Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Running Blog #13: Another 10K Practice Run

Sigh! (Heavy breathing) Am still sooo alert after my practice run today.
Yes! I did a 10K PR with the macho man and the spidey gurl (I think from now on I'll refer to her in this code nyahahaha).

Macho man and I agreed to do a 10 K, actually 10.6K (5.3K, 1 lap of the infamous JAE Telford JAE route) or a total of 2 laps.
We began in our comfortable pace but the spidey gurl was a little anxious of the pain in her calf and shins....we were a little encouraging though macho man obviously wanted to make the most of this practice. Spidey gurl gave up after 1K.....was wonderin if she could make another fun race.

After the 3.6K route (near GT perimeter), I decided on a break- yes a bladder break, at that time my time is 22 minutes (21:47 to be exact). This was the first time I feel like peeing while running. So strange, I even thought that I probably had my period and tactlessly told macho man about it nyahahahaha. Anyways, he was like a brother to me so I wasn't a little shy about the idea.

It took me a 9 minute break (going back to the gym in a brisk walk)....Alas! when I went back to the starting line, I saw macho man and I ask him to run again with me for his 2nd lap to complete his 10K course....well me on the otherhand I am just getting an additional 5.3K to my 3.6K (that is 8.9K short of 1.1 K)....I was thinking about this while running-gee talk about doin some math while running, that's new to me hehehe.

Macho man and I run in our slow-fast pace, we took the 3K at 17 minutes and the 4K to 24 minutes....unfortunately, I gave up running after the 4K and decided to rest and do a brisk walk....thanks to my hydration belt- drinks is readily available.
I continued running to complete my 5.3K course but in between 15 m I have to really rest and walk....sigh! but I completed my 5.3K still running, after running past the bank establishments my time ended at 35 minutes. I decided to walk and run another 1.4K using the GT perimeter route. Yah! really sounds like addict....I can't just give up this practice run without the mileage, so I took another run that ended a 10 minute flat. Whoa! Total training time is 1 hour and 7 minutes plus the 9 minutes rest time, that was a total of 1 hour and 16 minutes or a pace of 7:06 min/km or 8.45 km/hr.

I guess 10K isn't so bad....I guess am starting to go away from my comfort zone- 'tis a good sign....I wish I could do both half and full marathon this year....and I'll begin with 10K. =)

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