Friday, February 13, 2009

Photo Blog #3: Getting to know PS SX110 IS2

I am still in the getting to know PS SX110 IS. The controls are great and I find it really exciting....I can't wait to have more shooting opportunity.
And here are some of the sample photo- from work.

And some of my experiment using the aperture priority.

This IPOD shuffle is my favorite companion during looooong runs. (Sigh! speaking of runs- Its been 2 days since my last run and my next run will be sunday's power run at 10K woooh!).

When hubby arrived he saw me trying out the camera on the IPOD. Then he was coaching me that using the macro setting would help ensure good focus. I didn't realized he has some flowers for me and my baby girl.

So here is some more of the flower and aperture priority experiment. =)

P.S. am not so good in portrait.

All photos were straight from the camera (no alteration).

Happy Valentines!

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