Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Running Blog #10 Practice Run

Today I was a little late for my practice run. Because I have to summarize the information for our business proposal (which I learned from the orientation training I attended last Sat).

I started at 6:18 PM ...good thing I did a practice run with a friend and fellow mountaineer (and also finisher during last sunday's happy run).

Initially she hesitated if she can make it or maybe she was thinking "Is it a good idea to run with this addict!" nyahahaha. I have no doubt that she could make it I was so sure she can- as a mountaineer she had an enormous endurance to make it to summit- 5K is peanuts for her....she just needed confidence. Kudos to us as we completed the 5,3K course at 36 minutes, a 6:33 min per km or 9.33 km/hr.

Running is something I always look forward to....besides the usual runner high and being able to appreciate nature at it's best....running keeps me a better me (I mean person).

I am specially exhilirated today for I stumbled upon Sforty's wisdom this quote from Sara Mae Berman (a three-time Boston winner) "The wonderful thing about athletic achievement is that it is finite. There is no ambiguity. You did it and no one can ever take that away from you."

And I agree it's either I do it or I didn't- no excuses.

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