch break). The heavy rains poured as we were driving the long winding road to Mayon rest house. We were all grumpy including the kids who were already sleepy at that time. photos taken but our friend Roy & Pearl surely does. We bought bonsai plants (50 pesos each pot) as souvenir. My last visit to Mayon rest house is probably 20 years back....I remember, that was the day I told myself I wanted to summit Mt Mayon- as a child I can see that the craters is so near and can be summitted from the North side of Mayon. But according to the locales popular trail to the summit is from the Legazpi City side (trekking alongside the lava flow).

The interesting rocks seemed a tip of an iceberg.

Behind this signage is another wonderful view of Gorda Point and Atulayan island....the place is just so serene, so peaceful. We would love to stay on this place if it wasn't raining. Good thing the Sagnay national road have stop points for travellers to enjoy the scenic beauty of the coastal area.
On the photo from left Roy, Patchie, Troy, Pearl, TJ, Myself and Matti.

Below shoot is the Atulayan Island- our 2nd day at Cam Sur is still a rainy. The landscape never ceased to awed us.

We took the Partido road via Sagnay National hiway (pronounced as Sangay) to Mayon rest house. The usual road to Albay is through Pili diversion and back to Maharlika hi-way. Why? Because were bound to the north side of Mayon Volcano and the view of the coastal Sagnay is just breathtaking. There is a Sagnay view deck that gives you the full view of Atulayan Island, Mahalas or Gorda point of Bgy Patitinan and the serenity of the Pacific.

The Consocep trip was a lot of fun- even if it was really rainy in Camarines Sur (and even if my last trip and memory of the place date back 15 years ago). It was a short trip from CWC- elevation is approx 800-1000 MASL. We missed the deer farm, the Japanese tunnel and even the Agta's resettlement area (visiting their village will give any visitor an idea regarding the lifestyle of our Bicolano Agta brothers and sisters).

We were not able to visit the deer farm because of the heavy rain....MNM swear we're going to comeback on our next vacation in CamSur.

MNM Shot of our Friends- Roy, Pearl and her daughter Patchie. They were crossing the river as we prepare to trek back to our car.

Another Small falls just below Tumaguiti falls. According to our guide Manoy Domeng- these area are usually full packed with campers and swimmers during the summer season. I remember we saw a snakes' skin shed (the process is called ecdysis)....I was asking MNM (my hubby) to take a shot of it but he hesitated...because the snake is quite big and could be within the area (Photo Below from left Tj, Me, Matti and MNM).

After our sumptous lunch at the CWC resto, we went to Consocep located at Ocampo Camarines Sur. It is a 30 minutes drive from CWC. Originally, we intend to go to the deer farm for kids to enjoy deer feeding. But because I've been to Consocep like 15 years back (elementary days) I made a mistake in directing MNM & Roy our friend to just continuing driving until the top, my estimate they drove approximately 800-1000 MASL elevation. By the way, Consocep is the jump off point for the patag patag trail in case one is intending to summit Mt Isarog.
When I asked our guide Mang Domeng, he told me that the deer farm is located on the lower ground the small road branching to our right (as we ascend to the top of consocep). So that explain why we all landed on a trekking to the falls.

We were not prepared for the trek- we all are wearing slip on.

Photo below was shot at the Tumaguiti falls....during our trek we bump into these nuns from Dominican Republic....Madre Mia! (I heard them say when one of them skidded into the slippery stairs....MNM quips was it Inaykuppo! in Tagalog? hehehe).
On the photo were the 3 nuns, TJ, Myself, Matti & Troy.

Photo below is MNM shot of me and my daughter Tj, we were trekking to Tumaguiti falls. We were really not prepared for this....but then what the heck! Were here so better have a quick glimpse.
Candid shots of our children at the nearby CWC shore. I am now a believer of telephoto lens- this shot won't be as candid with low lens.

Tigaon's belfry, Parish of St Claire of Assisi - there is a minute life in this shot. I love this. Shot by MNM using his D40.

GOA church- we take a few shots of this church during our short stop at GOA (as we take the road back to Cadlan, Pili to meet our friend in CWC).

MNM' shot of a boat using his D40. I like this shot! There is a framing element.

At my mother's house....I thought the chinese character in the humungous vases were interesting...
TJ was climbing up & down the stairs...I thought the lines from the edges were interesting (leading lines) - would this make a good composition? I shot below photo at 32mm focal length, f4.2, ISO200 using hubby's D40. I take interest in his camera- because I discovered that he got a new lens.

After our 10 hr drive from Cavite we accompanied our family friend to CWC for their overnight accomodation.

Inside the CWC Villa del Rey Cabana- I was glad that the CWC offers a cheaper cost of accommodation (at 1.3K/night).

Viewing Cabana outside- one of CWC accomodation.
We even discovered that the Eco Village (Also located at CWC Cadlan,Pili was even cheaper...lowest rate is 550/night).

As I gazed into this beautiful development of Cadlan Pili ....I was amazed at how progress eased away the Cadlan's connotation decades back...whew! the place was known for its mental hospital! it's a home of the world's famous cable wakeboarding park.