Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Running Blog #6 Hitting the road again....

Today's after office practice run is kinda' quick and rainy.
Took the day running with Red with the usual 5K route....I was thinking I will be slower today compared muscles hadn't taken any rest so just maybe I'm not gonna make the record I did yesterday.

But Alas! the rain showers fueled the speed- we finished 5K just like yesterday a total time of 34 min. My record hadn't change? What went wrong????Whoa! I am a little desperate for improvement....How can I run better this coming sunday's "Happy Run"???

Anyways, I was expecting smartkid would run with me....but both him & Ponjaps hesitated a PR.
But thanks to them I got a free ride till Anabu corner Daang Hari.

P.S. Total mileage week to date is 15.9K. I am hoping to do another 5K tomorrow so I can have a 21.2K in my mileage track.

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