Monday, January 5, 2009

Running Blog#1: My first run in 2009

My first run for 2009 was after office today.

At 5 PM I went to ADGT recreational area. There was just a few of us brave enough to lose calories after the long break. I started with my hamstring stretch using my yellow band and few counts of ab crunch using the band. Later my officemate arrived...these are the guys who consider themselves elite runners in the GT area nyahahaha......eto ung mayayabang ;D (note am not grumpy about it...I actually find them funny)....and they were really nice guys maybe according to their wives. Hahaha -kidding aside these are the guys whom I really talk about running seriously and sometimes nonchalantly we would usually talk about life and health and anything obnoxious (nyahaha). They were Ponjaps and Smart kid (I really dunno why Smart kid got this code maybe the age takes justice nyhahahaha).

I run with them in "chika" pace...all through out the 3.5K PR (JAE back to GT. This was the first time I ever run with these guys at that length. We were all running regularly at GBP but we usually part ways as we have individual preferred direction/route.

As usual running with smart kid is like running and it's like rubating? huh another wordplay. This guy can never take a suggestion, when I recommend to take a right turn he would grumpily reply let's get on straight blah blah...and would quote some annoying achochooo...and to think I was between them so it would be difficult for me to maneuver and take turn....anyways I just gave it a shrug and thought about giving the company a try. Maybe, I'll take it lighter. Besides it's my first run for 2009.

We were laughing at some point and yet amazingly we were not even running out of oxygen....before we knew it we were back to ADGT SRC. Ponjaps continued his routine sprint at the end of PR while smart kid and I decided to go back to the gym. I did several front lifts for my deltoid (I am conditioning my body for tomorrow's gym session-----grouch!).

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