Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Running Blog #11 Practice Running for a Minor Climb

After office today I took another practice run - another 5.3K route for our minor climb this coming friday at the Manabu peak. The mountain they said is pretty easy and will require 2 hours to trek the summit. Well for me, there's no such thing as easy when your dealing with mother nature. So, I am not taking it preparing- and this is the goal of my practice run today. I may have run miles but am not a very good trekker, also I have this fear of heights. This is also the reason why I find this idea of night trek, exciting because I won't be that conscious of elevation.

I run with fellow adtrek members Lot and Macho Man.
Actually it wasn't a total work out run. Macho man and I introduced Lot into the world of running.

We give her some tips and background of how we started and we were really serious of getting her into this thing.....the good news is she is very interested and like a sponge- absorbs everything.

As for me and macho man, we really wanted her to become part of our running circles not only in our mountain climbing circles- because after all we have established a much deeper relationship through the seven summitters nyahahaha (that's what we call ourselves as business partners hmmmmm another "new" experience for the year, for this wordplay learner).

At 3K Lot gave up, we didn't insist that she complete the 5.3K course. There's always a next time.

Macho man and I decided a negative splits we took the last 2 Km at a speed of 10:00 min per km.

Total training time was at 46 minutes. Not bad ei! Besides we took mentoring a friend into becoming fit and fab. =)

Ciao....maybe my next blog will be clim blog #1 Manabu Peak.

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