Monday, February 9, 2009

Photo Blog#1: Challenging K610i

This morning we woke up 1:30 AM with a wailing Matti....he said his tummy's aching.
Hubby got him milk (we all thought he was hungry)- but then the wailing didn't stop.
6 AM we decided to take him to the ER......Alas! Mabolo crossing is terribly traffic, of course it's monday! Ei!....I was asking Matti how he was feeling- boy! the tummy ache was medication, not even food...hey what went wrong?
Hmmmmm.....maybe the boy wanted a time alone with daddy and mommy minus Tj =))
So Man & I decided to bring him to the island cove for the sweet breeze of the manila bay (it's still early so maybe not yet smelly).

The island cove have a lot of interesting photo ops- today we didn't have a camera except my K610i celphonehahahaha....we were out for a challenge (Did I capture the rainbow? nyahahaha). Below are some of the photo results.

P.S. I show my daughter the yellow flower I photographed at the island cove and she interpreted it in her drawing notes (I also used the K610i to photographed her- post island cove).

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