Thursday, January 15, 2009

Running blog#3 Running some more...

After office today- I did another practice run with Macho Man and Angelina. Today's practice run is a sort of "Hey Birthday Run for Angelina =))".
Today is my 4th practice run for 2009. Yesterday was my 3rd with Red, also from Adtrek batch1.
We did another 5K PR with a total time of 33 minutes (or 6:13 pace per km or 9.6Km/Hr). Pretty much close with my previous record with UNICEF 5K RUN.

The wind was terrible it was drying my throat. I was thinking if it is time to buy hydration belt, is it? Hmmm....maybe I'll check the Nike Store tomorrow- how much it will cost and if I'll buy, it means I have to run 10K PR.....hmmmm expensive way to upgrade my running mileage.
I used to chat a lot with Macho man when were running. But not today, am a little preoccupied with my thoughts and it seems the air is sucking every moisture from my throat.

The business that my friends and I are starting, some hilarious staff that happened this morning, my babies and God- I went back praying again while running.

Funny the other day I was reading an article about "Are you a real runner or a jogger?" Well while running today I was asking myself about this. I guess I am....I just can't help but run....because I love running- I felt like it's a part of my life already, it enables me to breathe more air- and I feel so alive.

P.S. Running mileage for the week (to date) is 14.2K (5.8 more to hit 20K mileage).

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