Monday, February 2, 2009

Running Blog #12: My new running aide

This morning practice run at the island cove was a brisk walk, jog, run, sprint exercise that totalled a 10K+ mileage. Actually I wanted to run more but my blister is bothersome (got this perhaps from my last climb, because I violated all BMC taught me nyahahaha).

Though, thanks to my new running buddy- hydration belt =) I didn't had much problem with an aching dry throat....yes got it at a very reasonable price...I thought it would be very expensive....I was just at the right place at the right time.

Though some set back I noticed includes additional load of 600g (150 ml per bottle, celphone and a little cash- so I can get home). And I guess I overestimated myself because I got a size 2 (should be size 1 only), I noticed after 10 minutes of running the belt started to loosen.

Yes! I am now training for 10K and perhaps all my GBP run should be minimum 10K.

I would like to try out the 10K event of the Power Run. But will revert back to 5K on RUNew (which will happen a week after the Power Run).

Event description:
Power Run 5/10/15k

February 15, 2009Manila Bay, Mall of Asia
EVENTS 5k, 10k and 15k


Singlet with back pocket (with velcro sealer) and beverage loader (B-Loader)


Unit S207 Ash Creek Center, Ortigas Ave. corner Madison St. Greenhills. Near Xavier School and Greenhills Shopping Center

PATAFA Sanctioned Event Race Routes are also measured.

Event description:
RUNew 3K/5K/15K

February 22, 2009McKinley Hill, Taguig City
300 Php Feb 1-15

350 Php Feb 16-21

500 Php Onsite Registration

1. MOB Lobby Asian Hospital and Medical Center
2. Nike in Bonifacio High Street.
Registration starts on February 1, 2009


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