Tuesday, May 26, 2009

My feet feats

Today I was stuck at home trying to cash in some stocks and getting peace at home from the constant quarels of my pre-schooler hehehe....they've grown to debate on almost all things that is for gurls and boys...sigh! sometimes it's funny listening to their drama as my little gurl would identify that her things are exclusively for girls.

In between my stock trading- I get to visit my favorite running sites- runnersworld, The Bull Runner and Takbo.Ph. Wow! I was learning a lot today - my inquiry about the numbness on my feet post run was responded by one of the member of Takbo.ph which bring me to the site of sports injury clinic...I was trying to find out about the explanation of the numbness -and so far the symptom was mentioned in the tarsal tunnel syndrome- hmmm this one sounds scary, and I just don't have much word to explain it...the explanation is too scientific for me. I guess am gonna visit my physiatrist soon, maybe monday next week. Right now I guess for my interim solution I am gonna take vitamin B-complex and vitamin E to support whatever is causing my nerves to react like this.

Another fascinating article I had today is about an amputee who take on the running competition with abled bodies Oscar Pistorius - he is a very amazing person, his dedication to training and being the best is really what made him champion- and I'll quote his motto "You're not disabled by the disabilities you have, you are able by the abilities you have."

Today, I seemed to find quotes from across the web that is really appealing to me- or I'd say applicable to what I do...another quote which I thought was already blogged but maybe I forgot because I was trying to get permission from the author Book, Booker, Bookest (originally quoted from the Artist Way) - word of caution the site is never related to running, but I got certain relationship from quote "The soles of my feet lead to the feats of my soul." -Yah, sounds like my blog. Honestly, it is what I feel when I run, or when I climb or when I'm out in a roadtrip....everytime my feet sets on the ground I can feel the luscious beauty of life- I feel great! I feel wonderful...and now as I check on my friendster account - I saw the reminder of about my friends upcoming birthday- wow! which remind me also that my birthday comes in 12 days....hmmmm there's no blues clues! hehehe I guess I've changed a lot and I think I have embrace life like it's a miracle everyday- there is no more fear of any rejection, failure or whatever negative that comes along with life...my heart is ready to ponder upon what I can do with whatever situation I am in.

So I'd like to give myself a good treat- besides I do not expect gifts for my birthday because of the economic downturn that is happening....obviously the economic recovery is slow- even the PSE- local stock market have not regained that much, although for several months I have already done some range trade- but I am still guessing and the market is still filled with uncertainties.

So here are my wishlist and I hope to buy this within a year hahaha - I really need to make sure my investments get returns or otherwise, I won't be getting any of these:
  • On fitness activities:
  1. Be able to go back doing yoga without losing weight. :-) hahaha I guess am really stubborn, I won't seek professional help. I call it my "closed system" syndrome- I am the type person who would study the "how to" and figure out how it works ....just like when I tried yoga before running, and it is yoga that help me lose weight.
  2. Finish a 10K in a race. I decided weeks back to register on the upcoming mizuno infinity run for a 10K category...it will happen the day after my birthday. =)
  3. A major climb for the year with major mountain.
  4. A multi day climb- could be a minor mountain but also major climb.
  5. Be able to do my training or practice run beyond 5K per session.
  6. Raise the bar of 20K mileage per week without interferring motherhood nyahahaha.
  • On material things that I love-these are my wants- I do need these things but not an immediate necessity so I guess I could keep my investment and once I reap the profits I can buy these items one at a time.
  1. Yoga blocks- I have the mat and the ball. But the blocks I postponed the expense when I tipped the scale of 115 lbs, I decided not to buy anymore hahaha. But this time I think I'll be needing it for advance poses to complement running.
  2. Stowable or packable cargo pants- Columbia or TNF hehehe. These apparel prove to be lightweight but also expensive. If I am in for a major climb (which I guess there is no schedule yet)....I think this will become a necessity =)
  3. A race shoe and practice run shoe. Explain! Explain! Right now I have barely 2 pair of running shoe, adding 2 more is not a luxury but being practical. My mizuno is already 6 months old and roughly mileage is already at 400K.
  4. Anti-blister socks- yep! I think I need one, lately I noticed my feet's a little sensitive.
  5. More dri-fit shirt- I wear a small size shirt but the the one's available in the market is a little shorter in length, I ended up showing some skin (Err stretch mark hehehe) when paired on a low waist pants. Sigh!
  6. A light-weight tent. Some options I have is the TNF & MSR Hubba Hubba -this one is really expensive.... and I'd say a luxury for my climb....I really have to earn much to buy this.
I realized my wish list sounds like new years resolution hahaha - actually I really try to reflect about my life every birthday not on the start of the year- because I consider it my personal "new" year =) - I wanted to improve myself...I wanted to age gracefully. Last on my list is financial stability...I wanted to establish business that is related to my passion- I already have one, but I look forward to have a single proprietorship business which I can hand down to my children...this is probably a lifetime wish hehehe.


