Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sunday Blues

I woke up today 5:30AM.
I heard Matti crying- maybe he was affected by his slight fever.
Hubby took a paracetamol for his medication to lower the temperature- I was trying to figure out if we will gonna run. He didn't ask...he went back I did the same.

The next thing we know it was 8 AM...we were suppose to go to the market and buy some fresh produce for our one week dietary requirement....whew! family matters etc etc

I didn't run today and still can't do menstrual period is just stopping it- the painful dysmenorrhea is just absolutely bothering every nerve in me. I managed to make it to the flea market and do some grocery but my abdominal cramps is shooting from time to time.

Next week I'll be racing my first 10K but I am not even sure if I can do practice run tomorrow. I am heavily bleeding......

So while am stuck at home I did some research for our biz and well it was really educational. In between I try searching around the running netwoorks and hey what did I found on the web....courtesy of photovendo.
Well added to my blues is the fact that I can't even purchase the soft copy of my pix (at 99 pesos each) because minimum order should be 250 pesos.....sigh! maybe, I can nudge S40 to buy his pix- I think he's got a lot of shot, then I'll buy mine through him =(.

I like above shot and I am dying to have a copy of this one....this is running in action!

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