Runner's Recipe

I'll be featuring on this page some simple recipe that is easy to prepare, OK for the kids and great for the runner's tummy.

Happy Eating!
Pomelo and Seaweed Salad


Seaweed or locally known as lato
Calamansi juice
Chili or siling labuyo
Cilantro or wansoy

Chopped the ingredients on the desired sizes.
Toss them altogether except the Calamansi juice.
Calamansi juice is added slowly while tossing the ingredients.

Do not blanch the lato, I heard some people would blanch it to remove some bacteria. We clean lato by soaking it in water with salt. I would normally use mineral water approximately 250 ml and 2 tablespoon of salt for a 1/2 kg lato.
Pomelo & Seaweed salad

Steamed vegetable
This is my variation of buttered vegetable.

Servings: 2-3

1 medium size brocolli, sliced per flowerette
1 packed fresh young corn
1 medium sized carrots, sliced
1 tsp salt
1 tsp pepper
1 tsp dried herbs
1 tbsp sesame oil
1 tsp brewed soy sauce

- Put together all ingredients on the steamer.
- Add some salt, pepper and dried herbs on the water compartment
- Steam for 5-8 minutes.
- Remove the vegetable from steamer and toss it with mixed sesame oil and soy sauce.

Pinoy Salad

Simple and easy to prepare. Consistent to my food choices. It should have 3G and kids should be able to appreciate it. This food is cheap, it will probably cost you only seventy pesos.

Servings: 6-8

1 bowl of Lettuce
1 cup of dried espada (or tuyo)-ideally should be crispy.*1 cup of fresh slices of mango or 1/2 cup of dried mango 
1 cup grated cheese
1/2 cup cucumber
1/2 cup tomato tagalog or low land type tomato

For the dressing: Pinoy Vinaigrette*
7 med sized calamansi juice**
2 tsp extra-virgin olive oil
1 tsp muscovado sugar
dash of salt & pepper
* the dried fish- espada is preferred because it is thin and crunchy a very nice substitute for bacon.
**remove the calamansi seed from the juice :-)


Combine all "dressing" ingredients and mixed by constant stirring.
Put the bed of lettuce in a large bowl, add all other ingredients and toss with Pinoy vinaigrette.

Fruity Vegetable Salad

This simple and easy to prepare recipe will give you also the 3G (Go! Grow! Glow!).
My kids love this with two thumbs up!

Servings: eight
1 bowl of Lettuce
1 cup of fresh grapes
1 cup of fresh slices of strawberry
1 cup of fresh (or canned) pineapple
1/2 cup raisins (or prunes)
1 cup grated cheese
1/2 cup of fried chicken strips (remove the skin)
1/2 cup cucumber

For the dressing: Strawberry Vinaigrette*
1 cup strawberry puree*
1 cup extra-virgin olive oil
2 tbsp balsamic (or cane) vinegar
1/2 tsp salt
1/4 tsp ground pepper
1 tsp muscovado sugar**
* puree the strawberry using a juicer
* to save time there are available ready made dressing in the market like gourmet & dizon farm
**-muscovado sugar can be replaced by 1 tbsp honey

Combine all "dressing" ingredients in a blender or food processor and blend until smooth.
Put the bed of lettuce in a large bowl, add all other  ingredients and toss with Strawberry Vinaigrette.

Yummy Oats!

This simple and easy to prepare recipe will give you also the 3G (Go! Grow! Glow!).

The oats  is a great source of complex carbo, the soya milk is good source of protien and the raisins (though dried) is considered a fruit or glow food.
My kids love this.
This is easy to prepare and also great pre-training meal.

Servings: two-three (depending on the appetite)

1 1/2 cup Quaker Oats (Old fashioned)
2 3/4 cup LactaSoy or any Soya Milk
3/4 cup Raisins
Dash of salt

Combine all ingredients in a pyrex glass or microwavable bowl.
Load the bowl to microwave oven and set to high at 3 minutes.
Stir before serving.

-For more protien, you may opt to top the yummy oats with cashew or almonds
-For more glow food, you may opt to top fresh strawberry or banana

Recent discoveries:
- Australian harvest-rolled oats is also a great substitute for Old fashioned Quaker Oats.
  - Caution:
        Old fashioned Quaker Oats ratio is 1 cup Oats: 2 cups milk
       Australian Harvest- rolled oats ratio is 1 cup Oats: 3 cups milk
- Instead of Lactasoy, if not on a tight diet- option is Cowhead Strawberry milk flavor
- Instead of salt, cheese is also a delicious option (cubes or grated).

Tuna Arrabiata

This gourmet pasta will give you the 3G (Go! Grow! Glow!).
The whole wheat pasta have 3X more fiber and is a great source of complex carbo to keep you on the go.
The tuna is a great addition as source of protien for that muscle to help you repair and grow.
The vegetable- tomato is a good source of lycopene and a glow food.
This is easy to prepare and would be great addition for the carbo loading meal before race day.

Servings: six
1 med size Garlic, chopped
1 med size Onion, chopped
1 can, 180 g (may use 90-100 g only) Tuna Lite- flake in vegetable oil (drained)
1 can, 490 g Hunt's diced tomato with Basil
8 tbsp, olive oil
3 tbsp, bread crumbs
1/4 tsp, iodized salt
1/8 tsp, ground pepper

grated parmesean or cheddar cheese

250 g (cooked as directed) whole meal spaghetti (San Remo or other whole wheat spaghetti will be fine. Note that it has 3X more fiber compared to regular pasta/spaghetti).

1. In a heated pan, add 8 tbsp of olive oil, sautee onions, garlic, tuna. Add Hunt's diced tomato, 1/4 tsp iodized salt. Simmer for 3 minutes and add 3tbsp bread crumbs and 1/8 tsp ground pepper.
2. Toss the sauce to the cooked whole meal spaghetti.
3. Topped with grated cheese.

Viola in less than 10 minutes you have a gourmet pasta...with Go! Grow! and Glow! ingredients.

Recent discoveries:

- The whole meal spaghetti can be replaced by Fiber Up spaghetti. It's made from oat-fiber (not the regular wheat).
-The same tuna tomato based sauce can be replaced by shrimp (with the same cooking time). But you won't call it Tuna Arrabiata- maybe Shrimp Arrabiata :D
- Variants: For more aroma you can add bell pepper and  fresh basil.

Same arrabiata recipe where shrimp is the main ingredient and grilled tuna on the side.