Sunday, February 1, 2009

Climb Blog#1: Manabu Peak

My first Minor climb for 2009 was at the Manabu Peak.
Jump off at Bgy Sta Cruz Sulok.

Below is the IT courtesy of ADTREK-MC

1700 Assembly time in Pala-pala
1730 ETD to Lipa City
1930 ETA Fiesta Mall, Lipa Take tricycle to Sulok, Brgy. Sta. Cruz
2000 ETA jump-off
2230 Start ascend
2115 ETA Grotto, refill water container (only water source)
2130 Resume trek
2315 ETA Summit, camp setup Dinner/Socials
0200 Lights off

0600 Wake up call
0700 Breakfast, break camp
0900 Start descend
1030 ETA jump-off Tidy up
1200 ETD to Lipa
1230 ETA Lipa, Lunch
1330 ETD to Manila/Cavite

Wow! According to the map we saw- the total trail/trek distance is only 4.3K.

Huwat! We were like wow -all of us have been running 5K at 30-40 minutes (average) and why are we gonna trek this at 2 hrs? hehehe addicts!

Anyways, I was humbled by the experience. The truth is running on pave is really different from running the trail or trekking the trail. We had an average of 5Kg load and we were just walking and the terrain that is very variable. In fact, we've got lost along the way as there is a lot of confusion with a lot of cross roads- I'd say trails were always traveled(nyahahaha not less traveled eh!).
Nevertheless, we took the summit at 2 hrs (even if we started really late!) at 10 PM.

Of course it was soooo cold up there.
The addicts decided to take some drinks to warm up the nights (minus me, hyperacidity took toll on me).

The climb was really fun- specially during the calling, endless wordplay and and these addicts took a gilbeys of 700ml to just 15 minutes drink (giving each of them a dose of 100ml- what a record!). I'll have to check on what is the world record.


  • Who is this FM AKA FrogMan, my take Frequency Modulator (FM) for stopping the noisy gals on their name calling/roll call and putting them to rest.

  • Who is this HF AKA Happy Feet, my take Hands Free (HF) for being always on the phone that looks like on a handsfree mode....following up the status of EOQ.

  • Who is this ITECH AKA ITIK nyahahaha, my take I-TECH for bringing in his GPS enabled phone that tracks our trek and evidently show that we were lost during our descend nyahahaha (we were like seeing everything ei!).

  • Who are these gals called porky pig, sandugo, and spidey *****

  • Why are these trivia referring to the aniname (not anime eh! nyahahaha)....because the eight addicts were the new members of ADTREK-MC Zoo.....Zoo or Madagascar??? Alex (lion), Marty (Zebra), Monkeys, Gloria (Hippo) and the Giraffe (I forgot d name)-castings not yet included nyahahahaha.
The descend was lotta fun too....we got lost for quite sometime (and nobody complaints nyahahaha besides we have the parrot to assists us -was not on the climb but with us through SMS all through the night trek and descend). We made it to jump off after 2 hrs too (just like our ascend). Why? Because everyone is so excited to see the CR nyahahaha.

Because of so much excitement and fun, as we converese on the way home.....we were discussing and we were like planning another night trek "Batulao ???Pre-valentine ei!"

P.S. Photo and layout courtesy of eyefocus who bought a decent camera, the rest of us were on our celphone built in VGA cam hehehe (of course except I-TECH).

Below are some of my shots using my K610i phone (so lowtech hehehe).

From the top: I took the first two pix after peeing (morning pee hehehe); the next two pix where taken at the summit; the cross was situated at the summit; the last pix were coffee beans which according to my companion can be made into the famous coffee "Alamid".


  1. hi! may i borrow one of your pictures of manabu peak? we are organizing a "climb for a cause" fundraising campaign for liver transplant of baby bien

    i will acknowledge you as the source of the picture on his website. i hope to hear from you soon. thank you.

    1. Hi Roselle,
      Which picture are you referring to? I am okay except the collage photo is not to be credited to me.
      The source is eyefocus- we should seek permission from her instead.