Monday, May 25, 2009

Photo Blog #12: Los Banos Road

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Running Blog #34: Practice Run- running efficiently

I woke up early today.

My mind is focused on setting practice run that is economical in terms of energy use up....wow sound so science.

I have been thinking about it since Subic outing/roadtrip -the idea was feed by my husband's officemate who's been running for 15 years.

He even told me about fat percentage and ideal running weight- hmmm.

I am just an individual runner- trying to get good results out of running, of course I realize I need to size up the distance that I can handle- I guess it's the right time that this 5K Runner determine how long she can sustain. And of course there is another measure-pace and speed.

So I last night checked the google about the ideal running weight. And most of the result talks about BMI & IBW.

I started with IBW- so far my I weight is 120 lbs - according to the rule of thumb my IBW is 125 lbs, so I guess I could work on speed..... but I guess am slowing down so maybe the body fat percentage is the culprit. I learned from google that you can measure your body fat percentage by just using a tape measure and there is a lot of site dedicated in providing you the calculator. Unfortunately last night I can't find my tape measure...well, I found an alternative from my husband's tool box- yah! I used a flexible meter hehehe (the one used by the carpenters hahaha). My reading from different sources ranges from 21 to 25%. Well of course, my husband who's been laughing at my silly task didn't escape the measurements and to my dismay! he only have a 10.39% body fat! Ugh! and though he is good in some sports he does not do regular exercise like what I do....ugh! unfair! unfair! and he was all smile with the reading- he quips "Fat free eh!" Gosh! I wish I have that genes. Actually I've seen it through the years- since we got married my husband hardly gain weight.

According to Anne Collins, a site I found in google athlete women have about 14-20% body fat percentage and men 6-13% (Uhhhh! My husband is in this range? Can't believe it).

My target this morning was to run for one hour and find out a relaxed pace and total distance, I believe the idea of about the econimical energy and efficiency gets in here.

Which I did. In fact, I patiently reminded myself that I have to find a good relaxed pace so I can survive a 10K and even half marathon race- yes, I am dreaming of having a half marathon this year....I wish to do it with MILO.

So when hubby drop me by the Island Cove resort around 6:10 AM- some of the joggers were going home already, I guess am the only one coming late hehehe.

I feel good running today-knowing that I have something to accomplish, know the pace that I am comfortable. So started with a 500 m walk, then I stop by one of the benches facing animalandia and did a 30 rep bench dip, quad and hamstring stretch then another few steps and was off running. According to garmin my total training time is 1:00:05 at a distance of 7.76 Km and average pace of 7:44 -not bad. My best pace is 3:15 min/km when I did a sprint for my perfect ending =) -my maximum heart rate went 180 bpm and was on the average of 152 bpm.

I feel good after the run went home then had a hearty breakfast... but I noticed my right foot was a little numb and there I felt like some pin is poking on my right foot. I try to ignore it because I was in a hurry I wanted squeeze in my schedule to have the kids enrolled (the school is within the village), go to the market for some food supplies and of course the stock market opens at 9 AM. Yes, I was trying to speed everything post run.

