Monday, January 12, 2009

Running Blog #2- Practice Run

This afternoon after office I decided to take a practice run, it's been a week since my last run (2009 running blog #1).

It was great to see again macho and angelina after a long time (in a practice run). I think for about a month they stopped running.

We started again in front of the Bank establishment area of GBP.

Macho and I were mindset for a 5K practice run. Angelina gave up after 500 m, still battling the difficulty of going back to running.

The first 2.5K pace was easy....JAE-Telford then next 2.5K was kinda difficult, WDC right turn to go back to JAE.

I was excited about this run....macho man is really a challenging running mate, 5K was peanuts to seemed he didn't stop at all.

After a few meters from passing JAE, I gave I knew it was already 5K. And the longest walk of my life was 300m...with pain on myrib cage.

After the practice run I went back to the gym to do my program for my legs and back.

I didn't know but my ankle started to sound terribly after I hit the leg curl. I had a bad case of achilles tendinitis yrs back, I did not had any therapy -the pain was just gone when I started running (though with ankle support).

So maybe I'll rest my feet tomorrow and will hit again the road on wednesday.

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