Sunday, January 11, 2009

011009 January Moon Party

Last year me and my girl friends wasn't able to squeezed time to get together....because the holiday season demand too much time from the mothers.

Yesterday our much awaited get together was held.
We meet at the Starbucks Filinvest Alabang and had a chat while deciding for our dinner. Coincidentally, we saw one of our big boss pass by-Boy! he was surprised to see us all together =)).... we were all excited to chat with him =)) and keep up with the lost time, but then he was with his family for a dinner at Las Paellas cafe so it was just quick chat and then we bid our goodbyes.

The pretty moms from Left, Risch, Me, Steph, Pam, Jois & Liz (Pix taken by Starbucks' barista)

From left, me, Pam, Steph, Liz & Jois (Risch taking our pix)

As usual yours truly was late and the organizer nyahahahaa.... =)) so I guess that explain the SMS "We'll wait for u :-) "

We had a hardtime deciding where to dine. Our options were super bowl, teriyaki boy, and racks. The time seemed to freeze as we're a little slow in our direction....someone always crack a joke and everyone is busy updating about the kids, the hubby, the latest addiction etc. We then all agreed to have our dinner at racks and proceeded to the 3rd level of the mall.

Unfortunately, The Racks was full packed and we were like hesistant of having our dinner in the place because we won't have much privacy to laugh, be the usual noisy gurls -talking about the latest buzz. In my mind I was a little bit worried that we might annoy other customer.

So we had a small chat and talk about really going Japanese- anyways, what bonded us together is our previous employer (a Japanese-Filipino company) we ended up at Ramen Tei.

From left, Me, Liz, Jois, Risch, Pam, Steph & Ces (Thx to the Ramen Tei's staff for this group pix)
I had seafood ramen and fried tofu. It was really big serving...the ramen was good for me because I felt like I still have a hang-over of my Friday night party with Adtrek birthday celebrants.
Wow! Our meeting had always been funfilled, chatfilled buzz.

This friendship has blossomed in years. It all started in our Alabang shuttle bus- Hence, we called ourselves the alabang gurls. There is just a lot to talk about, and so much to laugh about.

We briefly talked about the economic condition and were a little dismayed about it but heck its a worldwide phenomenon.

We lost track of time because Ramen Tei 's staff have already change their uniform .....they are already off and were already closing when we realized we were the only customer left. We had our exchange gift and a never ending pictorials. We keep updates about our kids who are almost of the same age, 3 of us actually had our pregnancy almost at the same time (our kids had the same birth years) and that did not happen once but twice nyahahaha (gurls of same hormones flock together!).

I feel great that most of us are living to our hopes and dreams like one of our friend who is gonna leave the country in a few months and will migrate to australia for a promising career for her husband. Another mommy who is gonna take a new home soon, mommy having a wonderful career now with much time to spend with her children, mommies hoping to have another children ...maybe soon (and havin lotsa fun planning for it!) and as for me- I did share to them sometime (when we used to be together a lot) that I really wanted to have a sport maybe before my 40th bday- and I guess I am on track and way ahead of my target......with all of those things that is happening to us I'd say its a great way to celebrate.

I truly missed their company.

And hey as Risch noticed at the very start of this reunion- one great thing about this's the first full moon of the year......woooooh!

Jois took this shot just before Pam leaves us, we were begging Cheska to allow her mom stay with us =) longer hahaha!

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