I was able to get home around 10 AM- and the stock market is already open. The trading is not on my side- so the market closed without much transactions. I took my lunch at 12:30 and I noticed again my right foot was feeling a little numb. Hmmm! Did I do something wrong during the sprint? I can't remember. I was trying to google the explanation- then I realized, it would probably be good to seek some opinion of fellow pinoy runners- so I posted my concern on the forum. Hopefully, I get some answers. Honestly, I am anxious about this feeling because I already had my knee injury (not related to running)- so I am a little cautious this time. The worst that I could think of if this feeling on my right foot develops into full blown cramps- I eat plenty of banana during lunch (never mind the risk of constipation) but as of this writing the feeling is still there.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Photo Blog #11: Subic Road Trip

I always look forward for a road trip. Maybe it's something to do with the mole on my sole hehehe :-) My mother would always call me "lakwatsera" because I love going out when I was a kid.And mind you I can always navigate my way home even if in some of my adventures I get lost along the way.

Yesterday was a fun filled road trip with my husband and kids. We went to All Hands resort in Subic. It was actually an outing organized by my husband's office mate- I decided to join them since my TC work in Anawangin was cancelled...and this will give our kids chance to the last sunny summer escapade before going back to school.
I just love beach bumming- I instantly fell in love with the place- of course it is commercialize (it's nothing near the Anawangin or Silanguin cove or Atulayan island - my favorites) besides it's within the SBMA, it got what you needed- ample of showers, nipa hut cottages- I also noticed that there were some villas or room cottages (which I didn't got a chance to explore), and there is two conference hall- which at the time of our visit was occupied by metrobank outing.
Well of course it's peak season- there's a lot of customers and videoke is aired almost every corner of the resort. Personally, the sound is tolerable-besides it's a commercial resort, you cannot expect serene moments.

We arrived at about 9AM, we pitch our tent- I was thinking there were a lot of them since it is their outing.
Then I started cooking our rice- the mountaineers way hehehe and I also prepare our food while the kids started playing and swimming with their nanny.

My husband's officemate arrived at about 9:30 AM- there were 11 of them and the food is overflowing. I regretted that I have to bring food and cook on this ocassion. But since I have no choice, I continued cooking the food might spoiled if it will remain packed.
By lunch time, my children were all sun-burned. They have been enjoying so much that they don't even want to leave the water for a quick lunch.
So I was nudging my husband that we go overnight, we can extend the rent of one of the nipa hut - my mind is thinking about sunset and sunrise photo ops and night swimming too.
After our lunch the kids can't get enough of their swimming they just went back. I am on the otherhand was having a mild headache maybe because of the intense heat and the glare.
For a simple past time, I had a chit chat with my husband officemate- who's been into running for close to 15 years now. I learned a lot from this guy- about shoes, running form and cross training. He was telling me he's cross training now with swimming. The guy humbled me with his experiences with his personal best time of 18 minutes for 5K....as a 5K runner my personal best is 26 minutes and sadly it's not on a race, it happened in one of my practice run. We ended up our conversation with encouraging words from him that my husband is in best shape for running- yah ryt! He is indeed a lucky man, he is lean without so much effort.
I decided to go back swimming to ease my headache. I noticed my son loved the water so much with the aid of his floater, he can swim as deep as 5 feet- hardly get off the water and hardly need an assistance. Then we my husband's officemate started playing frisbee in the waters- my son asked that we take a rest and go home.
My husband and I exchanged look as the act was quite unsual.
So we went off, besides my husband's officemates will stay until 3 PM only- I was thinking we'll leave around 6 PM or stay overnight.
We had barbecue and some grilled fish for our meriend- my son and I just keep on munching while my daughter started to take a bath.
After we saw TJ off the shower, I asked my son we go for a rinse -My son hated the turbulence of the water from the shower- I thought he was just hesitant.
Then I pulled his board short- he just shouted in pain and I was shocked to see some blood. I realized some portion of his birdie skin was trapped into the net undergarment - honestly I do not know how managed it....I panicked and shouted for my husband. Probably when he ask that we go off the water is when probably he was already hurting.
It was a total mishap our supposed extension to overnight swim was cancelled- we have to rush my son to the nearest hospital for ER treatment. Sigh!
His uncontrollable cries and probably the nonstop swim tire him off- that he dozed off to sleep. Some foreign fiber is still on his birdie -my husband couldn't just remove it- we put some ointment and there we packed immediately and went to Olangapo City for treatment-good thing AFABLE medical center was 15-20 mins away from SBMA....while we were on our way to the hospital I felt so guilty, it was when I pulled off his board short that caused birdie's laceration. Sigh! I was even thinking that he'll probably needs to be circumcised because of this incident.
Alas! When we arrived at the ER- the fabric was already off the birdie. The doctor check the extent of the laceration, it was just fine- he was given a topical antibiotic.
On our way to manila- it seems nothing happened....Wow! I was asking my son if he'd like to go back to the beach- he said no this time.
Sometimes- roadtrips don't have perfect ending, any mishap is an opportunity to learn a lesson and I learned mine- next time my son's gonna wear a swimming trunks :-)

