Thursday, February 12, 2009

Photo Blog #2: Getting to know PS SX110 IS

My new baby is giving me really a hard time figuring out how to make the best photo using the manual mode.

Sigh! The Av (Aperture priority) and Tv (Shutter priority) modes proves to be very challenging in producing visually appealing photos. There is just a lot of shake trace even if the camera actually have this image stabilizer.

I have to admit that the preset menu is a lot convenient specially in producing "moments".

I am so glad that hubby recommended PS SX110 IS for my photo's all what I needed.

It does not only have great reviews, but it is also budget friendly.

And this morning I learned that this camera is actually a beginner's telephoto series of Canon's not bad having a 60-360 mm lens at a very compact package.

Wow! I think I am starting to fall inlove. =)
See photo shoots:

P.S. Toys were shoot in an aperture priority and the sad baby was shot using the preset (kids mode).

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