Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Hiiro Kakashi is a ghost from 2008.
Writing about her kept me haunted....for several weeks I have ignored the urged to write about her.

So here is the installment story of HIIRO KAKASHI


"Out on a date?" Duh....Hiiro thought. Was it a date? They just talked. He was her bestfriend. How could it be a date. Hiiro's idea of a date is a sumptous dinner, romance etc...but she never felt like that with Timothy.
She reexamined her thought. She was about to utter a word but her sister is gone. She didn't even didn't noticed her leaving.

The next day at work. Hiiro was busied with the loads of work, updating of catalog lists and newly arrived references. Stacking of books back to shelf and assisting students for references.

I guess am tired...I don't want to sleepy.

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