Thursday, May 21, 2009

No Run Today!

My ADI pals and I were planning to do distance practice run after office....we were on our way to the SRC and excited about it. It was our first run together.....but then suddenly the rain pour. Our direction suddenly change to running to our designated shuttle buses....it looks funny quips one of my shuttlemate because we were like walking slowly checking the sky then the rain pour and we were dispersed like water came from a fire hydrant nyahahahaha....
Bottomline, my training plan was ruined. There will be no practice run for the weekend because we are planning on a climb (Errrr....this is still something not sure)- it is a nice idea considering we have no work schedule from Monday to Tuesday- great isn't it, in my mind I want to squeeze all the things that I love doing - a roadtrip and beach bumming on Saturaday, a climb on Sunday and runs on Monday and Tuesday hahaha....yah- given a four day holiday must be a great siesta.

So when I arrived home today, I decided to just do some stretching with my exercise band instead of watching TV. I am a little pissed off by the nonstop news about the Katrina-Hayden sex video. It's the talk of the town, when in fact the act shouldn't be talked about. Sigh!

What is the better way to de-stress but to stretch....breathe- inhale (fill the air) exhale - expand your lungs, the 30 minutes stretch and some yoga pose (warrior pose said to be favorable to runners). It felt good.....my disappointment of not being able to run was all gone.

I was suddenly reminded about an article about asana solutions- yoga therapy for the arches, which I think is really useful for the runners. I haven't cracked the pose suggested in the magazine Yoga+ and unfortunately the article is not available in their site =( maybe because the magazine that I have is a back issue.

Anyways, maybe I should give yoga another try ...specially the rainy season is here....

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Running Blog #33: Recovery Run

Today I did my recovery run to compensate my long run yesterday.
I did 6K after office- it was a fun run, mixed chit chat with a fellow mountaineer.
We run slow to complete the 4K and run fast the last 2K- I guess now my body understand what the negative splits mean.

I was checking on my blog's reading list and found The Bull Runner's update regarding the apology of BOTAK on their shortcomings of the 42K marathon sponsored last May 10, 2009. Click this for the full details.

I felt better that finally the organizer come out and admitted the shortcomings...they did not provide details of what were the shortcomings (Errrr....runners from everywhere got the details already) and did not divulge the information as to how they will provide necessary corrective actions (nyahahaha sounds like work!) - but nevertheless I am giving them the second chance- everyone deserves it. Just like any runner's performance - we have certain performance range, sometimes we lost by the second....but there is always another race or practice run to get better.

I wish BOTAK will continue to improve and listen to the voice of the running community.
I do have recovery run and I believe BOTAK can redeem itself by having a recovery race- maybe am not gonna witness it sooner- but there is always a chance to take part of it.

New Route with the S40

Running Blog #32: The 5K runner does a 10K practice run.

Yesterday, after five long days of rest…I decided to take a longer run.
I decided to take another 10K practice run- just to check if my performance is repeatable.

The practice run was tolerable- the first fifteen minutes was a little uneasy….maybe because I was running alone.

