Monday, February 16, 2009

Photo Blog #4: Valentine, adventure, thoughts....thoughts....

I still have this post valentine mania.....hmmmm......still very much inlove after 10 years of marriage and still lingering one of the most memorable valentine.
We took it as a date with the kids and a family friend- our valentine will be spent at the hot air balloon festival. We leave home 2 AM on the was great! But after all the balloons were gone and flying....we were left with other various attraction. Good thing the weather is good the sun is not scorching, but the kids and us are getting bored.

So I had an idea- why not spend the rest of the hour along the beach. Boy! not just a beach I suggested- anawangin cove.

Well our friends were naturally adventurous too....they hop on my idea, even if hubby is a little hesitant.
Gosh! We were not even prepared on this activity, we have no sunblock, beach essential etc- but our camera's ready. And of course this is PS SX110IS time to show off what he's got baby......bring on the shooting!

Hot air balloon festival

Pundaquit kite flying/swimming

Camarra island

Capones island (viewed from Pundaquit photo courtesy of MoranoPhotography)

Anawangin cove ( photo courtesy of MoranoPhotography)

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