Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Wildflower from the Manabu Peak

I haven't mentioned about these wild flower from my blog entry regarding my Manabu climb.

I picked up these petals from the ground, the blue petal looked like a beak and find it really interesting that I decided to pick it up thinking that I could show it to my little girl.

Other exciting petals draw my attention that I decided to pick it up too (I have no idea what do they call it- I am not good in flora and fauna subjects).

I put this precious petals in a zip bag.

When I come home these petals were already withered but their beauty never ceased to amazed my baby girl.

She innocently ask me- "Mom was it a gift for me?"...she was beaming when I replied yes...."Gift from mother nature."

Then she ask me again "Did you see Dora?" (hehehe from the famous cartoon tv series dora the explorer).

I ask MNM to take a photo of whatever beauty was left from it.

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