Saturday, February 7, 2009

Lame Saturday

Since I began this journey to womanhood-dysmenorrhea and amenorrhea has been the biggest problem that I had.
I guess this was the reason why I had difficulty having children (that I even have to subscribe to the care of infertility expert).
After giving birth to my children, I thought it will all resolve my problem.
But then it did not.

When Matti turned 1 yr and a half, I started yoga, running and other rigorous physical activity to keep me fit in the hope that this problem will be eradicated...
Well it didn't but it help reduced the incident....and today on my first day- dysmehorrhea is here again to bother me.

I thought dysmenorrhea is a thing of the past...for quite sometime I hadn't experienced it. But what perplexed me is the fact that I am now training harder and yet this problem strike again.

Sighhhhh! why is it so difficult to become a woman?

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