  • My thoughts have been drifting elsewhere. The sight of the sunset reminds of my friend Kathy who is now in Singapore- then I remember one S40 leaving the country. Well, there were new ones….a lot from ADI is taking interest in running- I saw an email circulating about the earth run. Sadly, am not joining their group because I have already registered to IE8. Nevertheless, both funrun is for a good cause. I saw from the email that most were from groups of product and test engineering ….I suddenly missed the funrun with my ADTREK family- the last event we joined is the Happy Run.

The practice run was pain free. I guess, yesterday- everything is perfect. The weather , the stretch- I think I had a good warm up exercise (leg press, leg curl, few lifts), hamstring & quad stretch. My hydration is 150 ml Gatorade and 150 ml H2O.

My first sip is after the 5K mileage then succeeding sip is as needed- I didn’t stop while drinking water I just slowed down (it is possible!)….my goal is to really run all throughout the course- and I did it at rate of 1:13:34 against my previous record of 1:14:58, an improvement of 1:24 – this is a little improvement but the impact was better than my previous attempt where I did a run-walk-fast walk intervals. I think I am on my way to maintain my pace and have an injury-free practice runs.

I guess I’ll try another 10K on Thursday, my next goal is to be comfortable doing practice run on this distance…..but as early as now, I can see the problem of sustainability. Specially that the school year is fast approaching for my pre-schooler. =) Maybe, I’ll take on S40’s advise regarding 10K on races. But honestly, I love the rush of 5K fun run....and feels good to be on the league of average runners.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Running Blog #31: 5K RUNNER on PAA TIBAYAN

I chance upon the site of Mukhang Guilty
There I got my BOTAK Race result last May 10, 2009.
I was a little disappointed. I know my watch was low bat at that time but then does it affect the memory of my watch?

Is my garmin inaccurate?

I recorded 32:39 in their time vs my watch says I did 31:31, and stopped it at the water station. Wow! A difference of 1 min and 8 sec is quite big.

Nevertheless, it's just numbers... besides my personal record says my 5K time ranges from 26 min to 40 minutes- both Garmin and Botak is in the average....I decided not to bloat my disappointment because anyway running 5K is simpler and maybe easier compared to those who were in the 21 & 42K category -but I do understand the outrage of the elite runners- who have prepared for this event and awaited for this marathon, who expect to get an accurate measurement of their time.

I just hope that the organizers and responsible entities of the race will provide due explanation to the running community.

Here are some of my pix during the race courtesy of moranophotography.

Someday! I hope to run in this category- full marathon ;-)
This is something I look forward, keeps me motivated during practice run.

Photo Blog #10: Nagcarlan Underground Cemetery

After the San Pablo City seven lakes adventure- we opted for a sidetrip at the Nagcarlan underground cemetery.

This is a national heritage and is being protected by Department of Tourism.

The persons in charge from DOT provide instruction that all photos taken must be for personal collection or use and the use of flash is prohibited. Thus, taking pictures underground is a bit tricky the situation forced me to learn quickly the manual mode of my camera- very much similar to the dslr function. Most of my shot are in high ISO and slow shutter....thus some creepy ghost like image effect....well I guess this one is appropriate for the theme.

I check out the internet about the background of Nagcarlan Underground cemetery and here is what I found ....click for full details of Nagcarlan, Laguna.

  • Fr. Vicente Belloc, a Franciscan missionary led the construction of the Underground Cemetery. The only one of its kind in the country, this cemetery was used as exclusive burial ground for Spanish friars.
  • It later served as a secret meeting place of Filipino revolutionaries .
  • The Historic pact of "Biac-na-Bato" was first planned by Pedro Paterno and Gen. Severino Taino of the "Maluningning" command during their secret meeting in this cemetery in 1897.
  • The "Brains of the Katipunan" Gen. Emilio Jacinto, wounded after an encounter in Majayjay, Laguna was captured in Nagcarlan 1898.

