Thursday, January 22, 2009

Running Blog #7 Four days in a row....still running?!?

It's been four consecutive days that I have been running every after office hour.
I have consistently run a 5.3K route, which totaled my week to date mileage of 21.2K.
I am not bloggin about this to boast or be amazed- I am actually disappointed....My record isn't so decent anymore. Because for 4 days I have just run just the same as the other day and so on- nothing changed. My total training time is still 34 min. My stat never improved.

The discipline is there but I guess I lack the surpass my limit.
Why is that so?
I am asking again myself (been asking this for days now).
I guess I'll give it a try this coming sunday- The Happy Run. while running I develop some kinda game plan, no scientific basis. Just pride and ego boosting. And this is my game plan:
  • If I record a 29 mins at the Happy Run, I will continue my 5K career and aim for 26 min on next race. The target is a little conservative considering my last race I recorded 30:33 min.
  • If I failed, I will bid goodbye to 5K and start my training to 10K. Then my next race will definitely be a 10K.
These plan were all in my mind all through out my PR.

Of course I also took notice that there were a lot of joggers on GBP road (hmmmm maybe fishing some change in environment after the President of the Philippines GMA visited the GBP area or something else?!?).
There were some runners too, I saw smart kid running with the chocolate man; Ponjaps who wore a skimpy short. Then, nonchalantly I called him sexyng 40 nyahahaha and he loved it huh! so from now on am gonna refer to him in this blog as S40 (pronounced as sforty sounds like "sporty" in an f nyahahahaha another wordplay- nice!)Ponjaps liked it neh! Then there was the gadget man with someone from Engineering who is familiar but I really dunno.

As usual I ran with the Macho man who was faster and better runner today he finished off at 32 min- I was behind 2 min.

Today's training was capped off with a triceps and back workout at the gym, I ended in a sun salutation.
Again, I had another free ride to Anabu corner Daang Hari courtesy of smartkid. Thanks to this bunch of car poolers, I was able to spare some more time to blog.


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