Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Photo Blog #5: Travel Post about the Mountain Province (Banawe, Batad, Sagada)

Blog blog a little lazy.

Haven't run for a week. But had lots of trip, it took toll on my strength...thus, I needed a lot of rest.

My business partners and I went to Banawe, Batad and Sagada....well we didn't go around Baguio- we just took our dinner in that place and took we intend to take our bus ride on our way back to Cavite.

I dunno after seeing Banawe, Batad and Sagada- I lost my appetite to hang around Baguio.

Baguio City is so congested. The place is filled with Smog, heavily trafficated and well most of the views aren't what it used to be. The place is so commercialized that it losts its mystique-the way I remember it late 80's and early 90's.
I fell in love in the place of Batad- the Ifugao village, Tappiyah falls and the vegetable pizza.
But heck! The price of food, water and other beverages is really expensive.
I realized- they have to put some overhead because transporting the goods on foot is really difficult. In fact, I have only my back pack with less than 3kg load yet I feel like it's the heaviest load of my life.
Sagada on the other hand is like a mystic place....the cave, hanging coffins, falls and even the food at the yoghurt house, the lemon pie and the egg pie the mountain tea.....taste like heaven.

Lemon Pie! Hmmmmm I wanted a piece of you lemon pie =)

The water terraces inside the Sumaguing (Zoomaging) Cave

We (Me, Poks and KK) wanted a taste of this chocolate cake formation inside the Sumaguing cave.

The beautiful wild flower just outside Sumaguing cave.

The Banawe historical marker.

Tappiyah falls---> I was awestruck by the height of this falls- according to my friends, this is the highest in the Cordillera region.

Eye focus, taking pix on Batad's rice terraces.

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