Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Running Blog #14: 10K practice run

They say consistency is the key for discipline.

An act becomes a habit if you are able to duplicate the act at least 22 times.

Hmmmm .....I have been doing a 10K practice run for 3 consecutive practices.
So I have 19 more practice runs to go before I can say that I am now an official 10K runner =).

Ok that's a deal- but nobody can stop me from running 10K on sunday's Power Run.

There was just a lot on my mind today while running.
Yesterday's photo blog hit me. I know I am not a good photographer but there is just a lot of wonderful subjects....and I guess my blog really lacks picture from my own composition. Usually photos are from someone else.

I am seriously thinking of making my new powershot SX110IS a serious buddy.
One question though is can I bring this camera during my race run? Is the camera sensor safe?

Yah.....am not a serious photographer I would say, but I'd like to capture a moment. And that is something that I'd like this camera to make use of. Sometimes my blog is bare and it lacks photo.
So I guess I have to work around on my new Canon powershot- get to know this baby more hehehe.

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