Thursday, February 5, 2009

Yoga Blog #1: Asana for the aching feet, runner's treat!

I decided to just take a break cross training, no runs, not even yoga.
Actually, for several months I haven't done serious yoga pose.
Because the truth is I am so scared to lose more weight.
Yes, since giving birth to Matti I have gained 10 lbs and accepted the fact that I'll grow bigger each year.....but then it didn't happen because of yoga. I started doing yoga when Matti turned 2 yrs old- he is now turning 4 this coming Aug.

Right now, I am determined to maintain my weight between 115-120 lbs.
I don't wanna go below 115 because I might lose so much fat on my face that would make me look older than my age.

So today while my kids are busy playing around I decided to check out Yoga + magazine and wow I just found this article under the asana solution: "Theraphy for your arches".
There were various medical terms or maybe "anatomical" hehehe terms that I hardly understand. But the thing is, it speaks about strengthening the arches (specially if you are flat footed).
I haven't finish reading (and understanding) the article.
Usually for my yoga related reading, I can say that the article is comprehended once I can do the pose.
For now, this is a new project that I'd like to work on for my cross training (instead of going to the gym).
Because, I think the suggested asanas will complement my running....indeed a runner's treat!
Hopefully I'll be able to nudge hubby take some photos of this pose for my next blog entry (related to yoga).

Ciao for now.

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