Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Running Blog #23: Sweet Baby Baby

I run alone today....
The last time I did a solo practice run was way back December 08.
While everybody is busy shopping for the holiday season....I was just running....contemplating why I hadn't found a new running buddy after Kathy left me (of course for a better career in Singapore).

Whew! I was over it because since January my regular running mate is macho man...my speed trainer.

Hmmm....I kinda remember last December PRs, because I was desperate for a running partner that could help me grow....I even asked my sister to buy me a Garmin Forerunner 405. I was thinking this is the perfect gadget. Why not? It has a virtual partner that would tell you if your behind or ahead. Will give you stats, GPS enable you to track your route, save location etc (these are the things I haven't done yet).

Well, my needs last December is quite different from my need today.....but then Garmin Forerunner 405 arrived....and wow oh wow....it delivered just what I expected.

Below is the snapshot of today's practice run- yah distance was pretty accurate courtesy of the GPS (I was wondering...I think there is Analog inside =) ).

I am still in the getting to know stage with my baby garmin ...but I love it.

I feel great running alone...it doesn't feel like way back december.

One setback I noticed....it keeps on reminding me that am running higher than my max heartrate....I checked out today's WikiHOW on heartrate and here is what I found:

  1. Find your resting heart rate as soon as you wake up. You can do this by counting your pulse for one minute while still in bed.

  2. You may average your heart rate over three mornings to obtain your average resting heart rate (RHR). Add the three readings together, and divide that number by three to get the RHR. For example,(76 + 80 + 78) / 3= 78.

  3. Find your maximum heart rate and heart rate reserve.
    Subtract your age from 220.
  • This is your maximum heart rate (HRmax). For example, the HRmax for a 24-year-old would be220 - 24 = 196.

  • Subtract your RHR from your HRmax. This is your heart rate reserve (HRmaxRESERVE). For example,HRmaxRESERVE = 196 - 78 = 118

4. Calculate the lower limit of your THR. Figure 60% of the HRmaxRESERVE (multiply by 0.6) and add your RHR to the answer. For example,(118 * 0.6) + 78 = 149.

5. Calculate the upper limit of your THR. Figure 80% of the HRmaxRESERVE (multiply by 0.8) and add your RHR to the answer. For example,(118 * 0.8) + 78 = 172.
Divide the values obtained in steps 3 and 4 by the number 6 to obtain your THR in beats per ten seconds. For example,149 / 6 = 25 (lower limit)172 / 6 = 29 (upper limit)

Wow, the data entry I put on my Garmin is 185 for HRMax....but then based on my age and above method I should have 189 HRMax- so this explain why even if I am running beyond the max heart rate I entered- I was running manageably.

Another setback I realized from this watch is that if the lithium ion battery is wasted then the watch is good as gone =( .... But for now, I am not gonna think about it yet....

And this baby doesn't come cheap....so think back if you intend to buy one. I am still thinking how am I gonna pay my sistah =)

Anyways, today's practice run was really full of blessing....today I was blessed with good weather and a nice view of the sunset at the Telford area....I dunno when or how am gonna take shot of this view. I bought with me my camera yet I wasn't able to bring it during my run. Anyways, I have all the summer to capture...it reminds me of Kathy and maybe I'll have it sent to here.

Ciao for now.

P.S. I haven't tried the wireless sync courtesy of ANT Technology....I am too lazy to do it yet.

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