Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Running Blog #5 This runner just can't say NO to running

I thought I wasn't able to run today....at around 4 PM merienda time I received SMS from Macho man that he's not gonna make it today. Suddenly I felt a little lazy. My mind drifted to the idea of going home early. Maybe going to the gym in Imus or just going home with my kids.
Then came smartkid, he announced he's gonna run today. Hmmmm....he's running mate Ponjaps' not gonna run today. Wow! Easy recovery from the TNF Thrill of Trail neh! Sounds like he didn't had a cramps at all during their "almost half marathon".

Ok my mind still drift to the idea of not running today. Anyways, the figures of my run yesterday were good enough (hmmm no more rant)...despite my revelation, I know the run was good enough.

When I went back to my cube...I sent smartkid an IM- just confirming if he's gonna run. He responded positively (Kulit ko noh!). I told him I was kinda lazy today...so I hibernated my PC thinking I should be able to catch up with the shuttle bus so I send smart kid an SMS "Not today am kinda lazy".
At the exit, the lines pile up of employees going home...I was thinking the shuttle bus is probably full. Hmmmm....the weather looks good, really inviting for a one cool run. Then suddenly I received smartkid reply...he's on the lobby....OK I give up....I'll give it a shot.

Smartkid was really smart to bring on his E71 - Nokia phone with this sports tracker menu.
I was actually impressed by the phone feature, it's GPS will plot the route, elevation vs distance, speed vs distance, and will record the speed, distance and total workout time. Wow! if it has a heart rate monitor....I'd say, I'd like to have one - it's an all in phone for the addicts.

Smartkid' in good mood today....so far no rubating happened. He gladly agreed to take my 5K route. I guess he is doubtful about my 5K route- that's why he took his E71 with him (needs validation eh!).
We rounded up good, saw some jogger along the way and some runner like chocolate man and some other guys I really don't know but familiar face.

We ended up nicely at 35 minutes, or a pace of 6:36 min/km or an average of 9 Km/hr. Hmmmm not bad after all, I call this a fun run. I realized I can't pass a day without running- well, this runner aint gonna say NO to running.

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