If you are interested to visit this place pls contact Adventure Road Trip- your adventure service provider, fits your budget and proudly promoting the beautiful sites of the Philippines.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Photo Blog #9: San Pablo 7 Lakes

The seven lakes of San Pablo is a photographer's delight (quote from my friend Angie).
The 7 Lakes consists of the following:
  1. Sampaloc - Named after the giant Sampaloc tree of a greedy old woman who refuses to help a fairy disguised as old man.
  2. Bunot - The name was rooted from a miscommunication between the spanish soldier and the man husking a coconut. The man thought the soldier is asking about the native name of the coconut husk "Bunot" while the soldier thought it was the name of the lake.
  3. Calibato- From the word "Calle" street and "Bato" rock. This Calle Bato was made by the residents of the town that made the furios fairy sunk the area into a lake.
  4. Pandin & Yambo is a twin lake- named after the young lovers Pandin and Yambo.
  5. Yambo- Named after the young suitor of Pandin
  6. Palakpakin - the name came from a big tree named "Palakpak" and "Palakpakin" in Filipino language the act of clapping hands - for the lake brought a good livelihood to the locale for having an abundant supply of shrimp they call "Palakpakin shrimp".
  7. Muhikap -Named after the industrious girl Munica and the filipino word "Mahikap" means industrious - Munica is an industrious girl. Who was never allowed to set foot on earth ground....her setting foot to the land took the whole town to sunk that is now the Muhikap lake.

All information about the fable of the lakes were taken from San Pablo City International -pls click for the details of the story.
If you want to experience the beauty of this placethat is proudly pinoy, commune with nature or have a photo ops- , check the services of Adventure Road Trip - you may opt for a day tour or an overnight package.

From the viewdeck of Sampaloc Lake.
Bicycle ride for rent to take the view of Sampaloc lake from different angles.

Balsa in Sampaloc Lake

The beautiful Lotus flower at Bunot Lake
View of Bunot Lake from Kubo
Fishermen of Calibato Lake

Lake Pandin

Attempting a macro shot at Yambo Lake

Shot in Yambo Lake
Photos in Palakpakin Lake
My favorite shots:
Ripple effect in Muhicap Lake
Attempting another macro image
The splendor of Muhikap Lake
Portrait shot at Muhikap Lake

Monday, May 11, 2009

Running Blog #30: My 30th blog about running

Time.....it's been awhile since I published my previous blog.
I realized that my blog title is not anymore appropriate....so welcome to my new blogsite. myfeetfeats (My Feet Feats) !
I guess this is more approrpriate considering this blog is all about the feat of my feet nyhahaha tongue twister.

All right....while running today at the island cove- I was reminiscing....how much I have drawn strength from my feet….can’t help it- the blog title is also in my mind.

  • I realized that as a child- I would often run as much as I could- until I bump into something and get myself bumps hehehe....yah I would go home with "Bukol" because I just kept running without looking ahead....and I can see this trait on my son.
    Then when I was in a karate club - I feel better when doing taekwondo than any other discipline (like judo).
    But what I enjoyed most is the girlscouting- yes, this is the earlier influence in my life that took me to mountaineering.

    Actually, mountaineering is my way to rekindle the happiest moments of my childhood- trekking to the woods of Mt Isarog!
All these memories were playing at the back of mind like movie clip- it kept me going for the rest of my 7.5K run.

Then abruptly, I remember yesterday my whole day was a bit of chunks of activities…not only because it’s mother’s day but because there were just a lot to do.

  • I started yesterday with a race….BOTAK: Paa-Tibayan 2009. My lousiest race so far. I forgot my ankle sleeve, my shuffle and garmin was drained.
    Nevertheless, garmin still recorded my run and I finished at 31:31….just fine.

    I know one of my friend is in the race but we didn’t see each other.

    I also noticed that the 5K isn’t packed like my other races.

    I was also surprised that there is no water station for the 5K runners….hmmm it’s ok with me-but I was thinking about the first time runners….and there were kids too…(some of them amazingly run past me).
    Maybe next time I’ll bring my hydration belt.

    I am now anxious to see the official result- I remember I clicked the stopped button of my garmin when I was already at the water station....I was so thirst.

Yesterday, we cap-off the day with the kids attending a party. And hubby presenting me a surprise mother's day cake. Sweeeet!

These thoughts are better than shuffle (still drained) to sustain a 7.5K run that has to loop over and over.

Screen shot from my Garmin- the 5K route recorded a 4.83 km- pretty accurate.

Friday, May 8, 2009